Monday, November 17, 2008

Those Little Nuggets of Gold....How Do We Mine For Them? Take Classes!!

Not for Screenwriters Only!

If you’ve been writing as long as I have, you may eschew classes or workshops, thinking you’ve seen and heard it all. We believe we're at a point where the concepts are firmly in our grasp, and we just don’t have the time in our career to spend listening to one more how-to.

Does that sound at all like something you’ve thought or said aloud?

Me too. Or at least that was me. Now, I’m seeking classes, seminars and workshops that can offer me a fresh perspective on my craft, and if I’m lucky enough I come away with a nugget or two of new information or a new way of looking at a old problem.

So to further this goal, I’ll be periodically posting classes that might tickle your thought processes and hopefully you’ll find that golden nugget.

And remember, crossing genres and mediums is one fantastic way to jolt yourself out of the rut you may not know you’re in, it can add a fresh perspective, and isn’t that a great nugget to find?

Elements of Screenplay by Robert Gosnell.

~You're a novelist, looking for a way to turn your book into a movie.
~You have a great idea for a movie, but don’t have clue what to do now.
~You’re a film industry professional who will benefit from a better understanding of the screenplay process.
~Or you’re a film student, seeking to round out your understanding of the medium.

In that case...

This comprehensive one day workshop may be just what you’re looking for.

The Elements of Screenplay gives an overview of the screenwriting process from the point-of-view of a working screenwriter. Delivered in a straightforward, easily digested presentation, the course covers Theme, Story, Character, Dialogue, The 3 Act Structure, Format and related elements, as well as information on trade unions, agents and marketing, with an occasional anecdote thrown in just for fun.

Robert is a member of the Writers Guild of America, West and the Writers Guild of Canada. He’s had his work produced for major theatrical release, for the "indy" market, for pay cable, basic cable, network television and syndicated televison.

Please visit Robert’s website for more information:, and for his great article printed in Scr(i)pt Magazine, 10 Simple Rules For Surviving the Pitch.

Currently, Robert is planning a class early Spring of ‘09. He has a contact link on his site, or you can email me, to be put on the interest list. No strings, we just want to let you know when the class will be scheduled.

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Audra Harders said...

Excellent post, Leslie! Sorry I couldn't make it on Monday, or Tuesday, but the flu had me beat.

Your concept of continuing education is right on target. A screenwriting class would benefit my novel writing, see how much I've learned from you?? With time becoming such a commodity these days, I love the convenience of on-line classes. Not as good as the face to face experience, but educational nonetheless.

Thanks for the timely reminder!