Friday, December 16, 2011

Pitch to Entangled!

Entangled Publishing is looking for short romances. Post your two-sentence pitch and the first 100 words of your story in a comment for this post before midnight tonight. Four Entangled editors are waiting (mighty hungry, mind you) for great stories to acquire for the Flirt, Ever After, and Indulgence lines.

For more information about Entangled, wish lists, and other details, see this post.

Pitching will close at midnight PST, and editors will post their invitations to submit during the weekend. Be sure to check back! [Edited to fix the link above.]


Juliana said...

Hello Five Scribes, and Hello Entangled Editors =)

Genre: NA contemporary romance
Word count: 40,000

Two-line pitch:
Life is perfect, until Alicia looses the one thing she loves most—dance. With her new best friend, a wheelchair, she goes back to her parents’ house. When everything seems lost, a “team” comes into action to rescue her from herself.

First 100 words:
The intense applauses and enthusiastic shouts broke into her concentration and filled her ego. She bowed, a proud smile adorning her lips.
“Bravo,” people yelled, on their feet.
She knelt to pick up the flower bouquets thrown at her feet, but there were too many. Two members of the corps de ballet stepped out from behind her and collected the extra bouquets spread around the floor.
After a larger smile and another bow to the audience, she left the stage.
The artistic director of the company marched up to her, a pleased shine in his eyes. He opened his arms to embrace her, but, before she could greet him, another set of arms hooked her waist and pulled her to the side.

PS: I tried measuring two-lines for the pitch as best as I could but since the comment box is smaller when typing on it than when it's already posted, I'm not sure. Sorry if it was much longer than that!

Thanks for this awesome opportunity!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this opportunity!

All Fall Down
25,000 words

Virologist Lara Quinn intends to discover the cure for a mysterious plague that has stricken the impoverished planet of Tellus, but no one dares risk the danger to bring her there—no one except smuggler Spencer O’Rourke, cynical captain of the starship Icarus, a man with a tarnished past, a man who doesn’t believe in heroism, love, or self-sacrifice. But when an intergalactic health council slates the planet for quarantine and destruction, Lara races to discover a cure to the plague, only to discover that if she is to succeed, she must place her trust, and her life, in Spence’s hands.

“I need you to take me to Tellus.”

Lara Quinn gazed up at the scarred face of the man standing in front of her. His name was Spencer O’Rourke, and he was captain of the starship Icarus. When she had inquired down at the docks, she had been told that he would take you anywhere in the galaxy if you paid him enough: smugglers’ dens, alien strongholds, uninhabited wastelands. It didn’t matter. Show him your gold, and he’d let you climb aboard.

“I can't take you there,” he said.

His voice was deep, and went through her like an electric beam.

To her surprise, she found herself shivering.


Sue London said...

Title: Star Crossed
Genre: contemporary romance
Word count: 30,000

Sometimes the stars align and sometimes they cross. A Chicago business attorney discovers that the merger she's working on may have connections to organized crime, but the bigger danger could be a CEO who has managed to get too close for comfort.

First 100:
Vivian put down her reading glasses and pinched the bridge of her nose. One of the drawbacks in practicing law was the eyestrain. Her spacious office with polished honey-colored wood and soft, comfortable chairs was high above Lakeshore Drive. Framed silk prints of dragonflies decorated the walls alongside her degrees and awards, while a slender étagère in the corner held photographs of her parents framed in heavy silver. Throughout there were pictures of her with luminaries, both here in Chicago and back home in Boston. But as she rested her head on the soft leather back of her swivel chair she thought that if someone took her picture now it would be labeled Attorney, Exhausted.

LS Murphy said...

Title: Neighbors
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Word Count: 11,000

Two-line pitch: Rena Woods’ new neighbor, USMC Corporal C.J. Riker, is an obnoxious pain in her ass. After she loses her most important client, Riker stops her from making a complete fool of herself at a local bar and she realizes there may be more to the hot jerk across the hall.

First 100 Words:
The moving van blocked my car on the street outside my apartment building. And I was already running late for an appointment halfway across the city. Naturally. My mother pointed out my tardiness as often as she pointed out her lack of grandchildren. Never mind I had two older brothers with kids.
“You’re not getting any younger, Rena,” she chided the night before as he had our weekly phone conversation. “You’ll be thirty in eight months. And it’s all downhill from there.”
Such a positive influence.
I hammered my palm into the door of the moving van. A guy with dark curly hair and wrap around mirrored sunglasses leaned out the window.

Thanks for the shot. :)


Anne Francis said...

Title: HOME
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Word count: 10,000

Everyone deserves a second chance at love, including career woman EVA O’RILEY. When her mother’s sudden death draws her back to her childhood home, she reconnects with a supernatural past and a magical being who helps her find love in her darkest hour.

