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Interview With Debut Author and Five Scribe Member, Donnell Bell!

Please welcome debut author and fellow scribe, Donnell Bell.

Donnell and Coach
It’s an honor to interview Donnell for her debut novel, “The Past Came Hunting.” Now, I admit, I’m a bit nervous, her author interviews are legendary and she has more energy than I could ever hope to have.

D.B.: Ha Ha. You’re a nut. You are a boundless bundle of energy and you ask terrific questions.

LA: Yeah, okay, we'll see, but first let's start with an easy one, tell us a bit about yourself.

D.B.: I grew up in the 4-Corners area, in the city of Farmington, New Mexico. I love New Mexico, and am influenced by its rich Hispanic and Indian culture, and will bring some of this knowledge to future work. For now the book I'm so excited to talk about today takes place in my (and your's, Leslie) home state of Colorado and the City of Colorado Springs. While New Mexico may be the nicknamed The Land of Enchantment, Colorado in my mind is God’s country, and it just felt right to place THE PAST CAME HUNTING there.

LA: Okay, first and maybe the most important question, when is the book available? And how can we get our hands on it.

D.B.: THE PAST CAME HUNTING is available now on Bell Bridge Books, Amazon and wherever books are sold.

LA: You created great conflict. Drake Maxwell is a sociopath, and very scary. Tell us a bit about how you came to write him (without giving away the story) because he is very male, very scary and very dangerous and,’re none of those!
D.B.: Oh, thank you for noticing, LOL. Really, in fact when it comes to writing in the male point of view, it’s hard for me to get in the head of a man--particularly a bad man. I’m what many consider naïve, and I do not use expletives myself, which made it doubly hard. But an ex-con is not going to say gosh and darn. But I admit, once I did start writing in the male POV, it was hard to let go.

LA: It was hard to LET GO OF DRAKE? I mean he was nasty, you didn’t want him out of your head????
D.B.: Oh, absolutely I did. But Drake came with tremendous anger issues. When you’re writing -- at least for me -- you do your best to live through his eyes. It’s not easy to turn that emotion off. When I wanted to get out of his head, I worked on lighter scenes with Joe and Melanie or with the boys or Mel’s co-workers.
But about Drake Maxwell. No, he wasn’t fun to write, he was as you said, scary. He came from a wealthy family, he had everything given to him, but he’s a pure sociopathic personality with a bit of a persecution complex. If you’ll notice Lt. Joe Crandall is strong. I needed my antagonist to be equally as strong--a sort of opposing force if you will. But the main thing I needed to accomplish was Melanie’s distrust of both Joe Crandall and Drake Maxwell. They’d both at one time hurt her, and I needed her to learn that Joe was the antithesis of Drake Maxwell, without making either Mel or Joe look weak or unreal. That was tough.
LA: You did a great job with Joe and Melanie. And I think it's a point well worth remembering, dear writer, that you must make your villain--note, I'm calling Drake a villain, not merely an antagonist--as smart or smarter, as strong or stronger than your hero. Otherwise there is no battle, nothing that pits them against each other with fear that the hero/heroine WON'T win.
Back to Joe and Mel. They have a very negative past to get around. You’ve done a masterful job of turning distrust into trust evolving into love. What would you say is the underlying theme of this book? Is that the theme you usually write about? Or does the story dictate that theme?
D.B. : For years I tried to figure out my theme. I received four fantastic author reviews of THE PAST CAME HUNTING. Every one of them saw this story as one of redemption.
LA: Hmmm, okay, I guess I’d have to respectfully disagree J Mel has already redeemed herself. But neither she or Joe trust one another for very obvious reasons…NO SPOILERS HERE, promise.

D.B.: Oh, yes, LA, to the reader. But while Mel may have redeemed herself with them, she carries around the guilt of her impulsive decisions. They cost her freedom, her youth. And even if it’s not rational guilt, it’s still there and, I think you’ll admit, she’s still being judged/caged by it 15 years later. (she can’t vote, she can’t teach, she can’t own a firearm.)
LA: Do you think most of your stories have a similar theme? I know mine do, TRUST.

