Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Secret of Best Selling Fiction

The Secret of Best Selling Fiction

Tension in Dialogue= disagreement

in Action= Inner anxiety in POV character

in Exposition= ideas in conflict, emotions at war

--Donald Maass


Edie said...

Very succinct, and it says it all. Thanks!

Theresa said...

hi Edie,
Not sure it says it all. I was thinking this morning--when I should have been enjoying my extra hour sleep--what about sexual tension?

That's not really considered, action, dialogue or exposition, really, is it? It seems to encompass the three--yet somehow still be different to me.

Donnell said...

I believe sexual tension is to Donald Maass's tension on every page; what do you think?

KL Grady said...

Keeping in mind I only heard him speak for a few hours.... I would venture to say that sexual tension is just one of many kinds that can be used in the way Maass teaches. When I heard him speak, he promoted micro-tension, so that you have some kind of conflict or bit of attention grabbing in every sentence. One of the pages of thesis he read during that talk was a chick lit, and he definitely pointed out parts that used sexual tension. Then he focused on amping it.