Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blogs: A powerful way for the industry to communicate

Special thanks to Julie Rowe for this thread...

Blogs have become a powerful way for publishing professionals to communicate
with writers, and it's a growing trend. Literary agents, editors and even
book sellers are all blogging. These blogs provide a point of view on the
publishing industry that writers seldom ever see. Some even answer
questions and offer advice.

I used to read Miss Snark's blog daily (until she retired from blogging). I
didn't always agree with her, but she doled out HUGE doses of common sense
and that's worth its weight in gold. I recommend reading her blog archives:

A former bookseller dishes out her prospective on books and author

Pub Rants is the blog of agent Kristin Nelson. She posts daily and has some
great information, especially what NOT TO DO!

The Knight agency has a nifty blog. Their agents and several of their
authors have posted to this blog. Check out their early archives for some
interesting info on writing.

The Bookends, LLC blog is excellent, featuring the advice of agents Jessica
Faust, Jacky Sach, and Kim Lionetti. I read this one daily.

Evil Editor is hilarious. He answers questions and posts examples of
queries he's received and how he would rewrite them. Highly recommended.

Book Covers from the NY times Review is a blog that discusses book covers
and other 'in-the-news' items from the writing world.

Harlequin VP Isabel Swift blogs from an editor's point of view.

Knight agency agent, Nephele Tempest has her own blog as well.

Super agent, Lori Perkins often posts publisher needs on her blog

Marsha Philitas is a new agent at the L. Perkins agency and has recently
started her own blog.

Lynn Price is the editorial director for Behler Publications. I love her
frank, but funny, informative posts.

Dystel & Goderich Literary Management have a very thought provoking blog.
They don't post often (2 or 3 times a month), but I always learn something.

An editorial assistant blogs about the publishing industry and anything else
that's fun to talk about.

The I(heart) blog is a wonderful cooperative blog between HQ
Presents authors and editors. I visit often!

Agent Jonathan Lyons has a great blog with tons of excellent advice and
discussion about the writing world.

Agent Nathan Bransford has an outstanding blog. Go read it!

The Query Shark is an editor who will critique your query letter on her
blog. Be prepared for extreme honesty!

The Swivet blog is written by Colleen Lindsay, a literary agent with
FinePrint Literary Management. Her posts are eclectic, but always

The Rejector is an anonymous Literary assistant who gives her take on the
publishing industry.

Writer's Digest's Questions & Quandries blog is a great resource to find
answers to your publishing questions.


Edie said...

We've become a community of bloggers. I get some great information reading agents and editors blogs.

Ann said...

Thanks for the list! I'm always looking for new blogs to read.

A blog I'm rather fond of is I'm rather fond of Jennifer Jackson's (of the Donald Maass Literary Agency):

Delta Dupree said...

Donnell, I've been having computer problems, down with the flu...all those icky things that mess up a writer's life. :(

This is an excellent post. I see that we visit quite a few of the same blogs(when I have time).

Another great agent blogger is Nathan Bransford. Maybe you listed and I missed?? Anyway, his blog parking spot is at

Also, Janet Reid's-- -- she's funny, so is Bransford. Both pass on industry goods and complications.

Audra Harders said...

Excellent resource, Donnell! Thanks for the research!

magolla said...

FYI: Query Shark is Janet Reid, an agent not an editor. And if the rumors were true, she was also Miss Snark. She shoots straight from the hip--no candy coating allowed.

Nancy said...

Donnell, I've been out of town, so I'm late to the post party. Boy was it worth popping in!

Thanks for the excellent list of blogs! I fully admit I don't tend to check any blog daily, but now I have more to surf when I create the time!

Five Scribes always delivers outstanidng posts - thank you!

Nancy Haddock
La Vida Vampire

Helen Hardt said...

I'm several days late, but this is wonderful information. Thanks for posting it!