Sunday, July 25, 2010

Finalists for Romancing the Script

Woo Boy, what a close contest!! 

Here are the 3 finalists, in alphabetical order:

Victoria Koch - Holiday Heaven, a romantic comedy
Jane Sevier - The Blue Jay's Egg, a romantic comedy
Sarah Vance - Jane Austen in Hollywood, a romantic comedy.

Best of luck to the 3 finalists!!

Final Judge is Robert Gosnell,

The winner will be announced at the Scriptscene mini conference, THIS Wednesday in Orlando Florida prior to the RWA annual conference.

The prize package is awesome.   Please check out Scriptscene: to find out more on this incredible opportunity and start writing.  Next year's contest is right around the corner.

It was a pleasure to be the contest chair this year. Many, many thanks to our judges.



Donnell said...

This is very exciting! LA, outstanding job. There seems to be a pattern here, all three are romantic comedy. Were all the entries comedy? I'm familiar with Jane Sevier's writing, so the competition had to be fierce.

Great going to the finalists!

Lexi said...

Yay, Jane!

Maggie Dove said...

Way to go, Victoria Koch, for Holiday Heaven! I'm familiar with your writing so I agree that the competition had to be fierce. Congratulations and best of luck to the finalists! You all deserve plenty of applause!

Jamie's Foggy Musings said...

Terrific. I can't wait to hear who the winner is. They were all great script entries this year.

Jane Sevier said...

Thank you, LA. What a fabulous job you've done on the contest. I'm thrilled that "The Blue Jay's Egg" is a semifinalist!

Thanks for that good word, Donnell. I'm also curious about the genre breakdown for the competition. Perhaps it's that romance writer's preference for happy endings that made us turn our hands to romantic comedy. Of course, I adore movies in general, but romcoms are my favorites.

Thank you, Lexi! said...

Good Luck Vicky, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for HOLIDAY HEAVEN.

Leslie Ann said...

Hi Guys,
There were more romantic comedies than any other sub genre!

The script had to have romantic elements...since Scriptscene is part of RWA (Romance Writers of America) and I think Rom Coms are so much fun to watch. Thus the number of entries.

Rom Coms are my favs and my husband's as well.

Way to go ladies! Nail biting time coming up ;)


Vicky Koch w/a Victoria Marquez and Sophia Knightly said...

So nice of you to post this, Leslie. Thank you for chairing this contest and cheering us on. I am delighted that "Holiday Heaven" is a semi-finalist, and I'm honored to be in the running beside Jane Sevier and Sarah Vance.

Thank you, Maggie and Diana, for your kind vote of confidence -- I appreciate it!

Marcia King-Gamble said...

Victoria Koch's writing is simply the best! I've enjoyed all of her novels, and now this a movie script. I'm of course partial because I am one of her fellow bloggers on Way to go Vic!

Gabrielle said...

Go, Jane!!

Sandra Madden said...

Congratulations Vicky! Your manuscripts are always fun and romantic. I love reading them and so glad you are a member of the "divine critique"group :-)

Carol Stephenson said...

Vicky, having been privileged to read your writing over the years, I'm thrilled for you and from everyone's comments, I know the competition is fierce. Applauding all the finalists!

Vicky Koch w/a Sophia Knightly said...

Thank you for those kind comments, Marcia, Sandy and Carol! They warmed my heart.

Autumn Jordon said...

This is exciting! I love that they're all romantic comedy. Good luck, ladies.


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