Monday, January 3, 2011


What a great way to start 2011!  We've been talking about personal power, losing it, and using it.

Nancy takes this a step further as she guides us to finding the power we already own, and how to NOT lose it.
Additionally, she's offfering a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card to one lucky "commentor" (I know that's not a word, but it works.)

 So POWER ON with Nancy Haddock.
Happy 2011! Hope you celebrated the New Year safely and in good health, and I thank LA for inviting me to be with you today!

Let’s dive into our topic: Personal Power. For the record, this is no soft and lofty concept, nor is it a magic pill waiting for you to find and pop it. Like a writer’s unique voice, personal power is purely and profoundly you. No matter how you change or what your circumstances, personal power is always there, and yes, it does evolve as you do!
Ready to identify, take, and hold your power?

Snag a standard sheet of paper and a pen or pencil. Neatness is optional in this exercise, and I encourage you to write anywhere at any angle on the paper as we go along. Also, let go of what you might be but perhaps aren’t (yet), and embrace all that you are! Here we go!

 Identifying Your Personal Power

 1. Write the words “My Power” on your paper.
  • Look at where and how you’ve written those words.
  • Are they in capital letters?
  • Are they neatly arranged at the top of the page, or are they splashed boldly across the middle?
  • Cursive or print?
It doesn’t matter, but pay attention for a moment to how you wrote “My Power.” You may want to change it later.

Now you’re going to identify your powers. For the sake of ease, we’ll categorize powers into body, mind, spirit, and personality. As you begin thinking about your attributes and interests, skills and talents, record them no matter what “step” you’re doing. Write fast without editing or second guessing yourself.   Shine your light!

2. Powers of the Body.
  • Begin by recording your hair and eye color. Is your hair curly, wavy, straight?
  • Are you tall, short, of medium height?
  • Do you have good vision? Good hearing? Good senses of taste, smell, touch?
  • Have good posture? Have healthy teeth, hair, nails, skin?
  • Are you comfortable in your skin?
  • Healthy? Fit? Athletic? Limber? Can you pick up a pencil with your toes?
  • Are you smoke-free? Caffeine-free? Gluten-free?
Record every single body-related attribute you possess, no matter how insignificant it might seem.

3. Powers of the Mind.
  • Include intellect, common sense, wit, memory, and education in the broad sense.
  • Do you hold one or more degrees? Are you self-educated? Are you widely-read?
  • Are you organized? Are you analytical, or do you make logic leaps, or both?
  • Do you have a lively sense of humor? A dry wit?
  • Are you inquisitive? Do you enjoy word play, puzzles, codes, solving mysteries? Do you like to know how and why things work?
  • Are you more math or language oriented?
  • Do you have a great memory for events, details, what you read or hear?
Write down every attribute of your mental prowess that springs to mind.

4. Okay, now for your Powers of Spirit.  And this is a broad category.
  • Are you spiritual? Do you embrace specific religious beliefs? Do you pray or meditate or both?
  • Are you kind, considerate, caring? Do you ever let people go before you in a check out line?
  • Do you like making people laugh in a way that lifts both your spirits?
  • Do you send cards just because, sincerely congratulate others?
  • Does spending time in nature, or with children, or with animals feed something in your soul?
  • Do you think green?
Whatever you perceive your Powers of Spirit to be, record them.

6. Time for your Powers of Personality.
  • Are you friendly? Do you make acquaintances easily?
  • Do you have a positive, glass-half-full outlook?
  • When bad things happen, do you look for the lesson without blaming others?
  • Are you the life of the party or do you have more fun listening and observing?
  • Are you a dreamer? An inventor? An innovator?
  • Are you meticulous and neat? Are you a planner, or are you more spontaneous?
  • Are you determined, persistent, pragmatic, frugal?
Whatever you see as your personality traits, note them.
As you’ve continued this exercise, more attributes in all the categories may have occurred to you. That’s great! Write them on your paper. Record everything that pops to mind, because these are not just words. You are identifying all the facets of you that make up your personal power.

Taking Your Personal Power

I hope you’re now thinking, “Why do I have to take my power if it’s already me?”

Kudos!   You don’t have to take your power, but you do want to consciously, deliberately own it.

