Tuesday, January 26, 2010

As the writing world spins

Hello Five Scribes Readers: I'm checking in to tell you I miss our author visits and interviews, and I promise to have some to you soon. Because, in truth, when they visit us, I learn so much about my own writing.

I know lame-brained excuses don't make up for my tardiness, so I thought I'd list what I've been up to -- so you'll see that my world does indeed revolve around writing. Currently I'm:

1) Coordinating the 2010 Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense www.rwamysterysuspense.org

2) Sending off my latest manuscript,which (yeah!!) I got a request for a full.

3) Judging the Pikes Peak Writers Conference Contest (some first-round judges dropped the ball) -- Bad judges, bad!!

4) A--n--d, I'm undergoing a house remodel. Above and below are the before pictures -- Don't you love that 80s look paneling? ;) As you can guess, I'm pretty excited... This is our 30-year-old home, and although it's seen a lot of love, it's also suffered some wear and tear. It has great bones, but it needs a serious face lift. Now that our kids are through college (another high five for my husband and me) it's time to get started. If I survive the remodel, I'll post the after pictures too. So stay tuned.

While I'm excited about updating my home, I'm overwhelmed too. I'm boxing up, decluttering, and occasionally checking in. So, does this earn me any empathy and forgiveness gold stars?

I sure hope so, because I am thinking of you. When I'm overwhelmed I drink lots of chamomile and peppermint tea (great combination). Okay, I drink an occasional margarita too. What do you do when your world turns upside down? Am I just a slacker, or can you beat my list of four?

Happy Writing!


Sylvia said...

Your "before" looks better than my "current." Can't wait to see the finished produce. Send me your leftovers.

Donna Caubarreaux said...

Ah...I have wood in my kitchen, but it's timeless.

I need a new double oven as my temperature doesn't work right on the ancient one I have. Who knew that you have to pay so much for the new ones!

I also need a new countertop, we're on our third one, so it's time to upgrade to something that won't wear out.

So, a new stove top is in the works, as well as the hood over it.

One son came over and 'redesigned' my kitchen, NOT! He actually thinks I can get along with fewer pot/pan storage. No. No. No.

The dh wants to open up one wall into the dining room. No. No. No.

I don't envy you, and yes, I want to see new pictures when you're done.

I also want to know what you're doing for meals during the remodeling.

KL Grady said...

I only have three:

1. Tweaking my thesis novel for submission and tracking short story submissions.
2. Completing coursework to turn what would have been an MA into an MFA.
3. Homeschooling my elder sprog.

Do I get some leeway, too? Pretty please? LOL

Donnell said...

Sylvia: I imagine you have a "tad" more color in your kitchen than I have in my kitchen ;) In fact, I'm willing to put money on it!

Donnell said...

Donna, I am definitely going to have wood in my kitchen. But the white hospital tile floors, they're outta there :) I thought about double ovens, but I'm not the Galloping Gourmet... okay, not comments that I sometimes Gallop. I agree wood is timeless. That tile will become pecan floors ;)

Donnell said...

KL, Leeway???? Heck no, LOL. You win! You're my hero, heroine... ah heck, you know what I mean!

Misty Evans said...

Hey Donnell. Congrats on the request for the full and good luck with remodel!

We're about to start our second bathroom remodel in six months. So not looking forward to having the house torn up again.

Heart-stopping danger...undercover intrigue.

Audra Harders said...

Ha Donnell!

For all the upheaval you're going through, I think you've earned EXTRA Margarita...whenever and where ever they're available : )

Can't wait to see the end result : )

Tina Russo Radcliffe said...

When the going gets tough...I take a nap.

Donnell said...

LOL, Tina, now why didn't *I* think of that ;)

Robin said...

I think we're both past do for that margarita! When I get through with this next week, we need to hit OTB! And from your list, I'd say you have indeed earned a reprieve!

Donnell said...

You're on, Robin Joy!