Thursday, June 7, 2012

Finalist's Announced for Romancing the Script Contest

Please join me in congratulating the four finalists for the
2012 Romancing the Script Screenwriting Contest!

Neringa Bryant for Dream Dancer

Nergina Bryant and Maureen Sheehan for Blood Oil

Leslie A Sartor w/a C. St. Pierre for Peace to the Pied Piper

Tawny Stokes w/a Viva Anna for Nick of Time

The winner will be annouced at Scriptscene's Mini Conference July 25 in Anaheim in conjunction with RWA's National Conference.  

Best of luck to all the finalists.
 ~LA, and yes, that is my name up there, since someone asked :)  I'm excited for us all.  


Vivi Anna said...

Very excited and honored to be among these awesome and talented laides!!

Donnell said...

Wow, wow, wow!!!! So pleased and excited for such a talented bunch of ladies. A special shout out to our own wonderful, L.A.!!!!

KL Grady said...

Standing O for our awesome LA. Way to go, lady!!

Theresa said...

Yea, WTG, Leslie! So proud of you!
Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!

Neringa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Neringa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Neringa said...

You did a great job and I am stunned and thrilled to be a finalist!
The competition is tough! I am honored to be a part of such a group of bright writers.

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Thanks Scribe Buddies.

It's very cool and the competition was tough. I know these writers, and they are produced, multi contest winners and make films.

So I'm excited to be in their company.

~LA of the scribes.

Anonymous said...

Nothing against L A, but how is the contest coordinator a finalist? Seems like a conflict of interest.

Anonymous said...

And how is the founder of the group also a finalist (twice?!) Definitely not kosher. Most chapters do not allow members to enter their own contests. Even if no one did anything shady, it gives the appearance that outsiders did not have a fair shot and they wasted their time and money by entering. Ahem.

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

I'm sorry that whomever posted anonymously is disgruntled at the finalists. I, for one, vetted the board about entering. As is it a totally blind contest no-one had any issues with it. And while the founder of the group can reply to this comment herself, she has the right to enter the contest.

Again it is blindcontest, and as has happened in the past, if there is any hint that a judge knows an entry, they ask that it be reassigned. You question the judges' integrity as well.

Most chapter DO allow their members to enter contests.

I haven't removed these comments, however other scribes might.

Nancy said...

I'm saddened by the pointedly tacky Anonymous comments that call into question the integrity of both the Romancing the Script contest, and the integrity of those members who entered and finaled in the Romancing the Script contest. Had a few particular members not finaled, their entering at all wouldn't be an issue, would it?

As a former member of the National RWA Board, and a former officer of NTRWA, DARA, and Scriptscene - and now a Scriptscene worker bee again - I've been in many discussions regarding the rights of members. Here are some pertinent facts.

1. Every unpubbed chapter contest I know of is anonymous. I've not heard of a chapter contest that bans its own members from entering. It is a right of membership to pay the fee and enter, just it is a right of membership to pay the fee and attend a chapter conference.

2. Chapters that sponsor pubbed contests - where the author's name in on the book cover - likewise do not ban any member from entering. Not that I know of. To do so would be to limit the right of membership. (And, yes, this extends to RWA and the RITA. We had this discussion on the National Board years ago.)

2. The Scriptscene Romancing the Script contest is anonymous, and open not only to Scriptscene members, but to RWA members.

3. Contest Chairs may opt not to enter, but they should not be barred from entering. It is a right of membership.

4. Contests are the luck of the draw in terms of getting tough or easy judges. You pays your money, you takes your chances. It's like this is every contest I'm aware of.

5. If a contest is anonymous, and judges are the luck of the draw, then there can be no unfairness. Every entrant goes in as an equal, nameless writer. Only the writer's skill and the excellence of the product is considered by the judges.

To insinuate conflict of interest on the part of the Contest Chair of Romancing the Script is insulting to the Chair, to the contest itself, and to the expertise and professionalism of the judges.

To state that the contest may be shady because the chapter founder entered and happened to double final is not only insulting but ludicrous. Did Anonymous consider the finalist's many years of perfecting her craft? Apparently not.

Those who truly feel you wasted your money are welcome not to enter again. You're also welcome to redouble your efforts to become an incredible screenwriter.

Nancy Haddock