This part of the exercise is going to sound goofy, but please indulge me.

1. Take your Power Paper in hand.

2. Now hold it to your chest.

3. Take at least three long, deep breaths and imagine your power entering your heart and flowing through your blood stream to each cell. Infuse yourself with the knowing that you are your power.

Finished? Okay, here’s Part Three of our lesson.

 Holding Your Personal Power

1. Fold your paper and toss it over your shoulder.

2. Did you just throw your power away?

Eeeks, you did!   How did that feel?

In understanding what our true personal power is, we’re less likely to trash it, forget it, or give it to someone who doesn’t know what it is, doesn’t know what to do with it, and probably doesn’t want it in the first place.

How can you know when you’re giving your power away? A huge red flag is blaming others. The truth is that very few people in the world are vested in holding you back, so remember the powers of you and forge on!

 Using Your Personal Power

You already use many of your personal powers, but perhaps without awareness. That’s okay, but when life happens, it can lead to feeling overwhelmed and impotent.

Using your powers consciously and deliberately breeds confidence and even more power! Let’s look at a few examples of giving up your power versus using it.

You get a rejection letter in which the editor says your plot or characters are weak. Do you blame the editor for having a wrong professional opinion?
  • Okay, you might while you give yourself grousing time, but then what? If you continue the blame game, you’ll get nowhere. If you instead take a second look at the critique and add plot and character dimension, you’ve used your powers of analysis and revision skills to strengthen your work. You may not sell to the critiquing editor, but you have done your job as a writer – you’ve sharpened your book.
Here’s an example of acquiring a power you want but may not now have.
  • When I sold, I was reasonably prepared for what being a published author would entail – at least in a theoretical sense. However, my knowledge of marketing and promotion sucked. Did I fret? Not for long! I found classes on branding, on creating a marketing plan, and on book promotion. I asked questions and weighed advice. I examined my finances and personality to decide what I was comfortable spending and what I was willing to do to promote my books.
In the end, I achieved the goal to educate myself and be able to promote my books, and I now list “able to promote” as a personal power.

All right, my friends, one last thing.  Have another look at how you wrote your name on your paper. Did you write it in a way that reflects your level of empowerment? If not, write your name again - but leave the original. It will remind you of how you've just expanded your perception of your personal power!
If you have questions, please ask away. If you have comments, I’d love to read them. Meantime, power on, power up, and power through the year 2011 … and far beyond!

Thanks Nancy!!  Awesome way to approach one's own power.   I know I have questions!  And I've already started my list. 

Nancy is giving away a $10 B&N gift card to one reader who leaves a comment or question. The winner will be chosen by a random number generator, so comment multiple times if you like.


Gillian Layne said...

Nancy, it's interesting how the word "power" changes the feel of the list. If I put 'personal strengths' or 'skills' it just doesn't have that same zing!

I look forward to completing this list tonight. Back to work today! :)

magolla said...

Wonderful blog, Nancy! I'm stuck with the hubster today, so I'll take time and do your test tomorrow!

I'm still waiting for your third book--are you any closer to a title and release date??

Nancy said...

Good morning, Gillian! You nailed one of the subtle lessons of the exercise - the use of the word "power." Have a great day at work, and let me know how the exercise works for you!

Magolla, a bright hello to you, too! Whenever you have time to do the exercise, I hope you'll come away feeling your own power.

Oh, and the new book is ALWAYS THE VAMPIRE. It will be released May 3, and it was on a super sale for pre-orders at B&N and Amazon! (Yes, bargain shopping is one of my powers. :)) Thank you for asking!

Have a good day!


Leslie Ann said...

Good Morning! You all beat me to the punch in greeting Nancy! I'm at work, but I'll check in periodically. I'll be home around noon. I waited to do the exercises with you all. I can't wait.


Nancy said...

Good morning, LA! Have a fab day at work, and we'll see you later!


Kim said...

hey nancy, I took your test, I found it very interesting. it actually filled me with a more sense of purpose. i've been on the phone listening to elevator music for 2 hours trying to get ahold of someone about my recently reposessed about to the end of my limit with annoyance, but i tuned it out, took your test, now im ready to go do stuff.. i feel filled with some kind of motivation. that maybe because i have power, it wont be so bad.

vickietaylor said...

