Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dream Analysis: What do yours say?

My mother used to say, "Never share your dreams before breakfast, they might come true." And if that's the case, I should have kept quiet about this one. I woke up exhausted because this particular dream was so vivid, so real, I looked at my hand when I woke up.

In the dream, I'm hosting some kind of party at my home. As many know we underwent a recent remodel, and I'm guarding my pecan flooring like it's gold and belongs at Fort Knox. In the dream, however, there's water everywhere. My guests are standing around, chatting, and I'm seeing all this water spread, and saying, "Where's it coming from?" I pick up a mop and start trying to save my buckling floor, while the people around me scratch their heads and say, "Gee, maybe it's coming from the fridge."

I'm on my way to the refrigerator when I see a baby black widow spider and I smash it, and think what next. Be careful what you ask for, because what happens next is my contractor is standing beside me, holding a stick with a larger black widow hanging on a thread, saying maybe I should hire an exterminator. Alarmed I reach out and I crush it in my fist.

Naturally he's shocked and says, "Maybe we should get you to the hospital," but my reply is, "I don't think it had time to bite me."

And that's when I wake up.

Now, this might seem like a silly blog post, but I often record my dreams. This one was so weird, though, I'm not sure what to do with it, or what it's even trying to tell me. I've been in a state of upheaval lately, not in my personal life, but my professional one. I'm giving up a contest I love to devote more time to my writing, teary eyed over leaving something I'm infinitely familiar with for the unknown--e.g. the rapid changes in publishing.

I wonder if that has something to do with visualizing floods and spiders. What do you think? And have you ever analyzed your dreams? Do you have one that stands out that made you think, "Whoa! Where did that come from?"

Here's to happy writing and, please, more pleasant dreams.


Edie Ramer said...

I had a vivid dream the night before last. When I woke up, I'd forgot it, but I remembered thinking as I was dreaming that it was just a dream and wondering why I was dreaming it. lol Very weird. One thing I know is that there were no spiders in mine.

Donnell said...

Thank goodness, Edie. One thing I can say for sure is I don't like spiders or snakes ;) Pleasant dreams!

KL Grady said...

I have recurring dreams (repeated just last night, actually) about large waves that unexpectedly become huge and drown me along with anyone I'm standing there with. There are usually cliffs behind me, but last night I was on the cliff, where I thought we were safe. The wave got us anyway - just barely, but it eroded the cliff so we were toast either way. LOL.

I know this is a dream about being overwhelmed by things out of my control (excepting my decision to be there in the first place), but it's interesting that I was above the fray this time and still didn't escape.

Sorry about your spider dream, Donnell. I hate spiders, too. Ick!

Donnell said...

Me too, KL. But I am seeing a pattern here. Insecurity, uncertainty, would you agree. Floods, waves, e.g. drowning? Here's wishing you more pleasant dreams too!

Liz Lipperman said...

Th spiders might signify the uncertainty you're facing with your writing. You've had a tumultuous year, Donnell, and it has to be scary going forward. It's scary for all of us out there with the way the publishing industry is changing. The fact that you grabbed the spider and crushed it in your bare hands may be your way of saying not to count you out.... to bring it on.

As for your buckling floor, could that be the crumbing economy brought on by the increasing national debt (the flowing water from the fridge??)And all the people standing in the water chit-chatting could mean the apathy of America.

Or it could just mean the greasy burger you ate the night before is coming back to haunt you with weird dreams???

Okay, that was my $.05 Peppermint Patty analysis.

I had a dream the other night about a girl I really don't like whom I saw at my hs reunion. She got bitten by snakes. I gave her the wrong medical advice and she got very sick. What do you think that means???

Donnell said...

Oh, dear, Liz, you are good at this! I just had a person e-mail me privately saying, my picking up the mop and my crushing the spider means I'm still taking control (you're interpretation bring it on.) And you're right, the economy, the industry, it's got scary floods and spiders written all over it.

As for you, my dear, and the medical advice you gave to the woman you don't care for, I'm going to write that off as wishful thing and definitely something you ate, because I know when you got right down to it, like her or not, Liz Lipperman would do everything in her power to save her.

Thanks so much for your analysis!

Pleasant dreams to you, Liz!

ArkansasCyndi said...

I like the "taking charge" interpretation. Sounds like you! :)

My dreams are usually very vivid and I remember a lot of them. HOWEVER, I read a Lara Santiago erotic outer space romance before I went to bed and my dreams were a little strange last night. I believe I'll write them off to Lara's writing!