Friday, July 29, 2011

Entangled Publishing Ready to Launch

I'm busy editing a fabulous book due to release this fall, but I wanted to pop up here and let Five Scribes readers know about two giveaways going on during this next week. I mentioned in an earlier post that I've taken a job editing at Entangled Publishing. After lots of excitement, it's time for their launch. To celebrate, they're offering a few opportunities you as readers should know about.

Play a game of Jumble with some of Entangled's release titles and win a bundle of books. Find information at Books on Board.

Compete for a chance to win a Kobo during a Scavenger Hunt at Coffee Time Romance. This will take place on August 5th at 10am Eastern time.

As a writer, you might be interested in hearing about Entangled's releases and asking questions about writing for Entangled.

Coffee Time Romance is hosting a live chat on August 2nd at 9pm Eastern. Join Lisa Kessler, Aubrie Dionne, Sarah Gilman, Rachel Firasek,Natalie Damschoder, and Nina Croft to discuss their releases. You can also ask Lisa and Natalie how scary I am. Ha!

On August 5th, the gang will hang out at Bitten By Books to answer your burning questions, as well.

Of course, you can always ask questions here, too.


Theresa said...

Hi Kerri,
Entangled looks wonderful--almost too good to be true. I imagine you're inundated with submissions. 1) What's the TRUE expected response time if one is lucky enough to have a full ms requested?
2) Is the process any faster for Entangled? For example, if a book is accepted for publication, how long before it's available to buy?
3) And now for the hard question . . . it seems that all the editors at Entangled are writers. If they are writing their own books while editing clients . . . doesn't this significantly dilute their efforts? I mean I usually avoid agents who also write-right or wrong, I assume that they'll not be as devoted to their clients as those who do not write. So could there be a conflict there?
4) This is a virtual company, right? I mean all the editors/marketing/sales etc live scattered around the country, right?
5) Do you all ever meet face-to-face to work? Not that I think it matters, but just wondering. If my marketing staff, editor, art director and sales all have a meeting . . . there's no one place to send them goodies to sweeten them up.

KL Grady said...

Ha haa, T!

1) It varies. Right now, everyone is super busy trying to prep for this week's launch, so everything has slowed to a crawl. I expect it to pick up soon. I've heard as little as a few days to hear back. It depends again on how fast you capture the attention of either the managing editor or publisher. It also depends on whether it needs further evaluation.

2) There's a much faster turnaround time for publishers like Entangled. However, we don't have a lot of room in the near future because we've acquired a lot of great books already. So again, it depends on the release calendar and how much editing the work will require.

3) Not all. Some might have been writers but realized they're much better editors. :) Still, we are indeed heavy on writers. I can say the editing has diluted my writing efforts. I haven't worked on my own writing in a few months now. Others have been freelance editing for quite some time and managed to find a balance between that job and their writing. I'm leery, also, of working with an editor or agent who also writes, but my first concern is whether my interests are their first priority when they sit down to edit/agent. I can tell you absolutely that our Managing Editor, Heather Howland, will roundly kick our asses if she ever suspects we're not giving our editing jobs the attention and priority they deserve.

In addition, it might be good to know that Entangled editors aren't paid a flat fee for their work. We're paid a percentage of sales, so if we do a crappy job, sales are affected, and our paycheck will suck. We have great incentive to give the job our all. :)

4) Yes. It's based in Colorado, though, which automatically makes it awesome.

5) We have plans that might or might not include a trip to Vegas. ;) We have an e-mail loop where the staff can share ideas. We have a means of sharing documents, so we all know what's going on with acquisitions and releases. And we have editorial conference calls. So, no, there's not a central location to send bribes. ;)

Theresa said...

What is based in CO? The company or an annual meeting?
It all sounds great. And I LOVE your covers btw! I'm reassured now as to conflict of interests--editors having a strong vested interest in all they work on seems a smart business plan to incentivize people and help them have strong "ownership" of projects they work on. Kudos!
For works acquired today, what would the probable pub date probably look like?
When will we first see Entangled books on bookshelves for those of us who don't yet own an E-reader. I know, I know, I need to get one--don't preach.

Donnell said...

Congratulations, KL. So pleased for you and these Colorado-based ladies!

Leslie Ann said...

Hi KL,

Great update! I'm glad to read more about your new adventure and learn about new publishers.

The publishing world has new expanded horizons and that's exciting to us writers!


KL Grady said...

T - The business is based in Colorado. Books are scheduled through March of next year. Because we're getting an insane number of agented submissions-plus the slushpile-it's taking some time to get through submissions. So do be patient!

D & LA - Thanks!

Theresa said...

I'm patient, but I think you're misunderstanding my question. Does it take entangled the usual 18 mos to see book from being acquired to in print or is the whole process any faster for a smaller boutique publisher?

KL Grady said...

It takes a lot less than 18 months to get books to the bookshelf. The editing process takes a bit of time, but books acquired now will be scheduled for no sooner than next spring unless an opening comes up sooner. In other words, the time to market at this point is no more than a year but could be less. Is that vague enough? LOL

Theresa said...

Not vague at all. That's exactly what I was wondering. Thanks!