Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Predicting the future?

Sometimes one has to be a realist. The economy, the environment, that continuing-to-narrow passageway of novels that make their way through committee, versus the success of many of my colleagues who are fearlessly paving the way onto digital. Not to mention the publishers who are reading the writing on the proverbial...if not physical...wall.

At RWA National a well-known and respected agent said that not much will change. The current best sellers will rise to the top of digital publishing, and that the majority of those trying to break in will remain mid-list or at the bottom.

But that's just it. As my critique partner is fond of saying, "Do they know, or do they think they know?"

Do our current gatekeepers really know what readers are craving? They claim their marketing departments have researched this thoroughly. Do they really have all the answers? I wouldn't bet my rapidly declining 401K on it ;)

On a larger scale, author and well-known blogger, J.A. Konrath makes some interesting predictions.


I ask you.... Do you know, or do you think you know?


Mona Risk said...

I only know what I hear on the Internet and TV since I don't read newspapers anymore. For the first time, the sale of ebooks has superceded that of printed books. Hey, that means something.

Also the government is going paperless. Contracts are signed by emails.

Lynne Marshall said...

I'm hoping that new publishing ventures like Carina Press will help book publishers get past their tried and true attitude. If one or two mixed genre books become very successful in e-pubbing, maybe the old guard with take notice and venture away from the same old same old.

Fingers crossed!

Edie Ramer said...

I think the agent was wrong and Konrath's version is closer to what will happen. Indie writer Karen McQuestion just reached the top 10 of the Kindle books with one of her books. I'm sure she won't be the last.

Donnell said...

Interesting, and I don't think it's even a debate anymore. It's happening. Blink, and there's a new, facet in publishing.

I appreciate all of you adding your thoughts, and, Edie, a lot of these people who were warned, don't you dare e-publish are hitting the top of Kindle etc.

I have a dear friend who I don't have permission to talk about here, so I won't name her. New York says her books aren't big enough.

The day she got a rejection, the topic of her books and the one she writes about and her e-fan base loves, was the number one blogged issue in all the major newspapers and television broadcasts.

As Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman. Big. Big Mistake.

Leslie Ann said...

Hey, I posted the Wall Street Journal article link on a prior blog. Check it out. There is something on e-books now almost weekly in the WSJ and I'm going to find the links.

I'm going digital and I'm excited.

Lynn, I don't know about Carina Press, want to tell us more?

Donnell said...

L.A check this out ;)


Misty Evans said...
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Misty Evans said...

Hmmm, the person you couldn't name seems very familiar to me!

I totally agree with you, Donnell. The publishing world is changing at a fast rate - The Ark has left the dock and the dinosaurs are standing there watching it float away.

People will always like print books but technology gives us the advantage of both print and digital. Like using a microwave and an oven, a cell phone and a landline. Each has a purpose it serves and makes our lives more enjoyable.

I'm glad I jumped into digital when I did. There are definitely benefits. And along with the great experience I've had with Samhain, I'll have a novel out with Carina Press in February. It's an exciting time to be a digital author

KL Grady said...

Misty, you're an inspiration. The Misty Posts here at 5 Scribes are ones I think about when I consider the benefits of digital.

And I love your analogy. Microwave and stove indeed!