Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wall Street Journal Article: Digital Publishing Shakes Up Traditional Book Industry

This is super important to all writers, please read.

Digital Publishing Shakes Up Traditional Book Industry.

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Digital Self-Publishing Shakes Up Traditional Book Industry -

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Donnell said...

LA, Authors are watching this trend closely.

We are in the midst of a ground breaking trend. Interesting. A respected agent at National said that best sellers will continue to be bestsellers -- Ms. McQuestion leads me to think it evens the playing field and that readers will have a larger hand in the gatekeepers.

However, an author still has to put his/her best work out in the most professional light to get there. Mediocrity begets mediocrity in my opinion.

KL Grady said...

And then today Dorchester announces its new digital/POD business model. I'm stunned at the move, but I suppose it's not too shocking given the reason they were uninvited from participation at the RWA national conference.

Digital is where it will be some day. I don't see that happening immediately - lots of folks cling to the tactile sensation of holding a book as part of the reading experience. But the digital generation is right behind us. Kids today have never known life without computers, without mobile phones, without gadgets in general.

Meanwhile, I'll continue to pursue publication through New York print presses, but I hope to make use of all digital options available to me. If the big guys aren't interested in my work, I'll go with a new business model press - POD or digital or both. Why not? I have a feeling, if the big guys don't adapt to the digital age a lot more than they have, the new models of publishing will become the big guys.