Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My to-do list in December

As some of you may know, I love mystery and romantic suspense, and while December is a hectic time for many, it's a crazy time for me. Why? Because as a member of Romance Writers of America's, Kiss of Death Chapter, one of my passions is coordinating the Daphne, otherwise known as the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense. Named in honor of legendary Suspense Author, Daphne du Maurier, this two-part contest is geared for Published and Unpublished authors, and begins January 15, 2010.

For those who write straight mystery, we have our mainstream/mystery suspense category. If you're a romance writer who incorporates suspense into your manuscripts, we have something for you too. Check out our 2010 Final Round Judges:

Category (Series) Romantic Mystery/Suspense
Patience Smith, Silhouette Intimate Moments & Michelle Grajkowski, Three Seas Literary Agency

Historical Romantic Mystery/Suspense
Alex Logan, Grand Central Publishing & Kevan Lyon, Marshal Lyon Literary Agency

Inspirational Romantic Mystery/Suspense
Caleb Sjogren, Tyndale House Publishers & Steve Laube Agency

Paranormal (PTTF) Romantic Mystery/Suspense
Heather Osborn, Tor/Forge & Paige Wheeler, Folio Literary Management

Single Title Romantic Mystery/Suspense
Margaret Marbury, MIRA/HQN & Stephanie Maclean, Trident Media Group

Mainstream Mystery/Suspense
Toni Plummer, St. Martin's/Thomas Dunne & Stacia Decker, Donald Maass Literary Agency

Contests can be intimidating; they can also be career builders. Published authors, the Daphne levels the playing field. The contest is open to all venues of trade paperback, e-publishing, self-publishing, subsidy (vanity) press, print-on-demand or small imprint publisher. If you have a copyrighted 2009 mystery, romantic suspense novel, consider entering one of the most prestigious contests out there. Your book must be bound and formatted per our guidelines on the web page,

Note: The website still says 2009, but will be updated shortly.

Also, for anyone considering entering, I recently was a guest blogger at Romance University. I answered a lot of questions about this contest as well as about judging. If you're interesting in learning more, check out:

Now go finish decorating, and doing that shopping, and then get that manuscript and/or book ready and come see me in January. Happy Writing! ~ Donnell


Audra Harders said...

That time of year again, Donnell?? The Daphne is such a prestigious contest, I'm so glad you're advertising it so far in advance.

Polish those manuscripts! The Daphne is awesome!

Donnell said...

Thanks, Audra, I hope you'll share this with Seekerville and your inspirational loops. As you may know Kelly Ann Riley just contracted with Steeple Hill, and you're next :)

Magnolia said...

I know you do a lot of work with the Daphne and you have a part in making dreams come true for some of the writers out there.

Kelsey said...

Donnell - we were so pleased to have you at RU. You offered up some fantastic insight for contest entrants!

Donnell said...

Margaret, thanks for saying that. I've seen a lot of writers crushed in this biz. My goal has always been to pick them up.

Kelsey, it was my honor. Thanks so much for having me!

Leslie Ann said...

This contest if fantastic. I won third place one year, and it opened doors for me. Really. I was honored and excited and sent off the requests immediately :)

Donnel, you're wonderful and dedicated, and of course crazy to take on all this work. Thank you!

Now to toot the horn of Scriptscene RWA.

We have a totally revamped contest, deadline May 1, of which I'm the contest coordinator. So if you've written a screenplay, and are an RWA member, please check out, and follow the link to the contest page.

Best of luck to all of us.

Leslie Ann said...

Uh make that...this contest IS fantastic...I started vacay about 5 hours ago and I think my brain is in Tahiti.