D.B.: Redemption is a big theme in my books. In Deadly Recall my 2010 Golden Heart final, every single character save the antagonist finds some sort of forgiveness. It wasn’t intentional. I think I’m the type who doesn’t like to hold grudges. My poor characters inherited that trait from me.

Pikes Peak with Colorado Springs,
setting for The Past Came Hunting.
LA: The teenagers Matt and Luke, came across so real. I know you started this book before a lot of what teens today say and do, and all the devices they can play with were available. And your kids are no longer teens. How did you make Matt and Luke so real and timely?

D.B.: I wrote this book when my son went away to college. The book required some updating, but one thing hadn’t changed. Kids in sports don’t have a lot of time to themselves, especially teenagers of Luke and Matt’s athletic caliber. They both make the varsity basketball team their sophomore year and that’s a lot of pressure on these boys to perform, especially if they’re like Luke and have the potential to play in college. Although Matt and Luke would like to participate in social media, their main focus to stay on the team has to be basketball. They do know how to text LOL, and they do Facebook.
And, I asked my kids and two YA writers to read the scenes with Matt and Luke in them for accuracy. That helped a lot.

LA: I love the title Bell Bridge came up with. It’s perfect for the story. It’s evocative, scary and compelling. Your prior title was “Walk Away Joe,” which readers will understand as they read the story. How did you feel about the change? After all it’s your baby.
D.B.: The title, The PAST CAME HUNTING has grown on me. Lt. Joe Crandall hunts into Melanie’s past, and Drake Maxwell, of course, is on the hunt for revenge. The title aptly fits, and reflects the suspense that Bell Bridge wanted to impart rather than the romance title, Walk Away Joe, which I took from a country song ;)
LA: Your research and knowledge into the workings of a cop is scary wonderful. I know you took a Citizen’s Police Academy, I did too, and your depth and understanding didn’t just come from that. How/where did you get your insight?
D.B.: After the Citizens Academy, I also volunteered for my local sheriff’s office. I listened to deputies and their supervisors speak. I inputted a data entry system for patrol and listened to a sergeant interact with his staff. I was the proverbial fly on the wall, but loved learning the human side of these people. I also did ridealongs and I subscribed to a Yahoo group called Crimescenewriters. This group, started by retired police officer veteran Wally Lind, has been invaluable to us writers. (I probably owe Wally money.) I joined Sisters in Crime. We invited John Suthers, Colorado’s Attorney General to come talk to our group. I befriended a deputy coroner, Christina Herndon, who has become a dear friend. I went to the Department of Corrections and interviewed the media spokeswoman. I was determined to do my homework in writing this book.
LA: And it shows…well it doesn’t show as that’s not what we’re aiming for as writers, LOL, but the realness resonates throughout. Great Job.
Melanie and Joe are a great couple. I finished reading the book and wanted more. I didn’t want the story to be done with these two. What do you do to put yourself into the character? Seriously, I want to know. Do you have pictures, music? Do you create a biography for them? What? Please share.
D.B.: I would love to do a sequel involving the boys and their little sister. It’s plotted and I’m dying to write this story, but it’s when Trish is in college and the boys are out in the workforce. First, I suppose, we have to see how THE PAST CAME HUNTING works out. Everything pertaining to Joe and Melanie is in my head. No charts, no pictures. But they’re as real to me as someone standing beside me.
LA: You created memorable secondary characters that moved the story forward as well. And you completed their arc.
D.B.: Thanks, LA, that means so much because you’re a talented author in your own right and because I sure tried. I tried to visualize an ambitious D.A., a love-stricken, lonely warden, Melanie’s boss and her co-workers. They just kind of came to life on the page.

Garden of the Gods In Colorado Springs,
setting for The Past Came Hunting
LA: Anything else you’d like to add for the benefit of writers--newbie and seasoned--on writing?
D.B.: My friend Annemarie Nicklaus gave us tremendous advice, I’ll pass along here.
* Write.
* Write more.
* Write even more.
* Write even more than that.
* Write when you don't want to.
* Write when you do.
* Write when you have something to say.
* Write when you don't.
* Write every day.
* Keep writing.
Donnell will give some lucky reader who posts a comment, a copy of The Past Came Hunting.

