Friday, April 1, 2011

Eleven-year-old joins blogging world

I've been hearing that thanks to Twitter and Facebook, blogging is on a downward spiral. Thankfully, this boy doesn't follow trends. I love that he's started a blog toward, what else, reading, and his target market age group, 8 through 12. How fabulous that he's reading AND writing reviews. Congratulations Rubix Boy. We're now following your blog.

Check out this one he did for Young Adult author M.A. Golla. I know Ms. Golla's got to be pleased.

To learn more about M.A. Golla, check out her blog, entitled what else? Gnome de Plume (or the blatherings of a middle-grade writer)

Happy Writing, Reading & Reviewing!


Dale Mayer said...

Love this review! Congrats Margaret on a wonderful story. It's obviously popular! The cover is gorgeous too!

Melanie said...

Great review. So glad you liked the book. WTG, Margaret!

magolla said...

Thank you so much! I'm so STOKED about this!

Catherine Stine said...

How cool! I love hearing the opinion of the younger set, who are the actual readers of kids' fiction.