Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Colorado Gold Conference Highlights

Hi All,
Just back from the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Conference where I had a terrific weekend. I spent an inordinate amount of time networking ie making new friends, Charlotte Cook of Komenar Publishing, loyal Sandy entrant, Sheree Noble, Stef Blooding, Megan, Frank & Lavinia, Beth, Elizabeth and several others. I met my Crested Butte pal and CB conference co-coordinator, Barbara Crawford, there as well as some old pals from the CB Writers conference, Merrie Wycoff, Grace Larralde, Tina Forkner & Kevin Wolf--among many other old writing friends.

I confess I networked far more than went to workshops. I did make time to pitch to Sally Kim, executive editor at Harper Collins, and she advised me on how to refine my pitch, had very positive things to say about two of the three agents considering the full manuscript of The Road Between, offered a name of an agent I had not submitted to whom she thought would enjoy my story, and said she'd like to read the manuscript when I settled on an agent. So that was very positive and productive--AND to those shy (or procrastinating) people, take note. I went right upstairs and queried the agent Sally recommended and told the other 3 agents considering the work that Sally was interested in reading it once I signed an agent. No grass growing under these Rizzo feet people!

Now onto something more important to all you authors--Oh, but first, CONGRATULATIONS to Kevin Wolf whose book, Broke Heart won the Colorado Gold--and just about every other writing contest he entered it in this year. Woohoo! Kevin had the eminent good taste to join the Crested Butte Writers group after he attended our June conference and won first place in the Fantasy/SF category of The Sandy. Kevin is a very talented, very tall, very nice writer who is so close the the brass ring that I had the uncomfortable urge to rub his head for good luck--like one rubs a Buhdda's belly for good luck. I didn't. I kept my hands to myself--except for lightly swatting the shoulder he had surgery on--I didn't know! Honest. There are several people I'd love to intentionally cause pain to, and I am not above resorting to violence when provoked, but Kevin is not one of them.

I enjoyed several workshops, but keynote author, Joseph Finder's, took the cake. And that's F-soft i--nder. Fin--like the thing on a fish we don't want to eat. Or the way to identify one of the great white sharks stalking the East coast shoreline. I regress. Anyhow, he had words of wisdom concerning the Thirteen Biggest Mistakes Even Best Selling Authors Make--which I will share with you tomorrow as I'm disorganized and out of time right now. Until tomorrow!

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Donnell said...

T, I'm so so jealous! Way to network. I'm editing this book nonstop, I'll be back as soon as I can! Wonderful that you got to attend.