Great post, Nancy! It's amazing to see how much power we have as wives, mothers, writers, artists, women and just plain human beings. We can get so beaten down, feeling like nothing is within our control. But by realizing how much power we really have, we can chose to hold onto it...or let it go.

Diana Cosby said...

:) Nancy, loved the exercise! Perfect way to begin the New Year, which started 1/1/11. ^5 Belief in self = personal power rocks. I firmly believe, if we can dream it, we can achieve it. It's up to US to choose. Take care my friend and may your New Year be the best yet! *Hugs*
Love you!

Donnell said...

Good morning, Ms. Haddock. This is fascinating. I grew up Catholic (as you know) and Personal Power in parochial school is discouraged IMO. I grew up with the thinking a Greater Power helps us along. So when I got to the spiritual, I ranked high, in some areas not so good.

I'm confident in some areas, insecure in others. So here's my question for you: Would you consider Personal Power a work in progress?

Happy New Year, Nancy!!!

Nancy said...

Hi Kim and Vickie!

Kim, I'm thrilled you're filled with more purpose and motivation - even after hours of elevator music and the run around! You go, woman!

Vickie, I realized that control of anything outside myself was an illusion when my children were teenagers. But, oh, the amount of control we have when we understand and use our personal power! We have the power to get things done as Kim is doing today. We have the power to control ourselves and how we act on situations, deal with others. Deal with ourselves!

I'm excited you have more awareness of your own splendid power today. May you have that awareness everyday!


Tess said...

Interesting blog, Nancy...I'm a huge own your power believer, but these exercises are a little different than I've ever done.

Thanks so much!

Edie Ramer said...

Nancy, very fun post. Ever since I self-published, I've been saying I feel empowered, so I'm already there. If something doesn't work, I don't blame myself. Instead I find another way to do it.

I'm so looking forward to reading Always the Vampire. Great title!

Vince said...

Hi Nancy:

It seems to me that you have described the instruments of personal power. That is, those things or attributes by which personal power can be exercised and perhaps inventoried.

I see ‘personal power’ more as a kind of energy. It’s the energy to make the instruments work. It’s something you can have even when you have no instruments or only a few instruments at your command. It’s something that could drive any future instruments you obtain access to.

Maybe it is a kind of ‘soul power’. It’s metaphysical in a way: it just seems to me that power is not a thing or a group of things or a set of attributes. Power is the ability to do something, to make things happen. Maybe it is a way to quantify the ‘will’. But then, I’m someone who thinks it was important to investigate how many angels can stand on the head of a pin.


Liz Lipperman said...

Nancy, what a great exercise to wake up my self esteem. I loved throwing the paper over my shoulder. It made me aware that once I accepted that I do have power, no one could take it away from me.

Thanks for the great blog, you tow.

Bex said...

I love thinking about 2011 as a power year. Great post, Nancy! Thanks so much for sharing it!!

Nancy said...

Hi Diana and Donnell! It's so very good to see both of you!

Diana, belief in self is huge. The personal power exercise is a tool to let us see all those attributes that make up our selves. Perhaps it's a "seeing is believing" boost. :) A most Happy New Year to you and yours, too, dear friend! Keep rocking!

Donnell, personal power is absolutely a work in progress! Having faith in a Greater Power is fantastic, but I know most institutions - religious or secular - don't tend to instill a sense of personal power. Then again, "God helps those who help themselves." Personal power is a heaping help to ourselves!

One thing. You mentioned you didn't rank so highly in some areas. It's ingrained in most of us to think in terms of doing well or poorly, but try to let that go. You have powers in all areas. Focus on the powers you have in order to acquire new qualities, skills, etc., but keep your focus on your marvelous positives!


Nancy said...

Tess, hello! You're right: this is but one way to illustrate personal power. I'm so happy to hear that you already believe in and use your powers!

Edie, yipppeeee! You use your power every day with awareness. That is fantastic! You know I'm wild about you, and thrilled about your success!

Vince, greetings! The exercise is a way to inventory one's attributes, and power certainly lives in the energy to act. To bring one's attributes into play in various situations. Whatever personal power means to you, I trust you use yours daily!