FIRST 100 Words:
Eva O’Riley hovered on the sidewalk in front of her childhood home, butterflies tap dancing in her stomach. She wanted to avoid the reason for this visit. She wanted to turn around and walk away as fast as her four-inch designer heels would allow. Instead she made the Sign of the Cross, her right hand raising of its own volition, index finger touching her forehead, chest, left shoulder, right shoulder.

She hadn’t crossed herself in seven years, not since her high school graduation at the Church of the Sacred Heart. She did it now… “For you, mama.”

Barbara Sheridan said...

Title: House of Delilah
Genre: Historical (older woman/younger man)
Word Count: 29,000

Pitch: Following a serious injury, Daniel Burke's only chance for employment is utilizing the sewing skills he gained from raising his younger sisters. Madam Addy Monroe is jaded far beyond her years, but the awkward innocence of her new dressmaker makes her wonder if a "respectable life" is more a possibility than a fleeting dream.

First 100 words

Daniel looked from the newspaper in his hand to the small brass plate affixed to the center of the door before him then back again. The advertisement said:

Wanted: Dressmaker. Creative, skilled, sense of humor, takes easily to change and surprises. Good salary. Room & board included. Serious inquiries only. Apply in person to House of Delilah, Littlemore, Colorado.

He fit the description perfectly. Still…

The door plate read:

Established 1880
Coitus by appointment only

Daniel squinted. He hadn’t misread. No wonder the fellow at the train depot had grinned like a fool when asked for directions.

Contact info: Barbara(dot)Sheridan(at)

Taryn Elliott said...

What a great opportunity. Thanks so much for the quick pitch contest!

TITLE: Distorted Views
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Thriller
WC: 38,000

After surviving a vicious relationship and brutal rape all Logan Porter wants to do is come back home and heal. Instead, she finds a new neighbor who makes her long to give love another chance and an enduring unease that someone doesn't want her to start over.

FIRST 100:

She clawed at his forearm.

“You’re mine, Sunshine. I thought we went over this.” He slammed her into the stucco wall again, lifting her onto her toes with ease. Years of battling fires and hauling equipment made him strong. Too strong. Blood and skin caked under her nails as she fought for oxygen.

Eyes, a fierce blue, iced over with rage. He tore at her shirt, the tiny straps of her tank snapped. Bruising fingers dented her breast.

“Michael, please,” she rasped. She kicked out, raked her nails across his face, arched her back. No. Not this. Anything but this.

Whew, first 100 words only is tough! Thanks so much for the opportunity to pitch.

Taryn Elliott


Leigh James said...

Thanks for this great opportunity!

Title: Geek's Guide to Survival
Genre: Contemporary Romance
28,000 words

Two-sentence pitch:

On a comic book convention cruise gone awry, adversaries Bryan Hook and Jessica Graham get left behind on a deserted island. Forced to put their differences aside and work together, they find they can survive even an oncoming hurricane.

First 100 words:

“Watch your step as you disembark the tender. Be sure you’re back here by 5:00 or we’ll leave without you. Have a wonderful day!”
Jessica Graham glanced at her fellow passengers as they gathered their beach bags and made their way to the gangway. Two elves, a couple orcs, one woman in — wait, was that a chain metal bikini? This was definitely not an ordinary cruise ship excursion.
As a journalist, Jess had traveled the world and thought she’d seen all it had to offer, but she’d never experienced anything quite like the ComicCruise.

Nu Yang said...

Title: Shadow Self
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Word Count: 20,000

Magic has been banned due to a war between two groups: Onyx and Fuego. Half-Fuego Zoey King and Onyx member Rafe McIntyre must put their differences aside in order to fight against the anti-magic organization, the League.

First 100(or 103) words:
Zoey King was sixteen when she used magic to protect herself for the first time. Ten years later, not much had changed.

She stared at the shivering man curled up into a ball on the forest floor. His short black hair clung to his head wet from the light rainfall. Tiny leaves gathered on his tattered sweater. She knelt beside him and stroked his cool cheek with her warm hand, then pushed back his hair. Dark stubble covered his jaw and long lashes fell from his shut eyes.

“What are you waiting for?” Perry Shaw stood nearby, dressed in a black overcoat.

Nu Yang
scarletsky4 @

Missy Jane said...
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Joanna Becke said...

Title: To Cure What Ails
Genre: Western Fantasy/Historical

Two-line pitch: Unconventional doctor Eliza Parker knows better than to allow self-proclaimed demon hunter Luke Adams to break her heart again. But when Luke walks back into her life, pleading for medical assistance so he can continue his fight against the devil himself, old feelings are rekindled, forcing both Luke and Eliza to make a difficult decision: choose their careers or each other.

