Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Are you a new writer or in need of a refresher course? The TOP TEN reasons to enroll in Beginning Writer Workshops

Workshops are a wonderful resource for honing a writer's skills and advancing a writer's career. If you're a beginning writer, however, workshops are invaluable. Presenting the TOP TEN reasons a NEW writer should enroll in Beginning Writer Workshops.

10. You have the most stupendous idea for the next blockbuster bestseller, but don't know where to begin.

9. After the first several stupendous pages, you hit a brick wall.

8. You've written a 500,000 word book that will land you at the top of the NY Times list, but you haven't a clue how to get it there.

7. The only persons you can get to read it are your mother and your best friend.

6. You discover you don't know the difference between a genre and a gerund.

5. Even your MOTHER says the book doesn't hold her interest.

4. You finally get a published writer's opinion of your manuscript, and she tells you that you have too much backstory in the opening chapters.

3. With your first and only criticism of your work, you're starting to doubt yourself.

2. Your mother and your best friend suddenly stop returning your phone calls.

1. You want to be a successful writer, and you want the building blocks to become one.

Beginning Writer Workshops. Taught by Experts in Industry and Experts in Craft.


Ann said...

The link does not seem to work. :(

Donnell said...

Sorry about that, Ann. Please try it now if you're interested. ;)

Audra Harders said...

A great reminder for us all, Donnell! NEVER stop learning your craft!!

Happy New Year!

Donnell said...

Audra, absolutely! One of the reasons I love to moderate BWW is it reinforces what I've learned or have yet to. Workshops give me ideas in which to stretch the creative process.