Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Publisher's Marketplace

How many of you subscribe to Publishers Marketplace?

It's $20/month. That is NOT inexpensive. But is it worth it to the seasoned author?

Frustrated at spending weeks worth of hours researching agents and finding precious little, I decided to take the plunge and sign on today. I also rationalized it as I hadn't been able to prepare for my annual stint at Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer's conference--which I will miss mightily this month, so spending the money on this subscription is another way of aiding my career.

For those of you reveling in instant gratification . . . it was seconds. Seconds from signing up on-line and giving my credit card number to having my password enabled and opening the hallowed Publisher's Weekly information doors through which I bolted through like a kid bursting into an amusement park.

Though this is a fluid data base--statistics keep moving daily as deals are reported, I was thrilled to see that I could ferret out TONS of information on Literary agents (and other things, however literary agents is my main priority).

I can look up which literary agencies are the top 50 (or more if interested) selling agencies--today. I can categorize them by genre, debut, or overall. I haven't fully explored all the cool things my membership affords me yet 'cause I had to eat lunch and take care of another few essential chores, however, sigh, how cool!

I used the data base to point me towards further research resulting in my sending out 4 more queries for THE ROAD BETWEEN. Stubborn lady that I am, I will not give up on that book!

Now, I'm getting a little anxious 'cause I've been away from my new toy too long in writing this blog post, but I just wanted to share with your guys my newest find and see what other authors discovered this long ago and didn't share with me and what else have they discovered about the site that I should be investigating.

Panting here. How am I ever supposed step away from the computer long enough to sleep tonight???

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stowersd said...

Thanks for this post. I've been wondering about the expensive plunge into Publisher's Marketplace (is it worth it? is it really not?), and you've just helped me decide.