Thursday, November 12, 2009

Online Chat With Zac Sanford

This is not to be missed. A chat brought to you by Scriptscene RWA.

WHEN: This Sunday November 15th, 2009 5pm PST ( it will last apx 1hr.)

Zac Sanford is the development director with Suntaur Entertainment. He's willing to answer any questions about the movie industry. He's not trying to sell anything, so he'll tell it like it is. He's knowledgeable about both sides, writing and development.

Suntaur doesn't accept unsolicited queries, but Zac said he'd accept queries from chat participants.

You'll need to go to Twitter and sign up for an account. Then on the night of the chat, log on to and enter scriptscenechat for the hashtag. That will take you to our chat area.

Scriptscene,, an online Chapter of Romance Writers of America is offering this first chat as an open chat. Future quarterly chats will be for Scriptscene members, if you love this perk, and who wouldn't...join Scriptscene RWA (must be an RWA member as well) if you have ANY interest in writing screenplays, learning the craft from dedicated writers and being around creative people who love what they do.

Also, stay tuned. Scriptscene has a brand new look and feel to their annual contest. Info coming soon...



The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

Thank you for sharing. I'm new to RWA and will participate in the chat now I know. I'm a follower now too of your lovely blog.
Take care,

Leslie Ann said...

Welcome and thank you for becoming a follower!

If you haven't chatted before on Tweetchat, we realized last night on our practice chat, that it may take a few posts before yours are seen, so keep posting, don't give up.

It will be a great chat.

Again, welcome to Five Scribes and check out Scriptscene.
ciao and hugs