Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Proof of Life: Exactly who is Misty Evans?

If you remember several months ago, I hauled Misty Evans into my interrogation room for a little chat. The former Marketing grad, wife and mother of twins tried every which way to convince me she was just that. I fell for it then. But what's that old saying? Fool me once? It's time to shame Misty Evans into a full-blown confession. You'll never believe what she's written this time. A book called Proof of Life. It's the third book in Evan's Super Spy series, and this time the story's about that hunk...I mean CIA Deputy Director Michael Stone.

I'm telling you, nobody can make up details like this without firsthand knowledge. It's back to the interrogation room, and this time, I'm showing no mercy.


D.B.: Welcome back, Misty. You look a little surprised to see me.

M.E.: Hello, D. Do you have bugs in your coffee pot again? I assume that's the only reason you'd insist I return to Five Scribes.

Ah, the old CIA trick of trying to put me on the defensive. Did you think I wouldn't read Proof of Life to find out what you've been up to? Tell me about this Dr. Brigit Kent person. She's not a U.S. citizen, and yet she works for Homeland Security. Her brother's a well known IRA terrorist. You expect your readers to believe she's one of the good guys?

M.E.: Yes, she's definitely one of the good guys -- but she has a lot to hide, and her sister to rescue, so sometimes the lines between right and wrong get blurred! Brigit did obtain U.S. citizenship as a child. She's working for Homeland Security as a consultant to the president, but she's also undercover for the British Secret Intelligence Service.

A double spy, eh? And you know this... how?

M.E.: Because I wrote it that way. You see, the SIS has covered up the facts about her half-brother, Peter, and her family has kept him a secret as well. One of her greatest fears is that Michael will find out just how screwed up her family is.

As well she should be. Your books are just full of secrets, Ms Evans. Secrets I feel it's my duty to expose. So Dr. Kent just happens to be a consultant to the president who finds herself dead center in a little girl's kidnapping. A psychotherapist who just happens to be a code breaker. C'mon, Misty, come clean. How do you know all this stuff?

M.E.: Simple. People are one giant code to Brigit, so breaking down what makes them tick is no different to her than deciphering a code. She's an excellent observer and knows how to take the pieces of any puzzle and put them together into something identifiable. She ends up involved in the kidnapping because she sees the pattern no one else sees.

As for me, I know this stuff because I have a cool source who consults for Homeland Security and she's full of interesting facts that make my imagination run wild! (I also did a lot of research. I even read books by Steven Pinker, who's an experimental psychologist and cognitive scientist. He's fascinating and his ideas blew me away! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Pinker)

Don't you worry, I will check him out. And, if necessary, bring him in, too! I find it more than a little coincidental that Brigit and her sister Tory were kidnap victims as children, and that Tory's sympathies lie with their criminal half-brother while Brigit's out for justice. Explain that one!

M.E.: One of the reasons Brigit is so good at her job is because she was kidnapped as a child. She understands the minds of victims as well as the way kidnappers work. And while her kidnapping and subsequent death of her mother drives Brigit to work for the U.S., British and Irish governments to bring justice to criminals, her sister Tory has joined Peter's group because she, too, wants justice. She's however, chosen a different path to obtain it -- one that goes against everything that Brigit believes in. Trust me, you'll like her.

Let me decide if I like her or not. I must admit she has had her share of conflict. Poor Brigit ... (Interrogator hardens heart, refuses to be swayed. Picks up Misty's latest cover of Proof of Life and stares dreamily. Clears throat.) You expect me to believe that someone as rock solid as Deputy Director Michael Stone wouldn't look into Brigit's past, and even more astonishing, he would fall for Dr. Kent -- and not me?

M.E.: Michael does look into Brigit's past and puts his best undercover operative, Conrad Flynn, on her tail. As the story progresses, Michael discovers she's quite a conundrum, and he has a rough time figuring out whether he can trust her or not. At one point, she's being accused of being the one who's kidnapped his niece, but because he can read people so well, he doesn't believe it, even when all the evidence points to Brigit. All through the story, he wonders the same thing as you (well, almost ;) -- why he's so attracted to her. In the end, though, he realizes her heart is pure and she's the woman for him. (Sorry D.).

