Monday, October 26, 2009

Do you write to the seasons?

It's clear that the publishing industry will save a book for a seasonal release. I suspect P.J. Alderman's Haunting Jordan was packaged to come out around Halloween. And while this makes sense from a marketing standpoint, it got me thinking while I was out raking my mountain of leaves last week: Do you write to a season? If you're sitting by a warm fire drinking hot chocolate, do you have an urge to write a beach scene? If a new book pops into your head, do you write it based on the time of year you're in, or is the time of year irrelevant?

Since we're approaching Halloween, does it bring out your scary muse? Or can you just as well write about Valentine's Day? Does Thanksgiving give you the urge to write about family and friends and old lang syne? Or can you write about the Easter bunny?

It might be a fun escape if you're able. Particularly if you live in Colorado and snow covers your driveway and you're up to your neck in flannel and thermal socks. Stay warm, everyone, and whatever season you're in, I hope you savor it. Happy writing whatever the time of year.


Theresa said...

One day I'd love to write a christmas story 'cause that season never fails to move me.

Sounds corny, but every Christmas holiday season John and I get a HUGE kick out of watching the Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movie, and I'm often impressed at the variety of plots we see.

I always wish that I'd be clever enough to come up with one. One day I will.

Leslie Ann said...

I wrote a Scrooge-esque story and loved it--A Christmas Legacy (logline on I love the holidays, especially Christmas, Thanksgiving & Halloween.

They evoke all sorts of memories for people and one's story can work on that.


And T, yes, you will come up with a story.

Donnell said...

Doesn't sound corny at all, T. I'd love to read it.

L.A. I'll head over to and check it out! So .... I guess you write to the seasons? or no?????

Hugs, gang!

Leslie Ann said...

Yes, I partially write to the seasons, b/c it's so much fun being immersed in it all while writing the story, looking out my window, listening to music, scents of the season wafting through my office.

But I don't write a holiday story every year, so I'm not totally dedicated. Somedays it's easier to write something taking place in Hawaii as I stare at 3' piles of snow :)


Donnell said...

Do I hear you on that one. I hear we're about to get hammered tomorrow. I say a nice short story about Hawaii is in order!

Leslie Ann said...

Funny, I'm writing a new Rom-Com and it's snowing in the's snowing outside as well...hmmm, maybe there is something to this :)


Barbara Monajem said...

I'm so oblivious to my surroundings that I don't write to the seasons, but I'd love to write a historical Christmas story so I could research all the old-fashioned customs. Same goes for Hallowe'en.

Donnell said...

Barbara, I'd be the first one to pick it up ;) Tis the season, you know, Would it be historical paranormal? or Just historical do you reckon ;)

debmaher said...

I love to write seasonally but seems I'm always out of sync. Last summer I had to pull the drapes, turn the AC to max, and wrap my hands around a cup of hot cocoa because I was trying to write a scene in a 19th century snowstorm. It worked, but I had some weird readjustment when I went out on the deck.

Donnell said...

Deb, I bet your muse was all mixed up when you went back on deck ;) Very inventive slipping into the season! Great idea! Thanks for stopping by.

Misty Evans said...

First, I have to say that I just finished reading PJ's book and LOVED it. The ghost theme plus mystery works for me no matter what season, so I enjoyed it thorougly.

In my own writing, I definitely write to the seasons. All my senses tune into the smells, sights and sounds and adds layers to my stories.

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