Liz, I love your image - waking up your self-esteem! I'm tickled that you now know your power can't be taken from you, and I see you getting out there and being powerful today!

Bex, hello! I love it that you're seeing 2011 as a power year. So what might you do today with your power? Inquiring minds, you know! :)


Shelly said...

Okay Nancy, I needed to read this, so once again you were intuitive. Thanks for starting your New Year with "Power Points"!


Nancy said...

Hi, Shelly! Yipppeee! I'm glad the "Power Points" spoke to you. You may thank LA for the intuition, tho. She invited me to blog, and she suggested early January! :)

Go forth and be powerful you! Remember that no achievement is small because each one complements and builds on the others.


Anna Louise Lucia said...

I enjoyed that taks, Nancy, thank you. I found it easier to list powers than I perhaps have done in the past, which felt fantastic at the start of a new year!

You talked about how to avoid blaming others - have you any words of wisdom for those that tend to blame themselves? How can you use your powers to reverse that kind of negative feedback?

Thank you!

Nancy said...

Hi Anna! I'm glad you benefited from the exercise.

Ah, yes, blaming oneself. I can only tell you what's worked for me to get over self blame.

First, I look at the situation again as dispassionately as possible.

Second, I ask myself what I could have done differently. Did I have the knowledge, experience, wisdom, patience, etc. to do anything differently at the time? Can I do it differently now? I picture myself going through the situation again and acting/ responding in the new way.

Third, if I can apologize I do. I pick up the phone, send an e-mail, a letter, a card. Whatever it takes. If I've wronged another, s/he is free to forgive me or not. Interesting enough, if the other party doesn't forgive, s/he is choosing to stay stuck. Guess what? That's not my problem. And isn't THAT liberating?!

Fourth, I forgive myself. I know that's a hard thing to do, and it seems to be a real bear for women. But we have to put the past in the past. Get the lesson and move on.

Blame, whether directed at self or others, is like indecision. We can't go back, we don't move forward.

Here's a quick example. My daughter bought her first car. Within weeks, she had a fender bender that was her fault. She was beating herself up about it, so I asked what lesson she learned. Her answer: to stay focused on the main task - driving - even when stopped at a light.

I've worked on ridding myself of the blame game enough that now I do what I see basketball players do when they commit a foul. I raise my hand to acknowledge the error, then shake it off and go on. Wouldn't it be great for us all to get to that point?

More after I return from dinner with hubster for his b-day!


Leslie Ann said...

WOW! You guys have been busy. I'm catching up, just got back from work.


Leslie Ann said...

Have any of you looked at the way you wrote POWER ON and decided it needed to be changed?

Mine is bold, smack dab in the middle of the page, in an architectural print, staring right at me.

What does that say?

I'd like to beleive is says just that. I'm bold, precise and you can't miss me. That's the beginning of my POWER ON.

Now, Power on can be ... power onward...or turn ON the power!


Leslie Ann said...

Nancy, Happy Birthday to your hubster.


Victoria Dixon said...

Great post. This reminds me the Artist's Way and I'll try it tomorrow morning when I have my "me" time. ;D

Leslie Ann said...

So Nancy, what if I want to deal with confrontation better?
I shrink away from that.

But I'm a happy person, with a gift of gab, I can chat anyone up. I have the power :) to make people comfortable...but give me a situation that needs me to be confrontational and I'll run the other way...

I'm asking not so much how to solve "this" issue, but how to build power where there is none now.


Audra Harders said...

Hi Nancy and Happy New Year! I've been looking forward to your visit since LA gave the teaser last month, LOL!

I so agree with you that you have to wrap all your attributes together to get the entire picture of your power. What we might see as a hindrance in every day life might actually be an asset in times of struggle and crisis.

For me, power lies so much in the decisions I make, and then live with the consequences be they good or bad. It's like you mentioned, blame will not get you anywhere. Learn to deal with it and make it work for you.

Very invigorating post! Thanks for starting the New Year off with such a bang!!

Neringa said...

Sometimes when I am overwhelmed by life I forget about the power I have... thanks for this moment and reminding me I do have the power, many...

