Thursday, February 11, 2010

Overcoming fear of public speaking through Toastmasters

Quite a number of people on my writing loops recently have shared the exciting news that their workshop proposals have been accepted by Romance Writers of America. This means they'll be touting their expertise at the 2010 RWA Conference in Nashville this summer. While they are excited, some are chewing their fingernails to the quick because while they'll gain exposure, they'll also have to get up in front of a crowd and (gasp) talk.

I know their pain. Let's face it; standing in front of a room full of people when all eyes are on the speaker -- well, for some they'd rather face a firing squad. Which is why I'm such a proponent of Toastmasters.

I don't think I'll ever "love" standing up and talking to a room full of people. But thanks to Toastmasters it no longer has me making those frequent bathroom stops or causes my heart to race. Want to see someone who has taken public speaking to the expert level? Mr. Andy Dooley gave me permission to share this video clip with you. I want to be this guy when I grow up.

Here's Andy Dooley, Winner of Toastmasters Humorist Competition in "A Date with Destiny......................."

About Andy Dooley. He is a Law of Attraction Expert, Spiritual Comedian, Bliss Coach and Artist. What's more he makes me smile. ~ Enjoy!


Liz Lipperman said...

Oh how I wish I could speak like this!!

Thanks for sharing, Donnell.

June said...

Me, too, Liz. Very inspiring.

Donnell, thank you for directing me this way.