And she'd love to give to another reader who comments, this plate with a picture of the Garden of the Gods on it.

Thanks Donnell for your candid answers, and thanks most of all for a compelling read. I loved it.

Find more information about Donnell at: www.
D.B.: Thanks, L.A. You’re the Hostess Scribe with the Mostest :)
Ciao all,
Thank everyone for stopping by for my interview with Leslie Ann Sartor. She really made me work hard for these answers. Vanessa Barneveld is the winner of THE PAST CAME HUNTING. Maggie Toussaint is the winner of The Garden of the God's Plate. Thanks again & best wishes!


KL Grady said...

Yay, Donnell! I'm so happy the book is out. I love Colorado and Garden of the Gods. I know I'm going to love The Past Came Hunting. :) Congrats, lady!

Christine Warner said...

Awesome interview ladies! Loved the insight into the villain and how you got into his head. Also the pictures posted are gorgeous. This book sounds like an amazing thriller. Lots of twists and turns, a definite new addition to my must buy list.

woolfcindy said...

Donnell, what a great interview. I can't wait to read The Past Came Hunting. Mucho congratulations on getting your first book published. I'm confident it is the first of many, many great reads that you will be giving us.

Lynda Bailey said...

Awesome post, Donnell!
Knowing what a total sweetheart you are, I'm very intrigued by your villian. Can't wait to see how you got into his head.
Here's to many, many sales of THE PAST CAME HUNTING.

Jerrie Alexander said...

Great interview, Donnell. My Nook is in my lap and I'm about to buy the book. I'm taking The Past Came Hunting on a weekend road trip with my daughter. Can't wait to read it.

Congratulations and here's wishing you many, many sales.

Caroline said...

Hi, Donnell, Great interview!

Congrats on The Past Came Hunting. It really sounds intriguing--and scary. And so cool you live in Colorado. I love Steamboat Springs. I attended a photography workshop there back a few years ago. The airport got snowed in and I had to take a bus ride over the treacherous snow- covered mountains. It was GREAT!! LOL

Anyway, so happy to read about your book. I’m sure it’s fantastic. I’ve added it to my TBR pile. Hugs!

Donnell said...

Good morning, everyone! Wow, I'm so honored you stopped by, and didn't L.A. do a fantastic job with this interview! She has a fantastic blog called Written that I just discovered yesterday. Truly thought provoking!

K.L., I know how busy you are, Madam Editor. We're going to get you back to Colorado next year. I have said it. It shall be done

Christine, thank you! Darn it, I scared myself some times. I hope you enjoy it!

Cindy, thanks it really is a milestone, as you well know. See you on Saturday!

Lynda, ah thanks. I know. I worry about what came out of my head. But I really love this story, so I "guess" that's a good thing

Donnell said...

Jerrie, Yikes, I hope you can find it on the Nook, darn it. I keep checking. I would love for you to have it on your road trip -- contacting you privately to see if we can't do something about that :)

Caroline, hi! Only a writer would look forward to being trapped in snow and use it as an opportunity. Steamboat Springs is gorgeous. Colorado has all kinds of wonderful mountain towns. You must check out CRESTED BUTTE. I was in Glenwood Springs and Eagle last weekend on our way back from Utah. Crested Butte still takes my breath away! Thanks for commenting and stopping by!

Viola Estrella said...

Congrats on your book release, Donnell!! The Past Came Hunting sounds fantastic. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Edie Ramer said...

Terrific interview! I'm so eager to read this.

Leslie Ann said...

Wow, you guys are early birds.

The book is great, it was easy to interview Donnell, because she crafted such complex characters and the plot is...well, you all will just have to find out.

Welcome Donnell to YOUR OWN interview, after doing so many others, it's my honor to do yours.


Donnell said...

Thanks Viola and Edie. You're both entered in the drawing so maybe you'll get to free of charge :) Or maybe you'll have the spectacular picture of the Garden of the Gods to inspire you! It sure does me! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Donnell said...