Leslie Ann said...

So I can't follow instructions :)
I wrote Power On, not My Power.

HA, Nancy, I'll have to work on "that" power.


Barbara White Daille said...

Nancy - fabulous post and great timing for the start of the new year.

Using the word "power" gives a totally different spin on the exercise.

I also like the part about learning not to trash or forget our power.



Barbara White Daille said...

Nancy - great advice on the response about blaming ourselves.

Another thing I've heard is to think about whether we'd be as hard on another person who was in a similar situation. Usually we wouldn't--and that should help us ease up on ourselves.

Thanks again.


Nancy said...

Before I respond to other posts, I want to go back to Anna's.

Anna, you asked about countering and canceling negative self-talk. Audra brought up decisions and consequences, and living with what we chose - good or bad.

I can't tell you offhand which specific powers might counter negativity, because I know from personal experience that negativity can permeate every crevice of your Self. I've taken extreme measures to weed it out.

My best advice for anyone struggling with negative self-talk is to start giving yourself daily doses of positive pep talks.

Look at yourself in a mirror and tell yourself things like, "I live a positive, productive life," or I make the best decisions possible in the moment." Those who carry blame might use, "I can own my mistakes, learn the lesson, and quickly move on." You might not believe yourself right away. You might think it's a waste of time. Trust me, positive messages will prevail if you persevere!

Of course, if the issues are severe or persistent, therapy may be the option to choose. I've done therapy with success, and I've done pep talks with success. If I need help, I'm going to ask for it, and give any avenue a shot. :)

BTW, asking for help is still one of my weaknesses, but I'm ever so much better at it.

Hope I've addressed your excellent question, Anna!


Nancy said...

Victoria, hello! The exercise reminds me of The Artist's Way, too! I literally dreamed this while in the throes of family struggles, long before I read and came to love The Artist's Way. I learned so much from that book!

Audra, I love that you nailed the decision-outcomes dynamic. You're so right that every choice has consequences that we have to live with - good or bad. And that leads right back into more choices.

Ah, the cycle of life. Everything is a process! :)

Victoria and Audra, thanks so much for coming to chat!


Nancy said...

Hi, Barbara!

You're SO right about being harder on ourselves than we'd be on anyone else in a similar circumstance. I've apologized to people who gave me blank looks and asked, "What for?" That was a big smack in the head. If others don't dwell on my perceived transgression, why am I?

I'm clapping my hands that you won't soon discount your power again! Thanks for coming out to play!


Nancy said...

Neringa, darling friend, you've had the year from Hades. Yes, you get overwhelmed. We all do. But you snap back into your power pretty darn quickly. Really, that's the ulimate point.

LA, I'm rolling on the floor that you wrote "Power On." Hey, that works, too! I also love that you wrote your name big and bold - AND that they way you wrote your name speaks to you of some of your powers. Excellent!

BTW, all, I've presented this exercise in person up till now. It's always interesting how people do the first task. Some write small at the very top of the page. Many of those are list makers, are extremely detail oriented, are neat and organized. All powers! However you wrote your name, what does it tell you about your powers?

LA, more in a moment!


Leslie Ann said...

I do believe in the power of self pep talks. There is an old book that is now being republished "Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude" that helped me get through a period when nothing was happening in my writing career...nothing I thought was good happening. I reminded myself in many ways that I was a good writer, it was going to happen, etc.

And I got through it, with more writing under my belt and I realized I could control everything I put on the page, and how I looked at life, the rejections, the writing part of my life...maybe it didn't get me sold then, but it got me through that period.

I've forgotten to do that.

Also: on negativity. Negativity breeds negativity like rabbits. Being positive is harder, but so much more worthwhile. I'm not saying be a "Little Miss Sunshine" (not the movie) or be a Pollyanna. BUT there is POWER in being a postitive influence in your workplace, in your life. It too can breed ... :) Own it.


Nancy said...

LA, hi again. I got a big, fat, in my face lesson about conflict, confrontation and combat during a series of family crises.

It's a lesson I carried into my writing - as well as my daily life.

You're a happy, outgoing, upbeat person. I'm betting you have at least a smidge of peacemaker in your personality, too. Same here. I've learned to confront the problem, more than the person.

