Friday, November 28, 2008

Producer Michael Meltzer's Online Class for Screenwriting

Hi Guys,
Here's another great opportunity!!!

Imagine working for 6 weeks with a Producer to hone your script or develop your idea.

Well now you can. Michael Meltzer is teaching online classes at

Michael's 6 week class is limited to a max of 25 students, giving you plenty of opportunity to work closely with him. Not only is he willing to share his years of experience inside the industry, his goal is to offer guidance for creating and developing your idea or screenplay to be ready to submit to Hollywood Agents or Literary Managers.

Imagine working with a producer for 6 weeks for $175.00.

Please visit, create a sign in, then on the left column, click on "teachers" to find Michael's amazing bio.

Currently Zoobody is charging $1 a month to look at or sign up for a class. Michael is looking into that, but I've decided to save you that fee and have posted below exactly what the listing is. When you decide to sign up, at the moment you'll still need to pay that $1.

Teacher: Michael Meltzer
Schedule: mwf
Cost: $175.00
Start Date: January 05th 2009 or January 12th 2009
Students Allowed 25
Weeks: 6
Description: Michael Meltzer succesful Hollywood Producer gives you the inside information and guidance to creating and developing your idea or screenplay to be ready to submit to Hollywood Agents and or Literary Managers.



Audra Harders said...

Great advertising, L! I understand Michael has an awesome bio and that he's an all around nice guy.

Sounds like a class well worth the cost!!

Donnell said...

LA this looks so fantastic! Makes me wish I was a screenwriter. I read his bio, and it's indeed impressive. I agree with Audra, the class looks like a deal! I wonder if it would make sense for a writer to take it. What do you think are the benefits?

Leslie Ann said...

Hi Kiddo,
I think this class could be worth its weight in gold!


Leslie Ann said...

Hi! I'll ask Michael what he thinks about this for non-screenwriters. We all know screenplay study can help novel

Michael is also working on getting an entire online school set up for that will be fantastic. I'll keep everyone apprised.

Joe Prentis said...

Hey Guys!

If I wasn't tied up with the illness of a family member, I would sign up for this class. I have always loved plays and have written a few. My most successful effort drew almost 70,000 persons to an outdoor stage during three performances. There is nothing like the thrill of seeing a crowd of people come to their feet in front of a stage. The very best of luck to those of you who try this. I don't think you will have any regrets.

Joe Prentis

Leslie Ann said...

Michael is going to create an online film school, and I'm sure they'll be more chances for his class. Stay tuned. And I'm sorry about your family member, we just went through that and it does take up huge blocks of your life. But then I'm sure you wouldn't have it any other way.
Leslie Ann