Thursday, September 29, 2011

Keep Working On That Dream...Inspiration In A Photograph

I found this from a friend's posting on Facebook and I'd love to know who took the photo or wrote the note.  It plays right into my recent theme of working toward your dream and not letting ANYONE stand in your way.

So go forth, and if naysayers get in your way, tell them to "watch me."

BTW, stay tuned Oct 6th for my interview with Scribe Donnell Bell on her debut book "The Past Came Hunting."



Donnell said...

Love this, L.A. and I'm honored to be your guest for your interview! Thank you!!!

Vince said...
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Vince said...

Go Ahead

Tell me I can’t.

I’m the Can’t man:

I can’t give up
I can’t lose faith
I can’t be discouraged
I can’t be distracted
I can’t be dissuaded
I can’t succumb to doubt
I can’t lose sight of my vision
I can’t make excuses
I can’t settle for less
with God at my side:
I can’t fail.

Donnell said...

Vince, I love your list of cant's. With a list like this especially your final and most important one, I can't go wrong. thank you!

Leslie Ann said...

Hi Vince.


That's wonderful, thanks.