Let's say you're at a restaurant. The food comes, and it's not what you ordered. Don't you immediately say so? That's confronting.

Next level. The food you did order isn't good. You flag down the server. You might say, "I hate to bother you," (which is true because otherwise you'd be eating) "but this dish isn't cooked right." (Or isn't hot enough, has an odd texture, etc.) You have confronted and the server is likely going to correct the problem.

You get my drift. We do this kind of thing all the time -- with our car repairmen, if we get incorrect change, if there are charges we didn't make on our credit cards. Each instance builds confrontation skills, yet we're confronting without being combative.

When a person is at the heart of an issue, I still isolate the problem as much as possible. I've used the opening, "I feel unheard, discounted, whatever," with some success. That works best with my family.

If I know the person well enough, I might come out and state the problem - again from a feeling focus. "LA, I'm feeling micro-managed. If you can give me some space, I'll have this for you in two days."

There are times I can't isolate the problem from the person. I might decide the issue isn't worth confronting because the person isn't going to change. I change instead.

I've dropped connections entirely, limited my exposure to troublesome people, and/ or ceased working with individuals. Is that avoidance? I see it as my power to say who and what I want in my life.

LA, I hope you see that you already have confrontation skills. I also hope that isolating the problem from the person triggering the problem will help give you objectivity.

Want more clarity? Ask away!

Thank you for the birthday shout out to hubby! I'm having so much fun with the Five Scribes readers!


Leslie Ann said...

That is incredible insight. I haven't seen it like that before.

When I was in Las Vegas with my cousins for a charity walk, we ate at the Four Seasons (YUM and the service...divine) My cousin's eggs weren't right and on top of the exhaustion of the run, made her cry. I called over the waiter and explained. I'VE NEVER called over a waiter, but my cousin needed someone to do so, so I did.

Confrontation, NOT combative. Very interesting. BUT I do often want to walk away from confronting stuff/people at work. After thinking about it, I think it's because it's NOT worth it. WHOA, that is great power.

You are helping us recognize what we have...and by recognizing it, making US stronger.

Yay for You and YAY for us.


Nancy said...

LA, you are right on! Negativity is so prevalent in our society, it's difficult to overcome. But positivity breeds positivity, too, as you pointed out. I'll bet when you put a funny, upbeat spin on something at work, you shift energy.

Good for you calling over the waiter to make your cousin's food right! Confront those kinds of things for yourself, too. Complain nicely when needed, and give kudos when warranted. You exercise your power in both ways!

We may not be able to control anything but ourselves, but that alone is huge! Power on and onward, LA!


Anna Louise Lucia said...

Yes, Nancy, you have addressed my question - thanks for dedicating such time to it! :)

Really useful stuff, thank you.

I'm generally good at learning lessons, but not so at the moving on and letting go part - that bit I'll work on. :)

Nancy said...

Good morning, Anna!

I know a few people who appear to let go and move on easily, but most of us work at it. :)

Be patient with yourself as you add new power!


Donnell said...

This was a fabulous post, LA and Nancy! Thought provoking and useful. I love that everyone has personal power, and it's up to each of us how to decide to use it. I hope you have a Fabulous New Year.

Nancy has been a terrific guest blogger at Scribes-- so how was third book syndrome? Better? I also hope we can manage an interview for your new release. Tell us about it one more time???

Nancy said...

A fabulous 2011 to you, too, Donnell! I love blogging with the Scribes, and I'd be delighted to come back any 'ole time!

The 3rd book, ALWAYS THE VAMPIRE, was a bear to get done during some major family upheaval, but I learned that I CAN write in emotional chaos. I do love the finished product, though. Here's a blurb:

You can bet your fangs Francesca Marinelli will be the best Maid of Honor ever for Maggie’s Victorian wedding, even if she has to wear a bustle. But when her mostly-human honey Saber falls ill due to a magical construct called the Void, she has a whole lot more on her plate than wedding cake.

The Void is permeating every supernatural being in Cesca's afterlife, including her shapeshifter ex, Triton. To counter the Void’s reign of terror, she’ll need to activate ancient amulets and fully summon her vampire powers—two moves that may lead to her own doom.

