Thursday, January 28, 2010

First Sale!!!!!

I can't believe it's true! Steeple Hill Love Inspired has offered to buy my book! I have an editor!

For more details, you are invited to the party in Seekerville on Saturday, all day.

Come and enjoy the party atmosphere and great cyper food.

This all happened so fast, I don't have my wits together yet to properly tell my First Sale story.
By Saturday, I should be able to write coherently again : )


January 30, 2010


Keli Gwyn said...

Congratulations, Audra!!! What wonderful news. Enjoy the thrill. I look forward to hearing your Call Story over in Seekerville.

Audra Harders said...

Thanks Keli! Who would have ever thought I'd have trouble writing it, LOL! So many thoughts, so many words I want to use, but hey, it'll be a party, not a novel reading : )

Donnell said...

Audra, stay up all night reading, wake up to such wonderful news!!!
It couldn't happen to a more deserving, talented, driven author. Author!!!! I'm sooo proud of you!

I'll pop over to Seekerville and look forward to Saturday! You RAWK and so do your books!

KL Grady said...

So, so proud, Audra. And thrilled. And excited! :D

Destiny Blaine said...

Congratulations, Audra! It's time to celebrate!

Best wishes,
Destiny Blaine

Leslie Ann said...

Darlin' Heart,
Have your ears recovered from my screaming?

I'm so proud and thrilled for you. An "overnight" success story.

with much love

Theresa said...

YEAHHHH!!!! CONGRATS Miss Audra. You so deserve this break. I am so proud of you, girl! I can't wait to buy your first book--and preorder the next at the same time.

Misty Evans said...

Sweeet!!! Congrats, Audra! Can't wait to read it.

Heart-stopping danger...undercover intrigue.

Audra Harders said...

You know, I can see this day job is really getting in the way of my career : ) Sorry I've been away all day.

Thanks, Donnell! It's such a weird feeling. I don't think it's really sunk in yet. But that's okay. I'm just wearing a goofy smile all day long at work. Makes for great conversation : )

KL! Thrilled right to the core! Thanks! It's going to be an interesting journey now!

Thanks Destiny! No time to celebrate yet. I've been getting emails from SH requesting things like alternative titles, bio, photos and all sorts of stuff that I really didn't think they needed yet since the book doesn't come out until next January!

Audra Harders said...

Hey Les! It's been a long haul, hasn't it? And you've been there through thick and thin.

For anyone who doesn't know, I met Leslie at the very first Colorado Romance Writers meeting I attended. I sat next to her. I hadn't a clue what to do, but that didn't matter to Leslie. She fielded all my questions with patience and we ended up in the same crit group. The rest is history. I guess you could say Lelsie has literally been there through my entire journey. Thanks for sticking with me, sweets!

Audra Harders said...

So Theresa, have you stopped screaming on my behalf? Wow, when I called you, I thought John was going to have peel you off the ceiling. Now that's a true friend : )

Calm down now, our work is not done. We still have plenty of stuff to do!! Thanks, babe!

Audra Harders said...

Thanks, Misty! I look forward to the ride : ) Remember, January 2011, : )