Friday, August 10, 2012

Winners for Romancing the Script and a Recap of Scriptscene's Mini-Con

First, the winners of the 2012 Romancing the Script Contest.

1st Place: Dream Dancer by Neringa Bryant

2nd Place tie: Peace to the Pied Piper by Leslie A Sartor w/a C. St. Pierre
&  Nick of Time by Tawny Stokes w/a Vivi Anna

3rd Place: Blood Oil by Neringa Bryant and Maureen Sheehan.

Congratulations to all!!

The mini-conference in conjunction with
RWA's conference.

Pamela Jaye Smith talked about Making Your Stories Sizzle With Symbolism, using techniques that were totally new to me.  I love it when something new is presented and makes me think and wonder about why I didn't realize this before. I have a new tool for my arsenal.

Kathie Fong Yoneda talked about The Do’s and Don’t’s of Adaptation .  In this case adapting a book to a screenplay.  This is normally a full day workshop, and she had 45 minutes, but we were treated to an actual book, Straight from the Heart and the changes that were made in the adaptation to the screen.  It was eye-opening.

Zac Sanford from Suntaur Entertainment shot straight from the hip in his talk about Hollywood and How to Make Connections.  Forget the blind submissions, they don't work, find the assistants in the company you're aiming for and then get to know them.  There was a ton of information straight from a guy in the trenches.  Perfect!  He is one of the founders of #Scriptchat, Sundays at 5pm PT.  Check it out, I do, it's crazy and fun and you make those valuable connections.

Then there was a panel discussion following.  Great questions and interesting answers.

If you want to see Pamela's, Kathie's and Zac's bio's:

The mini-con was great.  Not only I can put faces to people I've only talked to online, I was stimulated by new ideas.

I'm going to see if I can get Pamela Jaye, Kathie and Zac to do guest blogs for me.  Stay tuned.



Theresa said...

Congrats on your second place final, Leslie! That's wonderful!

Donnell said...

Congratulations, LA!!!