First 100 Words:

Just when Eliza Parker thought her day couldn't get any worse, he was waiting for her at the office.

Luke Adams hadn't changed much in the two years since she'd last seen him. Seated in her parlor chair, handsome as ever, he wore a lop-sided grin and had a twinkle in his hazel eyes, despite the gaping wound in his left leg.

Some things never changed.

Eliza placed her medical bag on the counter. "I'm not seeing patients right now."

"From the looks of it, you aren't seeing patients at all."

"You never fail to impress a lady, Mister Adams."

Contact Info: joannabecke[at]gmail[dot]com

Missy Jane said...
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Missy Jane said...

My apologies, trying again with all needed elements this time ;-)

Thank you for this opportunity!
Title (Tentative) Archangels: Zerach
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Word Count 34,000

Sexy businessman Zerach Maxwell longs for Isadora Duncan's touch but her dominating Godparents keep him at arm's length. Their plans to marry her off backfire and send her straight into his arms, but the secret he and his six brothers keep might be enough to drive her away.

First 100 words:
Zerach’s gaze trailed down the elegant curve of her neck, across her exposed collar bone to the creamy white shoulders bared for all to admire. The thought of any other man, or male creature as his case may be, looking upon the object of his obsession boiled his blood, leaving him feeling restless and impotent. The laws of his kind as well as his survival instincts forbade him from approaching her, but much more primitive instincts cried out for her touch. A war of emotion rolled through him, boiling like a volcano about to erupt. He sank further into...

contact: missyjane01 AT gmail DOT com

Melania Tolan said...

Thank you Five Scribes and Entangled for this awesome opportunity.

Title: Wish upon a Starfish
Genre: Fantasy
Word Count: 12k

Lady Adrianna's heart is shattered and frozen from losing her one true love. A mermaid's gift and the arrival of, Cory, the brother of her late beloved brings the promise of hope, but the presence of an evil traitor threatens to ruin them all.

First 100:
Cleansing salty air filled Lady Adrianna’s lungs as she walked along large slippery square-hewn stones at the bottom of a cliff where land meets sea. The passing of a stormy night had thoroughly drenched the stony path causing the moistened rough terrain to glisten in the brilliant morning sun. She shielded her eyes as she treaded over the slick surface. These rocks had been cut into leveled surfaces by her father, Sir Adric De Angelo Sea Warden to Port of Lemuria, to provide a walkway for the soldiers protecting his fortress which stood at the top of the cliff. Today, however, no guards stood watch.

Thank you again,
Melania Tolan

Elisabeth Roseland said...

Dear Five Scribes and Entangled Editors--Thanks for this opportunity!

Title--Of Color: Advertising for Love
Genre--Multicultural Contemporary Romance
Word Count--19,000

Two-sentence pitch:

Greg's intelligence, good looks, and skills both in the kitchen and the bedroom are enough to make Aisha forget that she is dating the escort she hired for her company's gala--until a former client asks her about one of Greg's signature sexual moves. After breaking up with him and swearing off men for good, Aisha refocuses on her career, but when she loses her expected promotion and quits in a blaze of f-bombs, she has to decide either to pick up the pieces of her life by herself or to renew her relationship with the escort who made her happy.

First 100 words:

Tanya slid the black business card across the table. The gold script lettering glistened enticingly in the sun--of color.

"Girl, you are out of your damn mind." Aisha crossed her arms over her chest and refused to touch it.

"Take it."


"Take it." Tanya taped the card with her manicured nail.

"No." Aisha shook her head. "Didn't your mama teach you anything?"

Tanya sat back in her chair and laughed. "She sure did. She taught me to go after what I want and to always help a friend in need." She took a sip of her latte.

Thanks again!

Elisabeth Roseland said...

Whoops! Forgot my contact information in the post above:

elisabeth (dot) roseland (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks again!

Jean Paradis said...

Title: Night With Johnny
Genre: contemporary romance
Word Count: 10-12,000

Pitch: Stone learns more about love and passion from one night with Ava, than in his whole life up to now. He lets her relive a fantasy, and in return she offers him one as well, but all he wants is for Ava to love him as deeply as she loved his biological father.

First 100 words:

It looked to Ava Moore, as if her late husband were standing over his own grave, reading the tiny plaque.
Ava didn’t believe in ghosts. She believed that in the majority of situations, the obvious conclusion is the correct one. The man looked the right age, twenty- eight. Afraid he would leave before she could talk to him, Ava stopped at her mother’s grave just long enough to set down the daisies before continuing on to Johnny’s.

This story is about 2/3 finished. If you're interested I can get it done in a week or two.
Tammy Jean Paradis