ALWAYS THE VAMPIRE will be out May 3, 2011, and is (or was) offered for pre-order for a great price. B&N might've had the best deal, but Amazon was close. :) My books are also available in e-format from B&N and Amazon. I'm not sure which other outlets carry the e-book.

Thanks for the promo prompt, Donnell! I hope to see you sometime in 2011!


Nancy said...

BTW, Donnell, On of the things to "get" beyond that we all have power, is that using our powers doesn't diminish the powers of others. Not at all. We're all at choice. All the time. No waiting. :)

LA, thank you again for a lovely time here at Scribes. I'll continue to check in all of today (Tuesday) to answer any more comments/ questions.


Misty Evans said...

Power on, Nancy! So good to 'see' you here. I enjoyed the test and took some of my power back because of it. Been giving it away too much lately, so this was a real reminder to stop and regroup.

Hope all is well and Happy New Year!

Nancy said...

It's Marvelous Misty! Thanks for coming by and commenting!

I'm so glad you've reclaimed your power! Holidays and other times of high rush-rush and stress can sure lead to forgetting to wield our power.

Happy New Year, dear friend!


Margie Lawson said...

Nancy --

Powerful blog! You know I loved every word and every insight.

We must share DNA. Drop by my home page., and you'll see a new opportunity I'm offering writers: Power-ON Coaching!

I can't wait for ALWAYS THE VAMPIRE!

I know the writing and the story will be NYT-strong!b

Nancy said...

Margie! It's soooo good to see you! Thank you for dropping by, and for the scoop on Power-ON Coaching! You know I adore your classes and blogs!

I appreciate the kudos on my blog, and I wish you the happiest of new years!


Leslie Ann said...

We have a winner for the B&N gift card Nancy has so generously donated.


Tess, send me an email no later than Thursday afternoon with your snail mail addy and Nancy will send you the gift card.

Thanks all, this has been a fantastic discourse.

Tamara LeBlanc said...

I absolutely loved your post!!! How inciteful!
Your very first lesson, writing My Power, on the page, really opened my eyes. I wrote the word pretty small, in cursive, at the top left hand corner of a college ruled notebook page. The only caps were the M and the P.
Then, POW! After I read the small paragraph you added directly below that task I realized where my TRUE power a corner...meek and small.
Your entire lesson (and I'm calling your post a lesson, because to me, that's exactly what it was. A lesson in empowerment) opened my eyes to my inner character.
I'm a self proclaimed follower, which, I suppose is okay, as long as I learn to take the reins sometimes, bust out of my shell, and achieve all I was meant to do on earth!
And what I am meant to do is write romance.
Again Nancy, I'm so glad I read your words of wisdom today, wrote down the elements that make up me, held them close to my heart, and then threw them over my shoulder.
What a revelation! And what a perfect time to do it. When most people are making and then ultimately breaking new years resolutions, I'm confident this little exercise will allow me to meet and excess my goals.
Thank you so much for the insight!
Have a wonderful day,
Tamara LeBlanc

Nancy said...

Hello, Tamara! I got teary as I read your comment. I'm so VERY glad the exercise spoke to you! And more, that you'll carry your new level of empowerment with you and remember to use it!

I love, love, love that you realized that the way you wrote your name just might be a reflection of how you think of your power. Well, now you're re-thinking, right? That is AWEsome!!!

I have to say that it is okay to be a follower ... but who are you following? I consider myself an excellent crew member. Tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it. But I'm also a darned good captain, and I steer my own course. If I hit the rocks, then I look at where I zigged when I should've zagged. And only I can do that. So follow when you will, but take the lead in your destiny. Remember that others can cheer you on, but they can't achieve your goals for you. They have enough to do running their own lives!

Tamara LeBlanc sounds like a marvelous romance writer name. GO FOR IT! I'll be one of the many cheering you on!


Leslie Ann said...

Hey guys, does anyone know "Tess"? She's our winner, but she only has a few more hours to claim her gift cert.

If I don't hear from her, we'll draw again!


Leslie Ann said...

Hey Shelly, you're our new winner! Please email me at so I can get your snail mail address and Nancy can mail you the B&N gift Cert.