Friday, April 17, 2009

A Plea to Authors of Urban Fantasy

In case I haven't mentioned it often enough here at Five Scribes, I'm a student at Seton Hill. Part of my thesis work is a paper that deals with some element of the genre I'm writing in, which is urban fantasy.

There's a wee problem, though. Urban fantasy is such a new genre, there's very little critical study out there. Okay, there's none. I've tracked down a few articles posted online and one in a magazine, but it's not enough for my purposes.

I whined and moaned about the problem for a while, but then I realized I could just create the information I need by handing out surveys to UF authors willing to give their opinion. I've created that survey, and it's a mere ten, a few of those are multi-part, but the whole thing is full of fun, fun, fun. if you're a nerd like me, I guess.

If you're an author of urban fantasy (or if you write paranormal romance in a series that has no Happily Ever After at the end of book 1, since I think that straddles the line between para rom and UF), please contact me at UrbanFantasySurvey (at) g mail (dot) com. I'm not rushed for time, so if you're working against a deadline right now, there's no pressure to get to it. I'll only start freaking out if I don't have enough surveys back by, say, September. ;)


Donnell said...

KL, as you know I don't write UF, but I know people who play one on TV and others who stayed at a Holiday Express last night. I'm all over this to spread your survey! Good luck!

Beth Henderson said...

KL - I'm afraid I READ urban fantasy rather than write it, and the stories with paranormal elements I'm working on have happy endings, so they don't qualify either.

If you decide you want any data related to published authors who READ rather than WRITE urban fantasy, let me know. Be glad to help. Have been through the information gathering process for more than one MA program related paper, so you have my sympathies. :-)

Beth Daniels
aka Beth Henderson, J.B. Dane

Donnell said...

Beth, thank you. I'm hoping that KL is getting great help. Isn't this awesome, if she can't get the research to come to her, she goes out and gets it! Mohammad and the Mountain!

KL Grady said...

Donnell - I *am* getting some amazing help thanks to all the very generous UF fans out there.

I'm afraid my reason for moving a mountain around is because I'm such a nerd, and I absolutely adore writing geeky literary analysis-type papers. I want this paper to seriously address UF, but it's hard to do when I have to rely on analysis of film and TV versions in popular culture. Of course, there's a ton of overlap, but the UF genre is much more wide-ranging than the very female-focused Buffy, Charmed, etc. What about the hard-boiled UF? The horror-laden stories? Etc. UF is about more than ass-kicking women and the weres who love them.

Anyway, after a technical undergrad, I'm super happy to be back in the English-nerd university field. It's like I'm home. LOL

Donnell said...

KL, I'm so glad you're a nerd, I'm not sure what I fall under... Dumb blonde??? But here's some questions I have for you regarding UF that you addressed. The evolution of Urban Fantasy. I will be very curious to see how your thesis evolves and perhaps after it's published you'll share it with Scribe Readers ;) Okay, I'm still off for a while, I've written ten thousand words in the past four days! Woohooo!