Friday, September 3, 2010

We're at it again!

Last year, my RWA chapter (Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal) held a wonderful event called 60 Days to PRO. As the PRO Liaison, I wanted to get as many of our members to PRO status...or better! We opened it to anyone to participate, and the results were fabulous.

We just started a new incarnation of the now-annual event. This time we're calling it 60 Days to Success. While brainstorming with my co-liaison this year, we kept tiptoeing around the idea that 60 days is great for doing a huge push toward a goal, but why should the end of that period signal the end of the work? Why not use that two month period to set up new habits that would help us not only achieve our immediate goals but also guide us to accomplish our long-term goals?

And that's what we've done. The format is similar to last year but with less Fire! And Dazzle! And Glitter! And this time, more habit-forming (ahem, addictive?) activities. We still have writing sprints in our water cooler, and we'll offer free workshops and study groups. We will also continue with the hugely popular online pitch sessions. So far, we've scored Megan Records and Joanna Stampfel-Volpe, but we're also cementing plans with a few others.

It's going to be a great few months once we get over some of these initial hiccups in the technology department. I can't wait to see our members score that next level in their careers, and I can't wait to boot some folks out of PRO because they've sold their latest novel.

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Donnell said...

Sounds like a great chapter, KL. good luck with your challenge!