Interrogator wipes eyes and sniffs. What about Conrad and Julia, Zara and Lawson? People came to care about them, you know. Sheba won a 2008 Reviewer's Choice Award from eCata Romance and a 4-star review from RT. Tell the truth. Do we see these fantastic characters again? Or like all of you CIA-types, are they merely collateral damage?

M.E.: Wow, you're really being tough on me today! Conrad and Julia play big parts in Proof of Life, and Zara and Lawson find out they're going to have a baby, so, yes, all the main characters (and a few of the minor characters) from Operation Sheba and I'd Rather In Paris appear in Proof of Life. I had THE best time bringing all of my super agents together and even Smitty, Del and Ace got to tag along.

D.B. : You're smooth, I'll give you that much. You seem to have an answer for everything. What happens next, Misty? Do you return to Washington?

M.E.: Okay, okay, Donnell, you win. Yes, I'm returning to Washington to consult with the president, the director of the CIA and a Homeland Security team about a new army of spies that will take us into the next decade of counterintelligence. And while I'm working on that, I'm guest blogging all over the web and giving away free copies of Proof of Life. Readers can find me at:

In the meantime, anyone who comments here today on Five Scribes is also eligible to win an ecopy of Proof of Life! I'd especially like to hear which of my characters (like Smitty, Del or Michael's Secret Service agent, Brad) should get their own story in the fourth Super Agent book. Thank you, Donnell and Five Scribes, for insisting I visit with you again. Now, I insist on checking the coffee pot.

Interrogator shakes head. All right, readers, while Misty wastes her time checking for nonexistent bugs, know this. You're invited to interrogate her, too. And whoever does, might just wind up with is or her own copy of Proof of Life. Then it won't be only me who's suspicious, we'll all be out to read Misty Evans! Questions? Comments?



Virginia C said...

Thanks for a fun interview! Definitely Brad for Book 4.

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Autumn Jordon said...

After reading Operation Sheba, I actually email Misty asked her who her connections were. The details/chracters were so real. I really think she is CIA op undercover as a romance writer.

Proof of Life sounds like another great read, and if I don't win it I will be buying it.

Great post!
2009 Golden Heart Finalist

Barbara Monajem said...

I pick Smitty.

Great interview, but Donnell, interrogators aren't supposed to shed tears. Ah... or is that part of your clever technique? I should have known.

Donnell said...

LOL, Barbara, see what I mean? Everyone knows what a hardened interrogator I am... The fact that she can bring me to tears..... She's definitely CIA... As Rainman says, "Definitely ;)! Thanks for stopping by!

Misty Evans said...

Good morning, Donnell and all! I've got the kids off to school and my cappuccinno in hand, so let's chat!

(Can you believe how tough Donnell was on me again???)

Ellen said...

Hey Girlfriend!
Great interview :) Take care and all the best of luck with Proof Of Life----And to anybody out there who hasn't read Operation Sheba----get thee to the nearest bookstore! Run, don't walk!


Misty Evans said...

Hi Virginia. I making a table and marking one in Brad's column. :) And Barbara, Smitty's getting a mark in his column too. (My editor's rooting for Smitty as well.)

Autumn...I remember that email. It made my day! LOL. Several people have asked me if I'm ex-CIA or have a friend/family member in the Agency. Guess that means I'm doing my homework...and what fun homework it is. I like to think I could be a field operative, but I'm too much of a scaredy cat.

Misty Evans said...

Good morning, Ellen. Thank you for stopping by and singing praises about Operation Sheba!

For those who haven't read Sheba or the second book in the series, I'd Rather Be In Paris, I should mention that each book can stand alone. To get the most out of Proof of Life, though, I recommend at least reading Operation Sheba first so you understand the relationship between Michael, Julia and Conrad. Then Michael's story will be even more satisfying.

Helen Hardt said...

Really enjoyed the interview, ladies!

Autumn Jordon said...

I'm glad I made your day. Thanks for sharing your research methods.

Chiron said...

Hmmm... Perhaps you should examine my teapot for bugs while you're at it!

