Sunday, July 5, 2009

Michael Hauge One-on-One Coaching Available in Denver


Michael Hauge be doing one-on-one coaching sessions at the Hampton Inn and Suites--Denver Downtown from 10am to 3pm, Sunday July 12th.

These sessions can be used for whatever the writer wants: story ideas and structure; pitch coaching; marketing consultation; etc.

For this special Denver Event, Michael will charge $100 per half hour (20% off his regular rate), and people can purchase back to back slots if they want an hour or more.

Anyone who wants to reserve a slot early (there are already some signups) should email him in advance at:; remaining slots will be available for signup at the workshop on Saturday.

Saturday Denver Workshop info: If you want to elevate your fiction writing to the highest possible level, this event, Saturday July 11th, is a must. And there are limited seats, so to find more information, click on

Please visit Michael's website, and sign up for his e-newsletter.

Leslie Ann


Audra Harders said...

Amazing opportunity! Thanks for sharing!

Leslie, if someone is interested in this, do you have any pointers regarding what to have prepared before you meet with Michael? You probably don't want to miss a moment of valuable time beating around the bush : )

Leslie Ann said...

Hi Audra,
Very good question! I'm asking Michael.


Donnell said...

I'll be en route to National but this is a don't miss opportunity. Thanks for posting, LA!

Michael Hauge said...

Audra, Leslie & All -
No preparation is necessary, but it's always best if you come into any coaching session with a clear idea of what you want to go away with, and can tell me what that is when you arrive. It might be to perfect your pitch, in which case you should come prepared to give me a 1-2 minute pitch, and we'll work from there. Or perhaps you want to define the basic structure of your story, so you should come with a log line or short paragraph you can show or tell me. Or if you want to choose which story among several ideas would be best to pursue, just bring a list of your ideas. Even if you simply have questions you'd like me to answer about writing or marketing your script, I'm open to helping in any way I can, but the clearer you are about what you want to get from our time together, the more helpful I can be. Keep in mind you can also schedule back to back times if you want more than 1/2 hour. And emailing me ahead of time will insure you get one of the spaces. See you Saturday!