L.A. thank YOU! You asked fantastic questions that really drew me out and made me think about these characters. Very well done!

magolla said...

Awesome interview, Donnell! And mega congrats on THE PAST CAME HUNTING!

Donnell said...

Thanks, Mags. Are you checking in from your road trip. I'm honored! Be safe and thank you for commenting!

Susan M. Boyer said...

Great interview! I've been looking forward to reading The Past Came Hunting, and can't wait to get my hands on it! Wishing you much success with TPCH and many books to come.

Patricia said...

Loved the interview, well done. And the book sounds intriguing, especially when I found out you're dealing with a male POV and a sociopath. Right up my alley!
Thank you.

Donnell said...

Susan, thank you so much. You've already won TPCH on another blog, and you're such a buddy of mine LOL. It's on its way to you! Thanks for stopping by and for so much support!

Patricia, you'll have to let me know if I did an okay job with the male POV. I sure tried. I'm blessed to have male critique partners, too, one who is overseas and a great friend. If I did something a man would never do, he let me know. It's important if you're writing in the deep POV of a male like I do, that you get it right. Time will tell if I did.

Thanks for commenting!

ML Guida said...

Sounds like a great book. Love your pictures!

ML Guida said...

You're books sounds interesting. Of course, my favorite character would be your vilian. Have a thing for the bad guys!

Kathy Bennett said...

Congratulations, Donnell!

The book sounds fabulous and I can't wait to read it.

What little I've seen of Colorado is gorgeous. Loved the pictures.

Writing PIs said...

Wonderful interview! Side note: My husband and I became good friends with Chris Herndon, too, after meeting up with the two of you at a writers' workshop years ago (Jeffrey Deaver).

Can't wait to read your book, Donnell.


Clarissa Southwick said...

Donnell, What a great book. I'm so glad to hear it's out. Can't wait to read it :) I'm especially interested in seeing what you do with a sociopath (so unlike you) and that beautiful setting.
Go, Unsinkables!

Liz Lipperman said...

Great interview, you two. I have been waiting for this moment since WTPCH was a GH finalist (Walk Away, Joe, then.) I am anxious to dig into the story since I feel I know the characters already from this interview. I'm looking forward to seeing Deadly Recall on the shelves, too.

And you can take my name out of the drawing since I've already won it on another blog. I'm a Donnell groupie!!

Donnell said...

Mary, Okay confession time. Drake Maxwell is a creep. But ... he's sort of a sexy creep, which allowed Melanie to be attracted to him and trust him in the first place. I'll be curious to see if I got him right in your estimation. He's very real to me. I even dreamed about him and do an upcoming blog with Working Stiffs about him next week. Yikes!

Kathy, we need to get you away from LA and out to Colorado. Maybe we can get you out to sign A DOZEN DEADLY ROSES. And, I'll be curious to see if I got TPCH close to being right. You live and breathe this stuff. Very cool! Thanks for stopping by!

Donnell said...

Colleen, I have such fond memories of you and Shaun at workshops, and I have hysterical memories of Chris. I can hear her now as I call and try to sound sweet and innocent at the El Paso County Coroner's Office. Excuse me.. er.. em... I'm this writer and I want to.... Chris: YOU'RE WHO? YOU WANT TO DO WHAT?

Donnell said...

Darn message sent before I meant it to. Any way, Chris learned to love me later

Am reading HOW TO WRITE A DICK every chance I get. What as service you do for writers. Thanks for stopping by Colleen!

Donnell said...

Clarissa: What's with my Unsinkable Sisters not thinking it's in me to be a sociopath. Guess I should be flattered! I am . Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hope you'll let me know what you think of the book. Hugs!

Donnell said...

Liz, we writers a tight-knit bunch. It really helps when we're pounding our heads on the keyboards instead of our fingers. It's amazing how many people I can call to brainstorm these days. The Internet can be a curse and a godsend; would you agree?

And, since, you've won TPCH, you're still entered to win the Garden of the Gods plate. So there

Thanks for being a groupie. Right back atcha.

Dale Mayer said...

