Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Brenda Novak Auction Opportunities

Each May for the last four years, I've hit the Brenda Novak Auction almost daily, like they were selling crack-laced romance novels and dark chocolate-dipped critiques. I actually won twice, which rocked. Obviously, I've been a big fan.Writers and readers converging for a good cause? Sign me up.

When Entangled decided to put together a huge group of donations for the auction, I was stoked. I immediately jumped on that and donated a full manuscript critique. Excited to participate? Me? Maybe.

Okay, yes. In fact, I'm so excited, I think I'll sweeten the pot and add a 30-minute phone call or a set of e-mail volleys to follow up with questions, brainstorming, or whatever. This is in addition to the critique, which is like a first pass edit (usually a minimum of eight pages, single-spaced).

I hope you've all ogled the offerings over there. The auction is for an amazing cause, and there are some wonderful opportunities. The "Editor Evaluations" have listings that will allow winners to skip to the head of the slush pile, and there are awesome agents offering up their own listings.

The Entangled editors are listed under the Entangled category. If you're interested, we're offering critiques (rather than just evaluating submissions), and they're all a steal...for now. ;)

Leave a comment here to say you've ogled the Entangled page, and I'll send one of our new mass trade paperbacks to a random commenter.

And for faster access to the amazing listings, behold! I give you links.

Editorial Director Stacy Abrams
Managing Senior Editor Adrien-Luc Sanders
Senior Editor Nina Bruhns
Senior Editor Erin Molta
Editor Rochelle French
Associate Editor Kerry Vail
Associate Editor Libby Murphy
Associate Editor Moi!

If you bid, good luck! Don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to receive one of Entangled's launch mass trade paperback titles: Lisa Kessler's Night Walker (paranormal romance), Melissa Ramirez's Bare-Naked Lola (sexy mystery), Jennifer L. Armentrout's Obsidian (paranormal romance YA), or Lisa Burstein's Pretty Amy (YA).


Danita said...

Thank you so much for helping us to spread the word about the auction. We appreciate your participation and generosity. My name is Danita and I’m a volunteer on the auction and your help in getting the word out generates more shoppers and visits to the auction website. We have added two new features to this year’s auction. We know that there are some shoppers who are unable to bid on items but do want to contribute to the cause so we have added a store which will allow them to purchase items and the proceeds go towards the auction the link is http://www.cafepress.com/brendanovaksonlinediabetesauction. We have also added a blog which will have updates of the auction, items that are currently being spotlighted, and much more. The link to visit is http://bnauctionblog.tumblr.com/. Thank you again for helping us to make a difference.

Danita said...

I’ve always dreamed of being a writer. Since being a volunteer on the auction and seeing all the fantastic items that have been donated for writers I’ve made up an imaginary wish list of items if I were to live out my dream as a writer. I thought I’d share that with you: The Complete Author Package Book Collection from COOL GUS PUBLISHING (Bob Mayer & Jen Tatly) (Current Bid: $34), Contract Review from Agent Marisa A. Corvisiero of Corvisiero Literary Agency (A) (Current Bid: $67), Submissions Workshop (3 Weeks Online) POLISH YOUR PARTIAL SUBMISSION from Document Driven (Current Bid: $30), NEW!!! Lawson Writer's Academy: Ten Online Classes! Donated by Margie Lawson ($350-$400 Value!), (Current Bid: $130), First Three Chapters of Your Novel Edited by Document Driven ($420 value!) (Current Bid: $42), Up to 20 HOURS of Consultation Time with Forensic Expert Tom Adair!! ($3500 value!) (Current Bid: $140), "MICROSOFT WORD FOR WRITERS" Workshop Lesson by Catherine Chant, (Current Bid: $35), YOUR BIO (Short!), Written by Donna Erickson of AFLAIRFORWRITING.com (Current Bid: $12). These are all the items I believe I would need to start my career as a writer.