Saturday, October 15, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness: Read for the Cure!

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in case you couldn't tell by the proliferation of pink ribbons and companies promising to donate money to research and screenings. The message is clear: check your boobies, ladies (and gents! boys have breast tissue, too), and support the cause in any way you can.

I've been a pink ribbon fan for quite some time, but my interest became personal in 2003 when my paternal aunt, my mom's BFF, died from this horrible disease. She was a healthy woman, running five miles several times a week and focused on healthy eating. The cancer got her anyway, and she found it too late. It metastasized. Before cancer, my Aunt Linda and my mom got together as often as possible, drank wine, vented about their frustrations, and delighted in their shared interests. Friends since they were young children, they'd grown up to marry brothers. They had planned to travel together to the Middle East, where my husband and I were stationed, to experience a different culture and play at the souq with me. That never happened, thanks to cancer. But even when Aunt Linda had lost her hair, even when the tumors in her brain meant she couldn't stand up to try on the saris I sent, she kept her smile and her humor. When she died, my mother was devastated.

My mom's side of the family didn't have a history of breast cancer. Rather, we had fibroids. And every time a lump turned up, it was always benign. Until this summer.

My mom just had a bilateral mastectomy and is looking at the possibility of chemo. This time, her lump was cancer.

I walked in the Breast Cancer 3 Day in 2008 for my Aunt Linda. As soon as I've decided which city is best on next year's schedule, I'll sign up to walk again. I'll participate in just about anything to do with annihilating breast cancer. I have a score to settle with this biatch, and I'll do it by fundraising and walking for the cause. I hope to see some of my fellow authors walking in their cities.

In the meantime, here's one way you can support the fight right now: READ!

The authors - some really great writers of romance and urban fantasy - have created this paranormal romance collection to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. All proceeds go to BCRF. You get ten great stories to enjoy, and BCRF has the chance to find a cure. We're on the verge of something amazing, y'all. Let's push this bizatch off the cliff!

Penguin also has their second annual Read Pink program. Look for these books, with pink ribbon seals on the covers, to support BCRF and the great work they do.


Leslie Ann said...

Wow, great head's up. I love these authors and will the get the book ASAP.

And yes, it's time to beat the beast back. Enough!

Thanks, KL!!


Leslie Ann said...

BTW, I remember training with you for that walk. The Scribes were in Crested Butte at a retreat. And
there was fire in San Diego, yes? Yet you walked, I believe they had to change the route??


KL Grady said...

Yes, you did walk with me during the training period prior to the 3 Day. The Witch Fire was happening in San Diego, and there was talk we might not be able to do the walk as planned because of all the smoke. But it all worked out. :) Fabulous weekend with my peeps in CB. Sure wish we could do it again!