Friday, January 13, 2012

Irreverent Interview: Stacy Abrams, Editorial Director at Entangled Publishing

Stacy Abrams started in the publishing industry in 2002, most recently leaving a seven-year stint at Bloomsbury Publishing’s children’s division to join the Entangled team. Stacy has edited such award-winning and high-caliber YA authors as Jessica Warman, Tracy Deebs, Alex Scarrow, and Michelle Rowen, among many others, and her books have earned starred reviews from all the major review journals. In addition to editing, she has been a freelance copy editor for several major New York publishing houses. She earned her Bachelor’s in English at Northwestern University and currently resides in New York City with her husband and too-cute puppy. Find her on Twitter at @StacyAbramsEdit.

Entangled is a boutique publisher of adult romance and young adult fiction. For more information, see the website. And be sure to check out the recent article in Publishers Weekly about Entangled's new distribution deal.

What do you acquire?
I acquire generally for the main Entangled line, which means I’m looking for all genres within YA and adult romance. Sometimes I will acquire for the Flirts/Ever Afters lines if I find a novella I particularly love and it fits within their guidelines.
What would you give your firstborn to find in your inbox?
Well, I don’t have a firstborn yet, but I really love my puppy, so I hope it’s still meaningful to say I’d give my puppy to find an amazing new voice in YA fiction—something funny and heartfelt at the same time. I’d also give my puppy for a Bridget Jones-esque contemporary adult romance (guess I like humor?) or an adult mystery that keeps me guessing until the very last chapter.
What makes you want to cut a bitch when you see it in submission?
A lot of authors say something in their query letters about how they wrote their book because there was nothing else like it out in the marketplace (untrue 99.9% of the time) or because they were reacting to all the bad published books out in the marketplace (hello? You’re querying a publisher!). I’ll never understand why people want to insult the hand that publishes them.

In terms of specific writing pet peeves, I lose interest if an author can’t find a creative way to describe his/her main character(s). Most of us don’t describe ourselves when we look in the mirror, so why would our inner dialogue do the same?
What book do you constantly buy new copies of because use it to proselytize the genre to newcomers? And they never give it back. Even when you threaten them.
I tend to point a lot of newcomers to my author from Walker, Jessica Warman, who I think writes the best YA I’ve read in ages. Her newest book, Between, is the perfect example of masterfully literary writing combined with a high concept plot—a combo that equals success in a tough and competitive marketplace. (And no one ever gives it back because it’s such an amazing read!)
Favorite song to edit by.
I’m easily distracted, so I prefer edit to music without words. Anything by Explosions in the Sky particularly (love them!).
Your favorite recipe (preferably for an alcoholic but we'll accept cupcakes if that's how you roll)?
In college, I moonlighted as a cocktail waitress at an Irish bar (even though I am definitely not Irish!), so I’m partial to the Snakebite: ½ a pint of cider and ½ a pint of lager, most usually Harp.
Where do you plan to hole up when the zombie comes?
My parents’ house in South Florida. Not only is it warm and sunny down there, but I’d prefer to die eating my mom’s homecooked dinners. And my dad’s a doctor…
Machete or flamethrower?

Thanks, Stacy, for sharing yourself with us today!

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