Saturday, October 29, 2011

New lines at Entangled Publishing!

Since August, we've been releasing romance novels every month, with the odd novella wedged in there (Break Out, for example, which is vampires in space - how cool is that?). We opened to contemporary romance novellas a bit ago, but now we've created three new lines. They are:

Flirts - novelettes of 10k-15k words
Ever Afters - novellas of 20k-40k words
Lori Wilde Presents: Indulgences - short novels of 50k-60k words

Ever Afters are separate from anthology calls. And Indulgences, while reminiscent of Harlequin's lines (which we love to read), will have a more youthful voice, more dialogue, less internal monologue, and a generally faster pace than the average Harlequin.

Senior Editors are still responsible for acquiring Entangled novels and Indulgences, but every editor is responsible for acquiring her/his own Flirts and Ever Afters.

For more information, hit the Entangled website, where submission information is included for each line. And don't forget to read editor bios to learn what we'd like to see more of. Don't worry, though, if you send us something not quite up our alley. We pass solid submissions to each other if we feel another editor is a better match for the story.

Here at Five Scribes, we'll be interviewing a slew of editors, including several from Entangled. Watch for those to appear over the next few weeks!


Jamie Lee Scott said...

I'm definitely taking a look at this. My writing critique partner sent me the link.

KL Grady said...

Feel free to holler if you have any questions!