Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Five Scribes Contributor takes over the blogosphere

Oh, good grief. I’m not REALLY trying to take over the blogging universe, it just worked out that way this week.

Yesterday, October 11th, I was on two awesome blogs:

Ellis Vidler's Unpredictable Muse, talking about Coincidence or Conflict: I had to choose. with my good buddy Misty Evans -- THAT'S GONNA HURT: STAGING YOUR ACTION SCENES

And on October 12th (today) I’m on an additional three great blogs.

EVERYBODY NEEDS A LITTLE ROMANCE, I’m talking about dating in fiction. Do your couples date?

Then I’m on WORKING STIFFS, my critique partner’s blog, the wonderful Annette Dashofy On this blog I’ve finally snapped and a character took over my dreams.

And finally I’m on MARGIE LAWSON’S (Margie's grads blog) and she’s analyzing my writing. Thank goodness! Somebody better :)

If any of these interest you, I hope you’ll stop by. And then… da ta da :) I’m going back to a saner pace, returning to my cave and writing!

Thanks for helping me celebrate my debut of THE PAST CAME HUNTING.

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Jamie Lee Scott said...

Fun. I'm headed over to those blogs now.