Thursday, June 23, 2011

Writing Journey Video

The publishing industry is really tough to break into. In the USA alone, in 2010 there were ~ 51,156 new fiction books published. As few as 2,500 fiction writers can make a living at writing. The odds of breaking in and being able to make a living at writing fiction aren't good, so why try? What's the point?

I've been writing for almost 13 years now and though I've accumulated over 400 rejections and spent a lot of money, I am still unpublished. But it hasn't been time and money wasted. I've recently had an epiphany that success truly is the journey - not the destination. Cliche as that might seem, it's true for me.

So I made this video to celebrate my writer's journey. It's tempting to dwell on the negatives when trying to get published, however there are so many blessings.

I've finaled in many writing contests and even won a few. I've been privileged to travel to wonderful, interesting places like Maui, Seattle, San Diego, Crested Butte, Nashville, and more to attend writing conferences. I've met and befriended many charming best-selling authors such as Susan Wiggs, Jodi Picoult, Terry Brooks, William Bernhardt, Don Maass, David Morell, Catherine Coulter, Joan Johnston, James Scott Bell . . . and the list goes on... And then the best blessing being, not just my supportive family but, all my writing pals and agent/editor friends I've made --all because of the journey. THAT'S the true brass ring.

Sure it'll be great to see my book in print one day, however people will love it, some will not, I'll have other headaches, insecurities and worries, but my friends will remain a constant joy and blessing. And I wanted to get that message out before I got published 'cause it's easy to claim that, once you have the perceived "brass ring", but I don't have that yet and I'm still loving the journey. And it's those blessings that keep me coordinating The Sandy writing contest and co-coordinating the Crested Butte Writers Conference.

I get huge joy from writing. I'm proud of my rejections. They signify effort and time put into my career. While this video shares the tough aspect of the business, it's meant to be an inspiration and celebration. An entertaining way to remind me of all the blessings writing has brought me. And you too could make one to remind you of your personal journey and the people that have blessed you along the way. It's not hard if you have the pictures. Think about it.

My fondest gratitude to my family and friends - old and new - those I have pictures of and those I don't. Thank you, all. Published or unpublished, I think you can relate. So go to my website ( and scroll down to the video, turn up the sound on your computer and listen carefully to the lyrics of the song.



Donnell said...

T. I love this! You couldn't have picked a more perfect role model or a song to describe the Writer's Journey. Wonderful.

Theresa said...

Thanks, Donnell! It's a lovely song.

Pamela Beason said...

Fantastic post and video, Theresa! I can see you're an outdoor gal like me as well as a writer.

It truly is about persistence--I wrote (and rewrote) for more than a decade and finally self-pubbed and THEN got picked up by an NY publisher. One way or another, you will succeed.

Pam Beason

KL Grady said...

It's been an honor to be part of your journey, even though that means you've sucked part of my soul into your camera. Thanks a lot, btw.

I've always been inspired by my rejection letters. They remind me that, though I haven't hit the right person with the right book yet, I am working. I am progressing. I will make it.

I've never printed out my e-rejections. I should start doing that again. The effect is so much greater for me to see tangible evidence of my hard work.

Thanks for sharing your video! It's great.

Theresa said...

Pamela, Thanks for the encouraging words. As long as the writing is fun, I'm gonna keep it up. SInce I'm scared silly of deadlines . . . having a ton of past books all cleaned up should be a good thing .

KL . . . those were only the paper rejections I got before email submissions were accepted. I've not printed those hundreds out and only intend to if the IRS makes me.

Sorry abt sucking your soul into the camera, but as long as you live far away, I need the reminder of what your cheery face looks like, girl.

Julie Cooper said...

Still made me a little misty on the second viewing.

Theresa said...

Good, Misty or sad, Misty, Julie?

Vince said...

Hi Theresa:

Loved the video! You’ve given ‘been there’ a whole new dimension! I’ve actually been in some of those locations in the photos.

Keep this video safe. I can just see the tear-soaked, standing ovation, you’re going to get as they play that video on the big screen when you walk to the podium to accept your Book of the Year Award!

It is too good an ending not to happen!


Theresa said...

Thanks so much, VInce. You're very sweet!

Leslie Ann said...

Hi T,
Great video. I loved the song the first time you told me to listen to it and with pictures it's all the more poignant.

I love that you've included me in the pictures, it's been quite the journey so far. When I'm down you pick me up and then kick my @#$.

KL, I'm impressed that rejection letters don't get you down, even inspire you, I am not that brave.

Hugs and Ciao
~LA of the Scribes

Theresa said...

Thanks, Leslie