Thursday, April 5, 2012

Congratulations to The 2012 Sandy Finalists!

As many of you know I am the coordinator the Crested Butte Writers writing contest, The Sandy. I want to thank the 60 plus judges who selflessly offer their skill and time judging the first round of this contest. Without them, we'd have no contest. SO thank you so very much to the best judges in ANY writing contest! I am very proud to announce this year's finalists. Please join me in wishing them good luck in the final round.

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2012 Sandy Writing Contest Finalists! 
Mainstream Adult Fiction 
Final Judge, Kevan Lyon, Agent at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency 
Laura Haley-McNeil (CO)—Rhapsody in Death 
Judy Wirzberger (CA)–- Sisters ad Other Strangers (tie) 
Nanci Woody (CA) – Tears and Trombones (tie) 
 Final judge, Sue Grimshaw, Editor at Large & Category Specialist for Ballantine&Bantam Dell
Martha Catt (NC) – Special Valuation (tie) 
Teri Wardell (AZ) –Caller of Light (tie) 
Robin Weaver (NC) –Design Flaw 
 Fantasy/ Science Fiction 
Final judge, James Frenkel, Editor at Tor/Forge 
Starla Huchton (CA) --- Antigone’s Wrath 
 Lawdon (CO) –Dragon’s War: A Vampire Novel 
Heather Leonard (AL) -- Spellbound 
 Thriller/ Suspense / Mystery 
Final Judge, Kat Brzozowski, Assistant Editor at Thomas Dunne Books 
 Christopher Boswell (VA) --- The Franklin Destiny 
Judith Dailey (WA)—No Traveler Returns (tie) 
 Powl Smith (CO)—The Treasure of Seleucia 
Geoffrey Saign (MN) –Ecokill (tie) 
Children / Young Adult 
Final judge, Mary Kole, Agent at Andrea Brown Literary Agency 
Fabio Bueno (WA)—Bewitch Me 
Maggie Lynch (OR) –Cameleon 
Lori Sauter (OR) – The White Death on The Doorstep
This is the first year we opened the contest up to published authors. If published in fiction, the entry must have been a fresh story not submitted anywhere or professionally edited. Of the 167 entries, 24% were from published authors. Of the 16 finalists, 25% were published authors.


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Hi, everyone! I just wanted to stop by to say "Hi" and to subscribe to your blog. Blessings!

Donnell said...

Woohoo. Congratulations to the finalists!