Friday, June 26, 2009

Great News for Beginning Writers

re you at the beginning stages of your writing career? Do you feel like you've entered an elite club or started down a long dark tunnel of hype, misinformation or plain old lack of knowledge? In the words of Sir Francis Bacon, "Knowledge is Power." Put that power to work for you.

I'm pleased to promote the workshops that I wish I had access to when I began my writing career. Dianne Drake, author of more than 25 novels, including 72 foreign releases, and the author of 500 magazine articles, and Lois Winston, literary agent for Ashley Grayson Literary Agency, and an award-winning author of novels and novellas, have joined forces.

It's not an elite club or a long dark tunnel unless you allow it to be. I, along with numerous contest coordinators in RWA, rely on Dianne Drake and Lois Winston to help train contest judges. Whether you're a beginner or in need of a refresher course, these instructors know their stuff.

Get your writing career off on a solid foundation. Coming in September, 2009.

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Leslie Ann said...

Thanks D for posting this great info. Will you remind us when the workshop gets closer?