Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Right Ending?

Sooo I've written 50 pages of my new book and loosely plotted 90% of it out, but I have no real idea how it will end. I often don't know the endings of my books until I write the rough draft and get to the spot where I must decide something, but this time I'm kind of really stumped.

I could envision 3-4 different endings and right now, none of them shout out that I MUST end it their way. Do you think there's really one best way to end a book? Not a romance--obviously, 'cause we KNOW that genre demands a happy ending where boy gets the girl, but women's fiction or suspenses. Is there really only one best ending?

Yikes. Perhaps once I write the rest of the book, it'll come to me?
What do you guys think?


Clancy said...

I, perosnally, would be nervous writing the entire book if I don't know how it ends. What if what I've written doesn't logically follow the story? Or what if the story's logical conclusion is one I don't like? Or what if I write myself into a corner and have no ending that satisfies. Maybe I'm just too organized / logic (perhaps anal retentive) to go with the flow on this. : )

Donnell said...

Ah, Clancy, careful.:) If you've ever read Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass, he says if you have a killer in mind, and don't want to be predictable. when you get to the end of the book, turn it.

I read this and argued repeatedly with this for reasons you suggest. I too am anal; I've outlined this book; I know who the killer is etc. I can't possibly do as Donald Maass says... What does HE know anyway? But after arguing, I finally did as he suggested, and my critique group said, we never saw this killer coming. -- Darn that Donald Maass anyway. Maybe that's why he DOES earn the big bucks.

The great thing about writing fiction is nothing is in concrete format until it goes into publication.

So my answer to T is great job on keeping an open mind. When it comes to the right ending you have myriad possibilities.

Leslie Ann said...

I used to think I had to know the ending, and to an extent I think you need to know where you're going, but completely mapped out? Nope, no longer do I believe that. Your characters lead, and if you can turn it around and have it be a surprise that makes people sit up and take GOOD notice, not like, the "hand of God" fix, then you're ahead of the game.

T--keep writing, you know it'll come. Right now I think you're forcing ideas.

My 2 cents.