Monday, December 28, 2009

Seasons That Inspire

Do different seasons of the year inspire you to write for that time? Christmas does that to me. Over the past many years, it doesn't matter what kind of story I'm in the middle of writing, the urge to put it aside and work on a Christmas story invades my mind.

This phenomenon happens over a small span of time. Usually when I'm hurrying to send out cards or discover I have completely overlooked a person on my gift list does this wild urge to write about the craziness creep into my subconscious. It rarely lasts more than a couple weeks, but man, do those couple weeks really throw me for a loop.

Let's face it. I write romance. Pure and simple.

What time of year better inspires one's heart desires?

All of a sudden I begin to romanticize the holiday decorations blinking in beauty as darkness comes early along the Front Range of Colorado. Or maybe, a couple strolling hand in hand along a winding path in the winter stillness while big, fat snowflakes swirl around them. Or maybe disaster strikes at a time when peace and joy need to be celebrated around the world.

Is there another season, another holiday that creates a mood better? Thanks to Hallmark, I'd say the answer is no. No other holiday begins to gear up months before the appointed date. No other holiday inspires visions of sugarplums or lively orchestras or anonymous good deeds than Christmas.

What a plethora of material and props waiting to be incorporated in a novel bearing good cheer and happily ever afters : )

Of course, being an inspirational romance writer, it tickles me to no end to include the heavenly hosts, trumpets and birth of Jesus in a lowly stable centuries ago. Angels. We can never have enough angels. Just go read Debbie Macomber : )

So, once again, I look at my WIP and blow out a heavy sigh. Someday I'll write a Christmas romance.

Who knows? Maybe my next manuscript will be suspiciously filled with snowflakes, carolers, and twinkling lights.

And angels.

Gotta have angels.

Does Christmas have the same affect on you? How about Valentines Day? Spring? Fall?

What season inspires your writing?

May your 2009 wind down with good spirits, and may 2010 bring you lots of surprises!!



cassandrajade said...

To be honest, Christmas just gets in the way of my writing. I write fantasy so Christmas doesn't happen in any of my stories given they are set in totally different worlds. They have their own festivities and celebrations and it is fun to create traditions from the ground up.
I can see how writers of other genres could use Christmas though. Just thinking about the sheer number of movies that use the holidays as a catalyst for events.
However, while Christmas isn't good for my writing, it is a good time for me to take a break.
Thanks for sharing this post.

Donnell said...

How beautiful, Audra. Oh, dear, I don't have the urge to write about Christmas, unfortunately. I've been brainstorming my newest Romantic Suspense. I'm with Cassandra, I love the holidays being home with my kids, but I'm selfish in that I can't wait to get back to writing. I hope you had a joyous Christmas and have a glorious New Year!