Sunday, June 1, 2008

Meet the Power of Five...

Welcome to the Five Scribes first formal blog. My name’s Donnell, and I’ll get this party started. An indelible force named Theresa Rizzo – or T as we call her – brought us Scribes together. T just happens to have this amazing getaway in Crested Butte, Colorado, home of the Crested Butte Writing Conference.

For anyone who’s ever longed for a quiet, breathtaking place to write, picture four bedrooms, three bathrooms and solitude. Alone time a writer adores, bathrooms no woman can do without, and inspiration as far as the eye can see. After T’s introduction, it occurred to us, that although we wrote different genres, we had the same goals. As aspiring authors, we wanted to blog, just not all the time – And we wanted our writing to come first.

What I plan to bring to this group are topics on craft, my love of words, and the mortar and brick that hold a story together. I plan to blog on the topic of publishing, call stories, invite my friends and associates to share their insights, and also discuss what I've learned as a contest coordinator, judge and entrant. Most of all I hope to bring fun and passion, which is why I write in the first place.

So enough about me. Who has their hand up next?

Me, me, me.....Leslie (LA) here!!

What I hope to bring to the blog is simply my writing life; tips I've found that really intrigue me (and beg me to ask the question, "Why didn't I think of that," or even worse, after writing for a number of years, "Why didn't I already know that?"), plus interviews and guest blogs with industry professionals.

Having writing buddies who are honest, loyal, and eccentric is a blessing because honestly, not all our colleagues, even though they may offer fantastic critiques or high fives, really mean it. Our failure is success to them. Yes, what I've just said may sound mean, but if you search your heart you'll know it's true. So these women on the Five Scribes Blog are a treasure.

Check on us often, we'll always have something to say. Who's the next Scribe on base?

Though I'm morally opposed to being on base, since that entails digging out my military ID and a round or two of parking lot fisticuffs, I'll bite. I'm Kerri-Leigh, or just KL. Of all the Five Scribes, T was my first friend. I met her at our local RWA group, but I think the first real conversation we had was when I saw her sunbathing at our local chapter conference. Even though it meant I had to lean out my hotel window, I felt morally obligated to let her know it should be illegal for a woman to look that good in a swimsuit after four kids. She didn't kill me for ruining her time away from her children, I forgave her for being a hot mama, and we came to be good friends.

Since I've gotten to know Donnell, Leslie, and Audra, I've been honored to be counted as one of this gang of incredibly talented, wonderful, and funny gals. My contribution to this blog will probably be a bit of potpourri - news, opinions, interviews, and very likely a bit of nonsensical rambling. Next!

Audra here. Aren’t we a diversified group? Fiction writers are so creative, indulgent, enthusiastic, helpful, and, oh yeah, talented! Where else can you find mystery, suspense, womens’ issues, westerns, fantasy, inspiration and many other wild hairs all playing together so nicely in the same sandbox? Hmm, makes me think there might be an idea for a screenplay bubbling in the background, hee, but hey, I’ll leave that to Leslie.

Me? I write Inspirational Romance. No, not your grandmother’s inspirational fiction – more like hero, heroine and God mixing it up, getting it all together and making life happen. I’d love to offer insight into the new breed of Inspirational Fiction, offer up opportunities to meet authors, editors, and agents high on excitement and adventure, and low on status quo when it comes to the new groundbreaking twists to this age-old genre. I’ve spent years entering, judging, and placing in contests; enjoyed being the lucky recipient (or pitiful victim) of more critiques and feedback than I’d care to admit; and forged endearing friendships with the very people I compete with for the coveted few spaces on the publishing roster.

Most of all, I count myself blessed to be numbered among the five who, collectively, have experienced most all of what the writer’s life has to offer and arisen all the better for it. Oh wait, I’m only four. Where is our Fantastic Fifth?

Fantastic Fifth? Hmmm . . . I like it. A so it falls to me to officially wind up our first post. Purr of satisfaction here—I SO love having the last word!

