Thursday, October 29, 2009

What do Elliptical Trainers & Writing Have To Do With Each Other

No, I'm not kidding. We finally got our coveted LifeFitness Elliptical Trainer today and I jumped on. (Okay it was awhile ago I started this in the summer, and now it's snowing in OCT!!)

Well, I can walk a mean pace on the treadmill and ride a decent hill on the bike or hike up the trails of Chautauqua Park, but when I got on the elliptical, I was stunned at how hard it was, using muscles I hadn't used for a long...long time.

So after I got off 10 measly minutes later and covered in a film of, I glistened, I thought about how we all need to cross train our writing muscles.

I write suspense, drama, action adventure, scripts, even romance but no comedy. And people think I'm funny (I don't think I'm funny) maybe I need to try a romantic comedy.

Try and not be afraid if it stinks.

I heard a friend of mine speak at his High School Honors Dinner and he said, I'm paraphrasing here, we tend to be afraid to make mistakes for fear people will think less of us. That is so true. So after I'm done with my current script, I'm going to tackle this...


I'm tackling it...Oh My Goodness, it's not easy.

For fun and likely needed therapy, I'm going to periodically nuggets of wisdom I've found while writing this RomCom (Romantic Comedy.) So stay tuned...and you can learn with me and pick me up when I'm down.


What are you going to do to exercise your writing muscles?

Let me know.


Donnell said...

LA. Fantastic analogy. I love this and you do glisten, you do not SWEAT. I am so jealous. I would love an Elliptical machine. Please let us know how it goes as well as the Romantic Comedy!

Confession time, here... I've tried to write other genres, but a dead body always shows up.

I've taken KL's advice and tried to write short, and now have a couple of short stories. So.... does that count?

Excellent post and reminder in every aspect!

Tiffany James said...


Ugh! You know I hate ANY kind of exercise. Now you want me to exercise my writing muscle? Good grief!

Fine, okay...I know it has to be done...

Today, instead of worrying about rules and subject/predicate agreement and empowering my characters' emotions (thank you, Margie), I'm going to drag out my journal and write in it for ten minutes. No, don't laugh, this is hard for me...

Write without rules or an idea for ten minutes? Now, that's serious exercise for my writing muscle (or muscleS, I hope).

Great post!


Donnell said...

Tiff, journaling is a great exercise. I edit every word I write, well, when I'm writing -- turning off that internal editor is a fantastic exercise.

My friend Author and Artist Sylvia Rochester says, "The first stroke is the freshest." By journaling, it allows you to make some magnificent strokes.

Exactly what Nanowritemo is helping writers do. Good luck to them, by the way -- talk about an elliptical challenge!

Mary Marvella said...

I've written hot and sexy and woman's fiction and sweet romance, now I'm working on a space opera and a book with a demon and guardian angels and so much more.

Donnell said...

You must be an elliptical genius, Mary! Wow! What do you think, LA?

Leslie Ann said...

Hi D,
I will, I have a few nuggets to post already....

Short indeed does count, I think they're very hard to do...did your brain hurt afterwards?

No pain, no gain :)


Leslie Ann said...

Hi Tiff,
Yes, I know you hate exercise...and like I said to D, no pain, no

I have a book my mom gave me that has a thought listed for everyday of the year. You read the what happened at the end of the block...and then free write to that. I actually came up with a script from that.


Leslie Ann said...

Hi Tiff,
Yes, I know you hate exercise...and like I said to D, no pain, no

I have a book my mom gave me that has a thought listed for everyday of the year. You read the what happened at the end of the block...and then free write to that. I actually came up with a script from that.


Leslie Ann said...

You win the gold medal!

Do you get brain cramps? Did you find it easy to change? Do you like writing one genre over another?


Theresa said...

Ditto--HATE exercise for exercise sake--but I enjoy stacking a cord of wood or mulching, or snow shoveling or a bunch of other sweaty activities that get my heart pumping. Now get your mind out of that gutter! This is a PG blog!

I write women's fiction and am now working on a thriller or suspense--get confused about the difference between them. So doing a lot of learning about specific reader and craft expectations for that genre.

And I write stuff for our blog--which is a different writing altogether and I'm writing content for the new Crested Butte Writer's website, which is slightly different writing than novel writing--and my head does hurt after those, so it should count, right LA?

Hmmm does pain always equal gain? Cause I DO bang my head a lot some days!

Leslie Ann said...

Hi T,
I do believe pain equals gain :)

And all that differing writing you do is good mental exercise.

But I think plotting for a different genre is even better, you'll glisten more. (Call me the new brain fitness guru:))

Each genre has their own expectations....and that in itself can cause brain exhaustion.


Donnell said...

Ah, LA, you gotta cut T some slack here, that's a lot of exercise, don't you think? :)

Leslie Ann said...

D! Fitness Gurus always push hard :) "Come on, one more rep..."

Oh, and T, banging your head doesn't count, except to the makers of Excedrin.


Donnell said...

Wow, what a great title! Brain Fitness Guru. It suits you. Sorry about your head, T.

Misty Evans said...

I'd much rather exercise my writing muscles than my body muscles. LOL. I like writing challenges, too, and I journal often.

Currently stretching my writing muscles by branching out into YA and short free reads for my website. I'm also currently writing a serialized story with author Michelle Miles. It's great fun.

Good luck, LA, with the trainer and the romcom!

PROOF OF LIFE available now!

Leslie Ann said...

Hi Misty,
How are the short reads you're posting, doing? Are you posting them to gain readership? Or?????

Do you find that every new genre makes you work a bit harder?


Audra Harders said...

Leslie, where in the world did you put an elliptical? I've heard they're a blast to work out on. Probably beats the excitment factor of my old treadmill into the ground, although I do have exciting moments walking the dog : )

I'm a tried and true, love til I bust, romance writer. BUT in defense of working those writing muscles, I read craft books all the time. Everyone has a different technique and not all methods work for everyone ie. your elliptical, my dog walking.

Les, you are a funny person! I think a RomCom is just up your alley. Can't wait to hear all about it : )

Leslie Ann said...

But Audra Baby,
You write different kinds of Inspy romance stories. Historical to Westerns. Now that is mental exercise!

Ha, you think I'm funny? You are too good a friend....