Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Frustrations, Comfort and Cravings

Anybody who knows me, knows I’m a submission slut. I ALWAYS have material being looked at by agents and editors. If it’s not out there; ya can’t sell it people. So I get a fair amount of rejections—and my rejections lately have been particularly frustrating. “Though there is much to like and admire about this work, I’m afraid I didn’t connect well enough with the material to offer representation at this time.” Well, shoot. How’re supposed to learn from that? I’ve never heard of a workshop on “Helping Agents Connect with Your Book.” Perhaps once I bust through, I’ll have to give that workshop.

You must realize that I’m NOT whining here—I don’t whine. To everything there is a season and my time will come. But I have to share that I really found comfort in Kristin Nelson’s Blog .

From what Kristin reports, it seems that NY Publishers are playing it safe—safer than usual. If they can’t see how to break a book out in a big way, they don’t want it—despite it’s many admitted strengths. If they don’t see it as a blockbuster book, they’re passing—or if they don’t see it fitting a very narrow, proven genre—like Kristen’s example of say, something like dark YA angsty romance, then they are also passing. She admits it takes courage and chutzpah to take a chance on a book they don’t envision as a “big, breakout book”, but she’d appreciate a little vision.

And I couldn’t agree more, but I’d like to take it even a step further—or maybe it’s the same step, really. I’m not quite sure. I’d like some variety and balance in the reading selections offered. Though I know some close friends who probably will take issue with this sentiment. I'm REALLY tired of vampires, zombies, and serial killers. They've had a LONG run and I'm ready for a choice of interesting long contemporary romances among other things.

Silly as it seems, I’d love a great Bewitched-style book. I always appreciate a little magic in my life. Heck, I’d write it myself if my talents at all leaned in that direction, but sigh, they don’t. Perhaps they’re there and I’m just missing them.

What about you? What are your eyeballs tired of scanning on bookshelves and what would you LOVE to read more of?


Tiffany James said...

Hey, Theresa!

Now I'm singing along in my head with The Byrds, "Turn, turn, turn..."

Kristen's post brought you comfort, now yours did the same for me.

I've been handed several, scarily similar rejections. My stories aren't chock full of action and paranormality or murders and mayhem. They're stories of emotion and characters who transform their lives on a small scale with a big payoffs for them...Apparently life transformation doesn't fall under the "Blockbuster" category.

Like you, I'm not whining, just pining for some balance. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a romp with a werewolf or vampire sometimes (sorry, I don't like ghosts or serial killers), but at heart, I'm a contemporary girl! :0)


Donnell said...
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Donnell said...

Trying this post again :)

Ah, T, understood. It's interesting to me that when the market gets hot and it's YA Time, or Regency Period, that's all we see. I'm a fan of both. But imagine going into the grocery store and looking for a loaf of wheat bread, and the store clerk says, sorry, white is selling now. ;)

I'm glad you're a submission slut, your work is excellent and needs to be out there. Keep on keepin' on, and Tiffany, wise words, To every season, turn, turn... turn...

Tiffany James said...

Thanks, Donnell!

I love your analogy about wheat bread! Imagine if that happened with spandex pants or half shirts or mini skirts? We'd all be walking around naked or in spandex...Yikes! :0)