I loved, loved, loved Operation Sheba (when I first fell in love with Michael) and then again fell in love with I'd Rather Be In Paris. I've been waiting rather impatiently for this delicious addition. So much that I preordered the book! Don't put me on the 'win' list because I downloaded my copy last night!

GREAT interview, although I'm still not quite convinced that Misty isn't truly a CIA operative. I mean, what a clever cover story! We all know that Ian Fleming, author of the 007 series, was actually in British Intelligence and created a hero based on himself. Somehow when I read Ms. Evan's books I find myself wondering just how deep her research goes. ;-D

Keep writing, Misty, so I can keep reading!!

--Chiron O'Keefe
The Write Soul: www.chironokeefe.blogspot.com

Donna Caubarreaux said...

What a complex mind you have...I'm positive that you're a double spy.

I vote for Brad.

Laurie Schnebly Campbell said...

Misty, great job of fielding those questions -- I can't wait to see what's next!

Laurie, who LOVED watching Michael & Brigit's story take shape :)

Misty Evans said...

Great of you to stop by and read the interview, Helen. Donnell always keeps things interesting!

Misty Evans said...

Hi Chiron! Definitely let me know if Proof of Life lives up to your expectations.

(Spoiler Alert for Operation Sheba) So many readers were upset that Michael didn't end up with Julia in Operation Sheba, I knew I had to write a story just for him.

Finding the perfect woman to be his counterpart, however, was quite a challenge! (which I'll address in my note to Laurie)

Thanks for stopping by, C!

Misty Evans said...

Hey, Donna. Thanks for commenting. I'll add your vote to Brad's column!

I do have a devious mind...mwwaahahaha...but I blame it on all my brainstorming with Donnell! Ha!

Misty Evans said...

Laurie, what a nice surprise to see you here! Your classes at Writer U helped me define both Michael's and Brigit's personalities and develop their characters. Reading your book on writing believable characters is the first one I pull out when I start any story. Couldn't have written PROOF OF LIFE without you, teach!

(Writers, if you're interested in Laurie's classes or book, visit her at www.booklaurie.com . I swear by her methods!)

Donnell said...

Misty, thanks for all the compliments LOL. Your books make it easy to assume this persona LOL. Every time, I pick one up I think how does she know this stuff.

As for brainstorming, my pleasure, you help me as much as I help you and pacings a great exercise program.

As for Laurie Schnebly's classes, you're not the only one who recommends her highly, my friend Julie Rowe swears by her! Welcome to the Five Scribes, Laurie.

Okay, we now return you to Proof of Life ;)

Scifibookcat said...

I love espionage stories and this series sounds great. I'll have to check out the first book in the series.

Misty Evans said...

Scifibookcat, I love espionage stories too. Ludlum is the master.

The first book in my series is Operation Sheba and it's available in eformat (Amazon, Fictionwise, Books on Board, etc) and in print from most bookstores.

Thanks for stopping by!

LuAnn said...

I love these types of stories, so I'm not sure why I've never read any of yours before!
You asked which character should have their own story? Well, since I don't know them, I'm going to say Smitty because it's a fun name!

reading_frenzy at yahoo dot com

Chiron said...

I agree with LuAnn. Smitty would be a great character to have his own story! And not just because of his name. *grin*

--Chiron O'Keefe
The Write Soul: www.chironokeefe.blogspot.com


I haven't read the other book yet so I cannot answer the question about which character book should be next. The interview was funny.

loretta canton

Misty Evans said...

Well, LuAnn, I'm glad you stopped by today and voted even though you're not familiar with my books! Looks like Smitty's winning...

Misty Evans said...

Even though you haven't read all the books Loretta, you can still vote like LuAnn did...just pick your favorite name. LOL.

Maybe I should start a whole new super agent series...like FBI or DEA...hmmmm...

Karin said...

Fun interview! I haven't yet read any of the books, but I'm definitely going to be adding them to my pile so I can catch up now.

Misty Evans said...

Thanks, Karin. I hope you enjoy them!

Laurie Schnebly Campbell said...

Misty and Donnell, I'm sorry this is so late -- but thank you both for sharing the raves about my classes!

Laurie, in the midst of one right now and wishing it left more time for reading fun blogs :)