Sunday, October 18, 2009

Heart of Denver's Outstanding Mini-conference

Audra wrote an interesting post a couple of weeks ago called Lurking through Conferences. To be sure, it's a great way to keep our writing blood pumping and our pocketbooks in check. Another way is to attend conferences close by. Saturday, Heart of Denver put on a stellar conference, inviting Agent Laura Bradford and Author Shirley Jump to speak.

Wonderful topics, reasonably priced, I was indeed happy and excited to attend.

Each of these speakers give workshops, and without infringing on their topics, I'd like to share what I got out of their talks. Laura Bradford, presented How to Catch Flies: Choosing Your Own Business Reputation. First and foremost, she emphasized that writing is a business and that what we do when we write our blogs, post our messages to our writing loops and more is no longer confidential -- it's out there -- forever. Just as in the workplace, what we say and write gets out there -- Ms. Bradford's suggestion was to keep things professional, do not engage, no matter how tempting the subject is or how badly somebody pushes our hot buttons.

Ms. Bradford also took questions and pitch appointments to the delight of attendees. If you have a chance to hear her present this workshop, it's well worth attending.

Margie Lawson introduced New York Times bestselling author Shirley Jump who then presented Scene Transitions and Hooks that Keep Readers Reading (complete with an adorable slide show and graphics), followed by Show Me You Can Write, Don't Tell me.

I love these types of workshops because not only did she give handouts citing examples, Ms. Jump engaged the audience and had them participate in writing exercises. In this conference attendee's opinion, these types of workshops are the most effective. We all know that the speaker can write; that's why she's there. But when she shows the audience they can do it too -- talk about Show Don't Tell -- that's why I highly recommend Shirley Jump's workshops.

HODRW Contest coordinator Grace Laralde announced winners of the 2009 Molly and the 2009 Aspen Gold and the 2009 Aspen Gold

Congratulations to the winners and finalists.

And thank you to Heart of Denver including but not limited to President-elect Cher Gorman, Patricia Morgan, Alice Burton, Margie Lawson, Linda Fillingim and Grace Laralde. When people put on a great conference, with clearly a lot of time and energy involved, I think people should know about it.

The Italian lunch was wonderful, the hospitality and the camaraderie appreciated. Well done and thank you!


Audra Harders said...

Thanks for sharing your conference experience, Donnell!! I absolutely agree, attending conferences is most preferred, just in extreme cases should we go into lurk mode : )

The speakers and their topics sound inspiring. I wish I would've looked into it earlier, considering the conference AGAIN was in my own backyard : )

Congratulations to all the the Molly and Aspen Gold winners. Both are fine contests to be seriously considered and budgeted for when thinking of feedback.

Thanks Donnell!!

Edie Ramer said...

Margie is amazing! I'll put Shirley Jump down for a workshop speaker to look for. It sounds like a fab time.

Margie Lawson said...

Donnell --

Great write-up of the HOD mini-con!

I've heard Shirley Jump speak several times--and each time I'm impressed with her professionalism, the organization and content of her workshops, and her high energy. Plus she has fun presenting -- and it shows.

Inviting Shirley to present workshops guarantees a win -- and I always go for the win.

Edie -- I strongly recommend Shirley as a speaker too. Can you tell?

Donnell -- Thanks again! Glad you made the drive to Denver for the mini-con. Hope to see you again soon.

Donnell said...

Hi, Audra, Edie, and Margie, Yeah! It was a good one. Lots of positive vibes, learning and celebrating. It was a good day! Thanks for sharing ;)