Though I’m the middle child of our five, the others would probably say I’m the most childish and impatient—and they’d be right. It’s okay, I don’t mind ‘cause it’s wonderful having such amazing friends. That we share an unwavering commitment to each other first and craft secondly, is a totally unexpected gift brought to me through this long journey towards publication.

Enough gooey sweetness; sentimentality makes me squirm and break out in hives. Which the others exploit mercilessly, by hugging me, saying sweet things, and making my heroines eat after the heroes ‘cause apparently, it’s a turn-on to share food. Swapping germs is sexy? Whatever!

Anyhow, I want my emphasis for our blog to concentrate on passing on industry/business news to help all of us identify potential opportunities. It’s damn hard breaking into this business and most bestselling authors admit to an element of luck contributing to their success. But you know what people say about luck . . . luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity (Seneca).

I have faith that the power of five will be our good luck charm, we’d be happy to share it with you too.

Theresa (T)


Edie said...

Waving hi, Donnell. Love the look of your blog. Good luck to all of you. :)

Donnell said...

Right back at ya, Edie! Thank you!!!

Delta Dupree said...

Hey, Donnell and all! The blog site looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you all.

Anna Lucia said...

Congratulations on launching your blog, ladies - and here's to the power of five!

Jean said...

Wonderful blog you fabulous five!! Hi Donnell, Teresa--good to see you guys again. Thanks for sending me the link.


Liz L. said...

Great start, Donnell and other Scribes. I'm looking forward to your insight on the craft.

Allison Brennan said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, scribes!

Arkansas Cyndi said...

Hey Donnell!! The blog looks wonderful. Good luck. May the ideas for blog posts flow like water!

Donnell said...

Ah, guys, thanks for dropping by. I guess I'm the ventriloquist here ;) and my fellow Scribes.... Okay, they'll bop me later. But these women aren't shy and they have brilliant things to say. Also, every time I sign on and see KL's picture, I smile. -- so full of fun -- like her.

KL Grady said...

LOL Donnell. That pic will go away as soon as I actually have a photo of myself. It's crazy that I always seem to be the one behind the camera, and the only time someone else takes on the photography, I'm looking My. Absolute. Worst.

Julie said...

What a dynamic group! Congrats on your new blog, ladies!

Cheers, Julie Rowe

Annette said...

Hey, Donnell! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging...on a regular basis, that is. You've already gotten your feet wet with us over at Working Stiffs. I look forward to following the fab five in the days to come.

Audra Harders said...

Thanks for the powerful welcome, everyone! I look forward to all the work and chit-chat ahead : )

Leslie Ann said...

I'm excited. We are a Fab Five! In fact we'd considered that as a name, but love that many of you are calling us that.

Check back, it'll be a fun ride!!
Leslie A

Renee Ryan said...

WOW, what a classy, fun site. I'm ashamed to say I'm a newbie to blogging. I can't wait to visit often and learn lots from what appears to be five fabulous writers.

Oh, and waving frantically at Donnell! You're always an inspiration to this Inspirational writer. ;-)

Donnell said...

Hi, everyone, we really appreciate all the well wishes on and offline!!

Tomorrow the Scribes get down to business. You won't want to miss KL Grady's first Five Scribe interview. We hope you'll stop in as she talks with the prolific Silhouette, Special Edition and Blaze author Crystal Green.

See you tomorrow!

sam said...

Hi Leslie! Congrats on the launch!

Mary Marvella said...

What a group! I know you'll be wonderful reads! Great work, Donnell and all!

Pretend I sent you flowers as a blog-warming gift.


Rachel said...

Hi Donnell,

Love, love the picture of the mountains! Looking forward to more of the fabulous five. :)


Barbara White Daille said...

Hi, Donnell and Scribes,

Your blog looks great, and I love the story behind your group name.

Welcome to the world of blogging....


Barbara White Daille