Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ready to wake up your muse and sell more books?

Five Scribe Readers, most know Misty Evans writes the Superagent Spy and the Witches Anoynmous series and that she's a talented author.  But did you know she has a strong marketing background, and she's availing those services to you?  Well, now you do.  Read on!

Strong Brew Coaching

For the Writer Who Wants To Sell

You know how to write. You love creating stories.

But is your blurb doing all it can to sell your story?

Is your query letter getting the responses you want from agents and editors?

Do you need help plotting and writing that dreaded synopsis?
Have you been asked to put together a proposal package but you don’t know what to include?

I can help.

Together we’ll take your writing to a more effective level. A sales level. Whether you’re an indie author who needs a marketing coach or a writer struggling to uncover your plot or craft a catchy query letter, I’ll work with you to make your writing attract the attention it deserves.

You can read my bio and book page to see my publishing creds. Along with that, I have a degree in marketing with a minor in English. During my ten-year stint in the business world, I designed print ads, wrote and edited newsletters and developed web copy for several major retailers.

Marketing is in my blood. I’ve taught creative writing classes and currently offer online workshops for writing, plotting and marketing series. I’ve worked with aspiring writers and published authors to do everything from create a catchy logline to outlining an entire series.

So wake up your muse! Get her a cup of strong cup of coffee and let’s get some work done.

To learn further what services Misty offers cost as well as references, check out:


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Lisa Potocar said...

Thanks, Donnell, for the lead to Misty Evans, whose credentials are impressive! I hope Misty doesn't mind me carrying her around in my back pocket--actually, I've added her to my "List of Favorite Sites" on my Facebook Page.