Saturday, December 11, 2010

Have You Ever...

Watched a movie or read a book and just wanted to cradle your head in your arms because it was SO good and you want to write like that, convey that emotion so well, have that fantastic retort, make the perfect scene.

Dang, I have! 

I just watched a movie that made me so jealous.  I want to write like that. 

This wanting to be better, to make the screen come alive becomes an itch and I guess the only way to scratch it is to become a better I won't stop now.

Keep on learning, writing and maybe we'll reach that next pinnacle and someone else will bury their head on their arms and think...I want to write like that.

I hope so.

PS. I'm not telling you which movie I just watched :)


Vince said...

Hi Leslie Ann:

Usually when I read something like that, that makes me so jealous, it’s something that’s all but impossible to copy or even imitate well.

The last movie I saw like that was “Annie Hall”. The last book that really stands out was “Talk Before Sleep” by Elizabeth Berg.

These works make me want to do something like them but in my own unique way. Which would be nothing like them.

Actually, in most cases, it is something the author does that makes me jealous. I love how, Cynthia Ruchti, used both first and third person POVs in “They Almost Always Come Home”.

I love Jane Dean’s crystal clear writing. I think you have to be a poet to write like that. Some of Shirley Jump’s writing is so lyrical that I believe I could set it to music.

I love the way Janet Tronstad wrote a friendship quartet about young cancer survivors -- also in a unique off-and-on again third and first person point of view. This is called, “The Sisterhood of the Dropped-Stitches”.

I think it would be very helpful to name names. I’d like to know who everyone things is best at doing certain things in the writing process. You might as well learn from the best.


Gillian Layne said...

I want to know! :)

I felt like that after I read Meg Cabot's Insatiable. And I don't even write YA, or contemporaries, or vampires. But the quality of the book knocked me out.

I loved trying to figure out why something is so good.

Donnell said...

LOL. LA that's cruel and unusual not to tell us the name. I'm curious was it nominated for an Academy Award that everyone loved or was it underrated and you happened to love it. You know, the subjective business. ;) And yes, I think many of us have felt exactly like you have.

Leslie Ann said...

Okay, you all win. I watched Angels and Demons. There were two spots of dialogue that took my breath away and made me want to write like that.

One was where Langdon (Tom Hanks) was asked if he believed in God. He answer was so perfect. The other was near the end...I can't remember the scene, but I'm buying the script so I can check it out.

I'll watch the movie again soon and let you all know the second scene.


Gillian Layne said...

Thank you! Now I know what to rent next week once my Christmas break begins! ;)

Leslie Ann said...

I enjoyed the movie and as I said there were parts that made me wish I could write like that.

I hesitate to mention what I like b/c I'm afraid someone will watch/read it and hate it. But then I guess that's okay know different strokes...