Hi Donnell - so glad this book is finally out. Love the questions and answers on the serial killer mentally. I don't have that same problem with the swearing or mindset and love getting in and exploring the sick minds out there - doesn't say much for me does it. LOL.

I hope this book becomes a huge success!!!!

Leslie Ann said...

What is How To Write A Dick?

And no, I'm not adding any of the million tag lines that came to mind ;)


Donnell said...

LOL, Dale. I can see you weren't taught by nuns. I know people use expletives but I always admire people who can think of something else to say instead of resorting to them. My mom used to work for a doctor who said resorting to cuss words is a sign of a lazy mind. I agree on a personal level, but in fiction, our characters don't have the same mindset as this physician. And I had to make my antagonist real.

Glad you can just sail through the language. Fearless creation, that's a huge bonus for an author.

Thanks for stopping by!

Anne Marie Becker said...

I can't wait to read it, Donnell. Seriously. It's waiting on my Kindle. ;) Loved the interview (and the pics of Colorado).

Donnell said...

LA. Colleen Collins and Shaun Kaufman are a real life husband and wife private investigation team. They write great nonfiction help for writers. Also, Shaun is an attorney, so he is a powerful resource to have at your disposal.

Donnell said...

Thanks, Anne! I'm so honored that you've downloaded it! I know you live in spectacular scenery too! Thanks for stopping by!

Ann Charles said...

Donnell, wonderful interview, very entertaining. I am very curious about you book and thrilled to see it available. The pics are gorgeous. I'm stuck on an airplane while being delayed to the point of missing my connecting flight, and your interview made me forget where I was. :) good luck and can't wait to hear more.


Theresa said...

Wonderful interview ladies! Donnell, it's a real tribute to you that you can writer characters so different from you with such authenticity. WELL DONE!
And don't WAIT to see how this book does. Write the sequel! You love the characters and story, I love the first few chapters, so write that next book. Pleeeese!

Lana Williams said...

Great interview, Donnell! Now I am looking forward to reading the book even more! Congratulations again!

Donnell said...

Ann, oh my gosh, you don't know what a compliment that is, and I so appreciate it! True story: I did miss my plane -- well, okay, Dallas Fort Worth switched gates on us, but I was reading Suzanne Brockmann, one of her Harlequin Disney Seals . She had me laughing so hard I was engrossed in that book, and didn't hear the loudspeaker. Note to self: Pay attention in airports.

Thanks, Ann for stopping by. Your books are incredible!

Donnell said...

T, I so appreciate your encouragement. I always thought I'd be ready to let this story go, but it's hard. You have me thinking... You'll be sorrrrrry :) Glad you like what you've read so far!

Donnell said...

Thanks, Lana! Can't wait to see your wonderful historicals in print! Thanks for swinging by today!

Diana Layne said...

Congratulations, Donnell, wishing you all the best with your book!

Angi Morgan said...

What a wonderful interview. Love Anne-Marie's advice. I better take it right now !

Congrats on the release!

Donnell said...

Yay! Diana and Angi are in the house! Thanks so much for the best wishes, and on Leslie's and my interview. She's a natural, eh. And I hear you, Angi. Disappearing for a while myself. Be back soon.

Sandra Orchard said...

Great interview, Donnell! And a whole different take on the book than what I'd learned before...great pics too.

Now, I'm off to write, write, and write some more :)

Mary Marvella said...

I know the book will be worth the wait! I'm so proud of you for sticking with this one. Go, Donnell! You might just have worthy competition as an interviewer!

Maggie Toussaint said...

Hi Donnell,

I loved reading about the depth of your research for this book. I am keenly interested in it as my daughter is stationed at Fort Carson and often takes us to Garden of the Gods when we visit. Also congratulations for publishing with Bell Bridge. Wishing you all the best with The Past Came Hunting.

Maureen McGowan said...

Great interview. And that photo of the Garden of the Gods is so beautiful!

Donnell said...

Sandra, you are one wise woman. Write, Write, Write. And, yes, there's a whole lot to this book, which makes it hard to encapsulate, e.g. it's an X story, it's got a few other letters besides

Mary, thanks, tell me about it. I think LA is fantastic at drawing authors out. I'm going to be doing NANO, and I have two more interviews to do and then I've got to take a break. Not enough hours in the day, ya know?

