Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CB Writers Conference

Ahhh, I sigh in relief as I got the last of the finalists sent off to The Sandy final agent and editors judges.
I've got all the entries returned to the 158 entrants. Forwarding thank yous, finishing my last Daphne entry to judge, and starting on my Genesis entries, while working on the Crested Butte Writers Conference.
If you haven't heard about the conference, I'm going to wax on now, because it's going to be a stupendous event!

James Scott Bell has written several amazing writing books as well as suspense and inspirational works of fiction--my favorite being, Plot and Structure. He's going to do a terrific workshop on Dazzling Dialogue and another on Plot and Structure. Margie Lawson says he's an amazing speaker, not to be missed!

We have a multi-time Pulitzer Prize finalist in H.W. Brands, and many more authors listed at the bottom, including my own discovery--yes, I'm claiming credit for a smidgeon of her success, Sandy finalist and multi-published Western Romance author, Kaki Warner.

Our agents and editors are such friendly folks, eager to experience our conference and to meet new talent.

But one of the most outstanding things about the CB Writers conference, is --well besides the food, 'cause we pack a lot into the weekend and need to sustain our body as well as our minds. O-kay . . . so we sustain our bodies in style over the weekend--take a look at our menu page of the website . But one of the best things is the intelligent, efficient, low-stress way we handle agent/editor appointments. Check it out under Pitches and Pages.

And then there's the Pie in the Sky Booksigning, where we share pie with the authors while they sign books. Hmm yes, we're eating again. And our Sandy Finalists will not be kept in suspense as to their finished rankings. The winners will be announced in the registration packets and ALL attending finalists are invited to sit on a panel with me, during the awards ceremony, where we'll get to know a little more about our finalists.

One of the most popular workshops is back, First Pages Panel. Our agents and editors will cold read first pages as if they were new submissions and will stop reading at the spot where they ordinarily would, then tell the group why-or they'd read to the end and then comment. A-N-D, just to keep them on their toes . . . I mix in a few recent best-sellers' opening pages and see if they can identify the pros from the prepubs. It's great fun!

That's jut a sampling of the fun we're going to have. Go to the website and check us out at www.crestedbuttewriters.org.
Tell all your writing pals! Waxing off now.

Crested Butte Writers Conference June 18-20

An Experience Like No Other

New this year—discounted group rates! For groups of 5 or more people attending the conference, each person saves $55 off the regular conference price!

Featuring: Key Note Best selling author, James Scott Bell.

Agents: Ginger Clark of Curtis Brown and Joanna Stampfel-Volpe of Nancy Coffey Literary

Editors: Anne Bensson—St Martin’s Press and Christine Pride—Broadway books, Random House.

Guest Speakers: H. W. Brands, Holly Payne, Jeanne Stein, Janet Lane, Kaki Warner

Check us out at www.crestedbuttewriters.org

Important Registration Dates:

May 3rd for Advance Read and Critique with agent/editor

May 8th—Last day to register at the Early Bird Rate

May 15th for Pitch and Pages

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Donnell said...

This sounds like a fantastic conference, T, and I'm excited about seeing Crested Butte again and, of course, your fantastic line up. I also, thank you for being a Daphne judge. I'm a strong believer in Karma! Hugs, Donnell