Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Agents Analyze Submissions

Agent Jessica Faust at Bookends has a fascinating post today on her blog regarding how agents and editors train readers to read for them. She details bullet items of what the look for in a compelling submission.

Since I'm a plotter about to start a new book, I think I'll refer back to this list before I even start writing to make sure I've covered al my bases and have at least attempted to write a commercially viable story.

Check it out!

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Audra Harders said...

Great interview with Kaylan Adair! She sounds very attentive to her genre, I appreciate that. Still blows me away how an editor at another house can be acquiring sweet romance one day, then erotica the next!

Anyway, I'm so jaded towards romance, I prefer to judge for the YA category. I love what Kaylan said about giving literary meaning to the middle grade novels. These kids are not dumb and you can only do so much Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana before the kids just stop reading.

Good stuff here, T! Thanks for the interview!!