Leslie Ann said...

Those are kind words. It was a fun interview! I really enjoyed the book and making D talk about it :)


Donnell said...

Maggie, oh my gosh, please thank your daughter for her service. She's right in my neck of my woods. I loved doing the research for TPCH. Once I had one question answered, it led to another and another. I was so grateful for all the law enforcement experts who answered my questions. Complicated world they live in.

Thanks, Maureen, glad you liked it. Colorado Springs is a beautiful city with a lot of beautiful landmarks. Pikes Peak in the distance, Garden of the Gods, Norad at the top of Cheyenne Mountain, glorious change of seasons. But I don't like it much :) Kidding. It's home.

June Love said...

Donnell and LA - awesome interview. Donnell, you already know how excited I am for you, so I'll just say that I had no idea it was set in the Garden of Gods. I was right there and you never told me! And, Four Corners! I could've visited your birthplace. LOL I understand why you love CO so much. It's gorgeous. Oh, and thank you. Since I can't sing, I now have Trisha singing AWJ in my head.
Please take my name out of the drawing. I've already purchased it and it will soon be read.

Helen Hardt said...

Many congratulations, Donnell!


Misty Evans said...

Hi Donnell and congratulations on your debut book! I feel like I know Mel and Joe and I can't wait to get my print copy. I'm going to order it now.

Donnell said...

June, thanks for being here. I wish I would have been in town the one time you breeze through. You can probably understand why I thought this was such a perfect setting for The Past Came Hunting. Thank you so much for your kind words and your faith in me. I'd love to know your thoughts where you're through!

Helen, it is so great to see you hear. Haven't seen you in forever. Hope all is well, and thanks for the good wishes!

Misty, turn to the last page of the book when you get there. Ya'll Misty writes YA, and I made her read a few scenes to make sure I got them right. I love anything written by Misty Evans; she's a rock star! Thanks, M!

Sylvia said...

I'm waiting on the mailman to deliver your book. Can't wait to read it. I know it's going to be a "keeper." And I'm looking forward to a sequel. Yes, I believe it will happen. You should, too.

Barbara White Daille said...

KL - you did a wonderful job with the interview.

Donnell - terrific to get to learn even more about you.

I especially love how you worked the theme into your story and the connections between the main characters and the kids.


Donnell said...

Oh, Sylvia! Thank you! I have two of your books on my Keeper Shelf. Yay, someone may just keep me :) I know I keep something else near and dear to me, your friendship and advice. "The First Stroke is the Freshest." Applies to painting and to writing. Hugs!

Barbara, thank you! What awesome thing to say. It's hard to believe that some publishers don't want older kids in their books because they take over the story. In this case, these two boys helped tell the story. And Scribes has too many initials. We have T, KL and LA and in this case Leslie, LA did such a marvelous interview! Thanks as always for your friendship and support!

Donnell said...

L.A., thank you very much for a great and fun interview! I'll wait until tomorrow morning to draw our two winners! Thanks all!

Linda Lovely said...

I'm reading your book now and can't wait to curl up in bed for the next chapter. Too bad you told me to "write when you don't feel like it..." Will write a while longer then get back to The Past Came Hunting. Congrats to a talented, deserving author.

Donnell said...

Ah, Linda! Yay yay yay! Now get back to writing! Why do all my friends have to be writers, and I have to be this taskmaster! I so appreciate you buying the book and reading. Hope you enjoy! Hugs.

Polly said...

Someone finally turned the tables on you. The interviewer interviewed. Love it. Furthermore, I can't wait to get my hands on this book--I expected it today, but it didn't show up. I want to see how one of the nicest people in the writing business writes a sociopath.

I'm truly thrilled for you, Donnell. All good things come to those who wait. Best of luck with TPCH.

Donnell said...

