Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dare to Believe a book about second chances

Just finished "Dare to believe" by L.A. Sartor and wanted to talk about how much I enjoyed this debut author's storytelling. Catherine Hempstead Malloy seemingly has everything, when her husband is killed in a tragic fall. That's not all that plummets. Richard Malloy's business dealings have left an unsuspecting Cate with little security, and certainly no way to maintain the lifestyle she and her young daughter Haley once had.

Ever pragmatic, Cate makes arrangements to move and secures a new job.  When the movers come to load up furniture, however, she's preoccupied just enough not to realize her scamp of a daughter has wandered off. Soon Cate's worry turns to terror as Haley is no where to be found.

As every parent's worst nightmare surfaces, Cate scrambles to stop the moving van, thinking Haley is hiding inside.  Jason St. Pierre skids to a halt at the sight of the woman he once had a relationship with trying to flag down a fleeing moving van.

Jason shouldn't help Cate, she walked out on him, afterall, and ended up with his business partner. But help Cate Jason does, first for the sake of finding Haley, then because much to his dismay, he still has deep feelings for Cate.

Ms. Sartor takes the reader on an adventure not only in the beautiful state of Colorado, where secrets and the mystery unfolds as to who and why they kidnapped Haley. From there Ms. Sartor takes us to the great state of Hawaii. Here, the mystery further unravels as well as the author's indepth knowledge of the Aloha State.

Love, Mystery and Emotion, L.A. Sartor covers it all. A perfect romance with mystery elements, my recommendation is on a cold winter's day, readers will want to curl up with this book and get lost in an enjoyable mystery, a large part set in Hawaii. I look forward to more of this author's books.

Well done, L.A!  So proud of you ;)


Neringa said...

It rarely gets better than that... celebrate! <>

Audra Harders said...

Excellent adventure! I completely agree, Donnell, curl up with this book on a cold, winter day and think lovely thoughts of Hawaii...

Of course, having a gorgeous hero by your side is never a bad thing either : )

Way to go!

Lisa Potocar said...

You've done a wonderful job, Donnell, in making us yearn to read Leslie Ann's debut novel. Winter seems to coming on fast here in the northeast region of the US, and I, for one, can't wait to curl up with this book. The very bestest of luck to Leslie Ann in her journey with Dare to Believe.

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Lisa, Neringa and Audra,
You all have been so supportive of this story and of my writing career. Thank you.

Positive reinforcement is pretty darn nice, and this is pretty darn positive.

Huge hugs,