Saturday, September 18, 2010

More ACFW ...

Hi Everyone! The weather is sunny and bright here in Indianapolis where I’m attending the 2010 ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) conference. Well, I think it’s sunny…I haven’t really left the hotel complex since noon yesterday.

To be honest, a hurricane could be barreling our way and I’d never know….

The conference kicked off at 3:00pm on Friday with an opening and general session of all the attendees. This year’s conference is hosting 620 attendees -- the total number more if you count friends and spouses who join us for meals. It’s fun to see and meet all my Internet friends who are just as delightful in person as their words are scrolling across my screen.

Our keynote speaker this year is Tim Downs. An incredible man whose interests are as diversified as his writing. I look forward to hearing him speak again.

Also of note, James Scott Bell hosted an early bird session before the conference kicked off. Unfortunately, this was not in my budget and I was unable to attend, but those who did came away with pages of notes and almost all his Plot and Structure books are gone from the bookstore.

On a personal high, I attended the Steeple Hill editor meet and greet last night. Okay, I’ll admit it, I had newbie written all over my face as I participated in an event hosted for their authors only. Wow. Tina James and Emily Rodmell gave us an overview of the changes and new ideas for the lines. Love Inspired (my line!) releases 6 books a month, Love Inspired Suspense offers 4, and in January 2011, Love Inspired Historical will increase their monthly offering to 4.

If you have an inspirational concept with romance the primary plot point, send your query in to Steeple Hill! They are actively acquiring for all three lines and you don’t need an agent to submit to them.

Late night activities included the Seekerville (another blog I belong to) tradition of hosting our informal gathering each night in the lounge area. 12 of our 15 Seekers are in attendance this year and we welcome all to come and enjoy with us. Our mission? NO ONE is to feel left out. You’re always among friends in Seekerville.

I think the Five Scribes need to pick a conference we can all attend … what do you think??

Okay, have to get back to workshops. More updates come soon!


Donnell said...

Audra, have fun. Looking forward to your updates!

Leslie Ann said...

Hi Audra,
Can you give some of what Tim Downs talked about?

Second, I know ACFW is Christian based, but can the spirituality or inspirational direction in a story be about a journey, not necessarily a journey that includes God or Christ?

Keep the info coming

Theresa said...

How abt all of us attending MY conference, the Crested Butte Writers Conference?