LOL. I have got the lousiest reputation. No one things I can write a sociopath . I gave it my best shot. Let me know if I live up to your expectations, Polly. Sheesh, if I write close to as well as you with your fabulous plots, I'll be a happy...nice..person sociopath writer :) Long day. Off to read Gnight!

Audra Harders said...

Wonderful interview, LA! You said you felt Donnell's interviews were legendary...well, I think you started a legend of you own!

Marvelous insights into the creation of The Past Came Hunting. I think it's fascinating the difficulties you encountered writing Drake, your villian. I don't think I could do it. I so shy away from conflict, that out and out evil would throw me for a loop I'd never get out of!!

And I agree with are such a sweet, gentle soul, Donnell, how in the world do you crawl into the mind of a sociopath?? Must've taken a lot of chocolate to write the book, LOL!

Thanks for including all the links to purchase the book. As I was scrolling down, I just clicked on the link to Amazon Kindle...clicked on the buy button...and voila! The Past Came Hunting is now making itself comfortable on my Kindle.

I can't wait to dig in, Donnell! So proud of you!!!

Sharon Archer said...

Leslie Ann and Donnell, this is such a terrific post and as soon as I get off here I'm off to buy my copy of The Past Came Hunting!

I'm particularly fascinated by your Citizen's Police Academy! I'd love to do that! I'm going to make inquiries but I'm pretty sure there's nothing like that set up here in Australia... still I won't know unless I ask!

Good luck with your debut, Donnell - it sounds like it will be a hit!


Vanessa Barneveld said...

Congratulations, Donnell! I love redemption themes. I'm off to hunt down a copy of your new book. :)

Great interview, Scribes!

Ellis Vidler said...

Great interview, LA and Donnell. I can't wait to meet these characters. My book hasn't arrived yet, but I'm watching the mail with bated breath (I always wanted to use that :-)
I'm looking forward to some quiet time when it comes.

Donnell said...

My buddy and fellow Scribe Audra is here! Yay! I worried when I took this story on that I would be too intimidated to write it. But I think writing is a lot like acting. You're not these characters but you put yourself inside their skin and their heads. You visualize them. I know I'll get comments that I can't even come close to knowing what a real ex-con of Drake's caliber is like, but then I don't want too either. The book is after all entertainment and I show him being evil enough (Gosh, I hope so )

And I agree, L.A. does fantastic interviews and I hope she'll do more of them! Thanks for being here!

Donnell said...

Sharon: I'll BET that somewhere in Australia there's a Citizen's Academy. They may not call it that, but I think you should definitely check it out. And if they don't have one, put the idea in their heads.

Lee Lofland had a Writers Academy here in the United States. I'll wager that some smart, ambitious law enforcement type might find that a great project in Australia.

I have two articles on my website, as to what I got out of the Citizens Academy. One is The Citizens Academy a win-win situation, the other is Just be Professional It's not that Hard. And of course there's an article I didn't write, but I just love. It was required reading during my time as a volunteer victim's advocate. You're not a Cop till you Taste them by Sergeant Bernie Moss. Citizens Academies connect civilians to law enforcement. It gives both sides empathy for what the other is doing. I hope you'll check into it Sharon.

Thanks for commenting, and I hope you enjoy The Past Came Hunting.

Donnell said...

Yay, Vanessa, thank you!! I hope you enjoy it!

Ellis! Yikes, I'm so honored that you'll read it. I'm waiting with bated breath for you to tell me what you think of it! Thanks for commenting and dropping by!

Author Pamela Beason said...

Late to the party as usual, but I wanted to chime in. I've wandered all over New Mexico and Colorado (backpacking in all the wild areas). It's a fascinating area. I have fond memories of hiking through Garden of the Gods and not-so-fond memories of spending the night in a junkyard in Grants, NM, with a wheezing bulldog. Great interview, Donnell, and I can't wait to read The Past Came Hunting!

Michelle said...

Donnell - Great interview - redemption is one of my favorite themes in books I read. Congratulations on all your success!

Donnell said...

Michelle! Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your nice thoughts!

Vanessa Barneveld said...
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Vanessa Barneveld said...

Let me try that again...

I just found out I won Donnell's debut book. Thank you, L.A. and Donnell!