Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse -- Phenomena. One Participant's POV.

Okay, I got suckered into waiting in line for 12!!!! yes 12 hours before the midnight showing of Eclipse, this morning. And actually, other than stiff joints from sitting on a tile theater lobby floor (yes, I had a blanket) I thoroughly enjoyed the waiting and the movie.

A friend from work gave me the books I read each one quickly, all the while wondering how this story could possibly have a happy ending. This wasn't work, it was fun and I admit it, I was hooked.

Then around the time I was reading the 3rd book-Eclipse, she suggested we form a group and go to the midnight premier. Sounds like fun. Let's do it.

What a sucker I am.

I offered to design and embroider the shirts we wore (there were 7 of us, 1 bailed, shame on you) and I must brag that we had the classiest shirts at the theatre (I'll have them on E-Bay to sell-no, not the worn ones, silly.) I was totally in the Eclipse groove! Red ribbon, Edward charm, Jacob charm and the Swiss the book, then you'll understand.

I HAD to watch the prior two movies to get up to speed. Well, I couldn't get my MP4 conversion program to work, so HAD to buy Twilight and New Moon digitally to put on my IPad. This is getting expensive!!

While in line for eternity, I must have answered the questions: "what's going on, why the line, whatch'a waiting for" posed a gazillion times by other sane theatre goers. Honest, ask anyone, I'm NOT exaggerating, it was a gazillion. And I had the wonderful experience of trying to explain to one wizened gentleman and his patient wife, that indeed the girls in line wearing short shorts and showing cleavage were safe at least from roving vampires, and yes, it is the fashion of the times. And yes, Jacob did have his shirt off more than 1/2 his screen time...just had to get that fact in, even if at that time it was merely heresay.

The lovely man tottered away with a bit of a smile, and a shake of his head.

BTW, for the record, I WAS NOT one of those wearing short shorts or showing cleavage. Thank you.

As I waited, and waited and even waited some more with my faithful friend, Haley at my side, I watched the 2 prior installments of the saga on my IPad (which I adore, I love my toys) and when I couldn't handle the head phones any longer, I people watched.

What a trip. I've never seen so many shirts with either Team Edward or Team Jacob or quotes from the book or hearts or tears in my life. And, I was very secure that MY shirts beat them all! It is a contest, though I was naive and didn't know it at the time I was creating my masterpieces. With that many females in one tight space, it is a contest.

FINALLY, around 10:15ish (after Chinese for lunch and Chipotle for dinner and 3 Starbucks) we were led into the theatres, groups of 10ish or more. Finally a comfortable seat...or so I thought, but wasn't going to be comfortable no matter what.

I loved watching the audience file in, screaming at friends, laughing, preening, fighting for seating. And then....

The movie...well...after the trailers.

I'm not a tween or even close, and I enjoyed the movie. As a writer, it was hard to turn off my internal editor and critiquer, and frankly as much as I wanted to, I couldn't ('tho some movies afford me that luxury.) I'm not here to critique the movie, there are plenty of sites that will do that.

This post is about the phenomena and the experience The Twilight Saga has become.

I congratulate Stephenie Meyer for what she has created. I'm impressed and a tad bit jealous. Good job, Stephenie, for creating a story and characters that people can't wait to devour (not in the vampirish way, knock it off.) She's created a phenom, and people will wait in a movie line for umpteenth hours, then cheer, clap and have fantastic time before, during and after the credits have run their course. They argue and discuss the merits of the story, the characters and they know what they're talking about. They've read the books a gazillion times.

You go, girl.

As a footnote, I'll do this again, 'tho I will NOT get there 12 hours before the show. Been there, done that and learned my lesson. Breaking Dawn, hurry up and get here.



Audra Harders said...

Leslie! You are amazing!

12 hours!

And you survived to talk about, LOL!

I love your enthusiasm for this series. I'm afraid to begin reading the books knowing how many there are in the series. And they are not short reads! I'm afraid that once I begin with Twilight, I'll be hooked and then my inspirational romances will have a vampire twinge to them, LOL!

Bravo on your tenacity, girlfriend!

I raise my Starbucks to you!

Audra Harders said...

You are Kara's hero : )

Donnell said...

L.A. what Audra said. I'd have to be pretty in love with something to stay anywhere for 12 hours, but it must have been amazing seeing all of those fans to nuts over Edward and Jake. Yes, I know their names now, thanks to my daughter who insisted I watch both movies... and now, darn it, I'm curious about movie 3.

I just returned from the Northwest and even spent the night in the town of Forks. I'll be blogging on that later. Stephanie Myers has done a lot for that region.

So as a screenwriter, what did you think of the film. Were you caught up or did you analyze it?

Leslie Ann said...

Hi Guys,
It was a crazy thing to do, but it was fun, and I've been lean on the fun meter this summer.

Give Kara a kiss for me.

Hmmm, Inspy with a vampire twist. Go for it!!


Leslie Ann said...


Yes, I did analyze the film. Like I said, I felt it was a "highlight" film. My term. It hit the major points of the movie, and didn't go deeper.

I've adapted novels before and it's NOT easy. But when one takes into account the focus/target audience for this film, then I think it...mostly worked. Was I totally drawn in, lost in the story, the Did I enjoy it? Yes. Was it worth my ticket price. Yes.

Do I wish I'd come up with the series...damn straight. And would I consider being the next screenwriter for Breaking Dawn...absolutely.

Too bad it's in production :)


Theresa said...

You are CRAZY girl! But, it sounds like you had a boatload of fun and that's all that's important. There's no doubt I"m jealous-- and in awe--of the creative minds like Stephenie Myers and JK Rohling and . . . and . . . this list goes on.
And anything that gets/keeps people reading had my vote!
You go girl! I love living vicariously (safe and comfortably stretched out in my soft bed) through you guys!